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Llanclly Church Schools. I





EVENING CLASSES. At the meeting of the Education Committee on Thursday night. Mr H. 1). Rees presidin, a letier was read from Mr. Nicholas, clerk to the County Authority, drawing the attention of the Committee to hremark contained in the report of His Majesty's Inspector for the year ending July 31st, 1909, to the effect that in such an illlport3Dt town as Llanelly lJU seLouls of ) the evening continuation type had been car- ried on during the past session. He had been requested to bring the matter to the notice of the Committee witll the object, of establishing such classes for the session 1910-1911. The County Education Committee would offer every facility tor the formation of the schools, which were necessary in a town like Llanelly, where there was a technical school of a pro- gress! ve cha racter. Mr. Simlett: The County Committee "will not give very m?ch to Llanellv. Mr. Bran)\\HH Jones :!Sk2d th? nature of the en-con i i n t they would receive from the County Committee. The ( I t an p: :i-d that the local Com- mittee would simply act as agents. They would have tin money to find. Mr. Jones: But our buildings will be used. The Chairman: Yes: but it will be well worth giving the use of them. Mr. Willis Jones, I i i^ed that a mittee be formed to make the necessary ar- rangement. and, if necessary, to with the County Authority, and report to that Committee Mr. BraumeII Jones pointed out that they ] had previously jumped at instructions given by the inspectors, which had meant an in- crease in the rates. He was not, however, antagonistic to the object in view, but be- lieved. as the period for which they had been elected was drawing to a close, the formation of a sub-committee should, be deferred. In the meantime the Clerk should apply for fur- ther information. Mr. Simlett said the schools would be of great advantage to, the working-men. Mr. Bramwell Jones: I do not take any ex- ception to it. I Mr. Willis Jonci desired that they should be responsive to any comnnniieation from the County Authority. They should not hesitate to co-operate with them. The Chairman concurred. After further v as decided that the matter he deferred, the Clerk was in- I structed to write for further information.



Ashburnham Golfers.I


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Education Committee.

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