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Ashburnham Golfers.I


Ashburnham Golfers. ANNUAL DINNER. An enjoyable evening was spent at the Step- ney Arms Hotel on Saturday night, when the members of the Ashburnham Golf Club held their annual dinner. There was a large as- semblage of gentlemen influential in the town and district. Mr. David John, Felinfoel, cap- tain of the club, presided. The Royal toasts having been honoured, Mr Rawes of the Llangammarch Golf Club, pro- posed the toast of the "Ashburnham Golf Club," and coupled with it the names of the I captain and secretary. He had heard, he | said, a great deal about the club and their links, but he had not had the pleasure of playing on the links until that. day. Every- body had spoken of them in the highest terms and after his experience he believed the links to be the finest in Wales (hear, hear). He spoke with bated breath about the captain (laughter). He felt sure they had a worthy captain, who had worthily fulfilled his duty. The same observation applied to their secre- tary, Mr. Kammerer. They had every cause to be satisfied with the results of last year, under the captaincy of Mr. David John (hear, hear). The Chairman, in responding on behalf of the club, said it was in a thriving position financially. The membership was gradually increasing, and lie hoped it would be main- tained. He expressed regret that he could not give them a long speech. It had worried him a great deal lately, but lie was told by Mr. Dan Williams, who was an expert, to "be natural" (laughter). During his tenure of office he had been ably assisted by th'e com- mittee. They had also a number of ladies playing on the links. He ,coneluded by refer- ring to the services of their secretary and his predecessor, Mr. Hall Gale. Mr. Gwyrine Thomas, manager of the Capi- tal and Counties Bank, proposed "Our Visi- tors." They were always glad, he said, to see visitors coming amongst them, but when they I were golfers their pleasure was greatly en- hanced. He was glad to hear the kind words uttered by Mr. Rawes about the Ashburnham, Club, and it must be a source of gratification to the Chairman to see such a large number supporting him. They were glad to see the visitors at their dinner, but would be happier to see them on the links (hear, lieai). Mr. David Davies., Swansea, in responding, said the game of golf made an improvement in one's physique and developed good fellow- ship. It wiped out the distinction of creed and sect in politics, and brought forward comradeship and sportsmanship (applause). Mr. R. L. Sails, Swansea, in the course of a humorous speech, which was frequently punc- f tuated with applause, said he could not say, like Mr. Havies that he was born in Llanelly; but he came there as lie gained in discretion (laughter). He had the pleasure of singing under the conductorship of Mr. R. C. Jen- kins, but. during the time he was in the choir they never gained anything beyond the second prize (laughter), hut so soon as lie left it they secured first honours (renewed laughter). He was also a member of the shooting team which was held in the town very many years ago. Golf was a noble game. hut it had never de- veloped his language as had been suggested, because he had a caddie who could help him out of a difficulty (laughter). The game was a healthy one and provided enjoyment, and it broke down social barriers. If it did no- thing else it kept them from doing a lot worse. During the evening Professor Hullev's Band rendered selections, and songs and duetts were given by the foliowitig:—Messrs. R. C. Jenkins, D. L. Joseph, R. L. Sails, W. H. Pro- theroe, Harold Trubshaw-, F. N. Powell. Mr. David Owen also delivered a humorous reci- tation, and was compelled to respond. Mr. • Luther Owen, deftly accompanied. I


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