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COUNTY COURT. l Monday, before His Honour Judge Bishop, The undefended cases were disposed of by the learned registrar, Mr. J. Walton Bishop. ADMINISTRATION ORDERS. I David John Jones, Hoelas, Ammanford, ap- plied for an administration order. His Honour asked the applicant why lie, had not paid his grocer and draper. Jones replied that he had been ill, and met with an accident. His Honour: You lived as if you were get- ting 30s. a week. Why not have a cheaper house? Jones:! only wish I could. His Honour: Well, go away, and try to pay your debts, or you will be in trouble all your life. An order was made. LIVING TOO WELL. I There was a similar application from Robert I Lewis, Wern Road. His Honour: This is another case of living too well on the wages you get. You have five drapers and one grocer. Mrs. Lewis: They will not give me any more credit. His Honour: You ought to pay more than 8s. a month. You have been recei-ing iPl 16s. 8d. a week. Mrs. Lewis: But I do not receive it all. His Honour made an order of ]2s. a month. INDIGNANT DEFENDANT. %). I Samuel Landy, picture framer, sued Agnes Mary Davies, Rose Villa, Stepney Road, Pvvll, in respect of the framing of two pictures. Plaintiff stated that he obtained the pic- tures in October, and took them to Old Castle Road in December, when he was told that the party had removed. He subsequently de- livered the pictures at Pembrey Road, having been informed that Mrs. Davies was not at home. j Mrs. Davies said that the pictures aid net I belong to her. His Honour: Then why don't you let him have them back? Witness: The man was so impudent. Later on Landy brought a taller man as a d.trj,.e to the house to try and frighten me. Bccauce I he was so impudent I asked for storage and 'I declined to return them. His Honour: Quite, right if he was impu- dent. Defendant: I should like him to pay for ll,y day's work to-day. His Honour: You could have saved yourself the trouble of coming here by returning the pictures. Defendant: He was a regular bully. His Honour: This sort of thing happens too often. You had ..better return the pictures. Defendant: I would smash them up first. His Honour: Oh! very well, there will be a I verdict for the plainiff for 10s. Now you can go and smash them up, if you like. SUPPLY OF BREAD AND CAKE. Richard I). Williams, Pottery Street, sued Philip Auckland, Auckland Terrace, for 9s 1M, in respect of bread and cake. There was a counter-claim of £ 1 3s. 6d. Mr. H. Hayton Williams represented the plaintiff, and Mr. Leslie Williams defended. Plaintiff said he did not admit the counter- claim. Mr. Leslie Williams said his client admitted owing 4s. 2d. in respect of bread. Plaintiff said the claim for grazing the horse for three weeks was not correct, as he was only in the field for two Sundays, and defen- dant's father had informed him that defen- dant had no right to give him permission to place the horse in the field. Defendant said lie had given plaintiff per- mission to place the horse in his (witness) father's field, at 2s. 6d. per week, and it was there for three weeks. At plaintiff's request, witness accompanied him to Fforestfach to purchase a pony, and bargained with the owner. After agreeing to purchase the pony they returned to Llanelly for the money, and witness, at plaintiff's request, returned to Fforestfach to fetch the pony, which, witness groomed. He had not been paid anything for his services. His Honour gave judgment for the plaintiff on the claim and counterclaim with costs. I COMPENSATION CASES. I Mr. Every, Pontypool, on behalf of Messrs Thomas Williams and Sons, Llangennecli, applied for the termination of a compensation award of 15s. a week to Richard Aubrey, Llan- gennech, subject to the payment of e220, and £20 in costs. Mr. Saunders (of the firm of Messrs. Ihn- dell, Saunders, and Rand ell), who represented Aubrey, said the man sustained a. double fracture of the leg. His Honour granted the application. CORK EXPRESS FATALITY. I Mrs. Winter, Railway Terrace, made a claim against the Great Western Railway Co., in re- spect of her husband, formerly an inspector on the line", who 'was recently killed by the Cork express. Mr. Kainmerer appeared for the widow.. Tltfe case was not contested, and His Honour awarded an agreed amount. COLLIER'S CLAIM. I Daniel.Tones made a claim against the G wendraetli Colliery Co. Mr. Saunders appeared for the. claimant, and an award was made of an agreed amount. CLAIM FOR DAMAGES. I Maggie Morris sued the Old Lodge Tinplate Company for damages. Mr. Lewis Phillips, who appeared for the applicant, said it had been agreed that the compensation should be 8s. 6d. a week for twelve months, and then 10s. a week. Mr. F. N. Powell who appeared OIl the other side, concurred. WOULD SANDOW CURE HIM? I II Messrs. Harry Brothers made application to have an order reduced in respect of certain, payments made to a man named David Davies, who was injured in May last. Mr. Smith, Swansea, appeared for Messrs. Harry, /and Mr. Saunders represented Davies. Mr. Smith said the man was examined in January and May, 1809, and on January 10th fast. There had also been an examination that day. Davies kept his hand either ban- daged up or in his pocket practically the whole time, and had not been using it in any way. Dr. Cameron would say that the man was in a worse state, and that it was due to. the fact that Davies would not use his hand. His Honour: It is the old story of doctors, and probably they are quite right. Dr. Came- ron would say that the man's own doctor told him to use his fingers, and that if he did so he would get better. It was quite possible that thernan would be able to use his hand if he tried to do so. Dr. A. W. Cameron, Swansea, said he was an assistant surgeon at the Hospital. Davies re- ceived a severe injury to the Tight hand above the wrist. The bone was broken, and the tendons were injured. There was no loss of sensation, the nerves not having been affec- ted. When he attempted to move his hand, Davies twisted his arm in all shapes. The wound had quite healed up. The accident certainly disabled the hand to a large extent. His Honour: Had you not better put him in the hands of Sandow? All newspapers say lie can cure anything. Dr. Cameron: Sandow will notcuro a man against his will. His Honour declined the application with costs, and advised the respondent to try and secure somesnitahleemployruent. MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT. I In the case cf?ewmanv. Richard Thomas aii?l (o, Ltcl., ail f(")I? Mr. G. Clarke Wi'tliiiiig, N?,' lio tl),e I workman, and Mr. Bow en Davies, who rcpre- sented the company, as to whether a memo- randum of agreement had been filed. Mr. Davies stated that there was a mistake in the date, and this was amended by con- sent. An application was then made to have the memorandum recorded as amended. The Registrar said the only difficulty was that the agreement had not been reduced to writing. Mr Davies' said the agreement was by letter. Mr. Williams: But the letter was written without prejudice. Mr. Davies said he could not see how that could he. His Honour stated that he did not under- stand why the letter was not sent. to the Re- gistrar. Mr. Williams said it was for the other side to intimate to the Registrar. His Honour said it was the duty of both parties. It was agreed to record the memorandum of agreement. Mr. Williams applied for costs, which His Honour declined to allow. An application was wade to record a memo- randum of agreement in the case ,of W. Evans v. the Western Tinplate Company. Mr. Clarke Williams (instructed by Mr. Saunders) represented the workman*, and Mr. F. N. Powell. appeared for the egiiipiiiy. Mr Clarke Williams said the agreement was admitted. Its genuineness had not' been questioned, and the only objection made was on the ground that the man had been able to resume work. Mr. Powell said he would not object to the memorandum being recorded so long as His Honour agreed to a stay of proceedings. His Honour agreed to the filing of the agreement.

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