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Education Committee.


Education Committee. A meeting of the Education Committee was held on Thursday night, Mr. H. D. Rees pre- siding. There were also present Mrs Phillips, Messrs. D. R. Jones, E. Willis Jones, Frank Vivian, Thomas Jones, John Simlett, and W. Bramwell Jones, together 'with the Clerk (Mr. Ivor Watkins) and the Deputy Clerk (Mr. Wilson). CHILDREN'S ATTENDANCES. I Whilst perusing the returns of attendances ] for the month, Mr Thomas Jones called atten- II tion to a note by the head teacher of Lakeneld School that some of the children were absent from school on account of the draughty classroom. I The Chairman said it was only a case of a window or a door being open. Mr. Thomas Jones: There is a further re- port that the exclusion of the children was due to their suffering from ringworm and scarlet fever. Has the doctor submitted a re- port f The Chairman: They were excluded by rea- son of a recommendation from the doctor. Replying to a question by the Chairman, Attendance Officer Thomas said that the low percentage of attendances at the Bigyn Girls' School which was 83 per eeiit. for the last, month, was due to illness. There were a few children who attended very irregularly. The Chairman pointed out that the children of the ( htlreh of England School and St. Mary's Roman Catholic School secured a per- centage of ninety-six. The boys' depart- ments of Park St. and New Dock Schools ob- tained 95 per cent. Mr. Simlett remarked that the attendance at the Church of England School was very good. The Chairman said he visited the Catholic School the previous week, and found a note in the log book that the attendance officer had not attended there during the month of April. Attendance Onicer Williams replied that he J had called there on three or four occasions. I Mr. Simlett: Who marks the registers of the I Church of England and St. Mary's Catholic I Schools? The Chairman: The managers of the school. Mr. Bramwell Jones: This Committee has -nothing to do with that. The Chairman: I do not want to see a Te- port in the log book that our officer has not attended the school. Mr. Willis Jones: THe percentage is ninety- six, and they have nothing to complain of if the officer did not call. Mr. Thomas Jones: That is not the point. They keep a log book. Mr. Willis Jones: Is that a sort of accumu- lative evidence against this authority? II The Chairman: I do not want evidence of that kind, if possible. The matter then dropped. TEACHER'S ASSOCIATION. I The application of the Llanelly and District Teachers' Association for the use of Lakefield School on April 23rd, for the purpose of hold- ing the annual meeting of the County Asso- ciation, was granted. INSPECTION OF SCHOLARS. A letter was read from the Board of Edu- cation, stating that they shortly proposed to make a full inspection of the Higher Elemen- tary School. His Majesty's Inspector would communicate with the Committee in due course as to the exact date. The Clerk said. the Board desired to know, before the inspection took place, the prospec- tive occupations of the scholars. Mr. Bramwell .Tones said the last monthly I report from the headmaster would convey a fair idea as to the future occupation of the children. The Clerk stated that he had sent the nece ss ary inform ation. Mrs. Phillips asked whether the children would be examined individually. The Clerk: I do not think so. There will be four or five inspectors coming down. I believe the Chief Inspector will, also come. MACHYNIS SCHOOL. I The Inspector submitted a report on the work of the Machynis School. Since the school was last reported upon, four or five years ago, it had made satisfactory progress. The discipline was good but the infants would get on better if they were trained in higher habits of alteution. The work, which, was carried on with difficulty, reflected much credit on the staff. The singing was particu- larly well taught. The rooms were also tidy and clean, but, the playground admitted of sume improvement. Replying to Mrs [''hillips, the. Chairman said there was a properly certificated teacher at the school. The Chairman observed that the report was a vüry good one. Mi*. Willis Jones asked why the Inspector had only reported once in four years. The Clerk replied that the reports were not regularly submitted.

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