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Llanclly Church Schools. I


Llanclly Church Schools. I o —— 'Lm;WAIL. I PREFERENTIAL TREATMENT DENIED. I At a. meeting cf the Education. Committee on Thursday night s. discussion took place with regard to the recent transference of a child from the National School to one of the elementary schools of the town. The Clerk read the following letter from the managers:— Bear Sir,—Judging- from the newspaper reports of a discussion that took place in reference to a scholar leaving the Church Schools. e ;< ;.r that some of your commit- tee must have been under some misappre- hension. In order that the true facts of the case may be laid before you, we requested the headmistress to furnish us with a report which we now have pleasure in enclosing, i It is perfectly true, as one of the members of your Committee observed, that a distinc- tion is made between the Church Schools and the rest of the. schools of the town, a distinction that we have reason to complain of most bitterly. But, in spite of many difficulties that we labour under, we main- tain that not a word of reproach can be levied, either against the management or the staff of teachers under their control. Yours faithfully, F. L. MARGRAVE. Chairman. Education Committee. In her report to the managers of the Church of England School, Miss Johnson stated that Winnie Mitchell, Sandy Gate Terrace, had been transferred to Old Road School under the following circumstances, which they would notice, were at. variance with those which ap- peared in the local newspapers. The child persisted in coming late to school, in spite of many protests from her, and, in consequence, her work became very poor, and she had to be put- back a standard. "I presume," added Miss Johnson," that the objection wa.s made to this, for I understand that her parents waited upon the Clerk, who called to see me and re- quested a transfer, which, I would not grant at first, but was ultimately persuaded to do so with some pressure. I may add that on no occasion has Winnie Mitchell been forbidden school. I showed her books to the Clerk, and he agreed that. the work was very poor." The Chairman said that when he and the Vice-chairman attended a meeting of the managers they asked to see a copy of Miss Johnson's report. The copy was handed to him, but Miss Johnson had not recorded, as she had in the report presented to that Com- mittee, the reason for excluding the child. He endeavoured to prevail upon the managers not to reply to what had appeared in the newspapers until they had seen the report which that Committee had received, which distinctly stated that one child was excluded because it was continually late and for being dirty. The Committee discussed the report as it was submitted to them, If Miss Johnson had elected to add to the report, as she had now done, the comments at the last meeting would not have been made. Mr. Bramxvell Jones: Ftbink a copy of Miss Johnson's report shodd be sent to Mr. Mar- grave. The Chairman: I made it my duty to send the report to the managers. Mr. Brautwell Jones: We should reply to it officially to their correspondent. The Chairman: We certainly take exception to. any reference that we give preference, or that we have in any way hi fiber regard for our own elementary schools. If you will allow me to draft a. letter I will do Mr. Willis Jones: Is it a fact that a letter was written subsequent to the t.-iuo you v. cut there to prevail upon the managers In wait until they had received a cony of the original report ? The Chairman: Unfortunately, this letter is dated March SOth. and Miss Johnson's report- March 13th. They had this report in hand when I attended the meeting. They had six- teen days to consider the matte. and Icid no' reason to withhold this report after seeing Miss J ohnsorv's report to \1' Mr. Willis .lo: s: I-lave on cor the report The Chtiirman: No. Ii :s Mv.iilai V. J\1r. Bra.mveil Jones: I d:) not see thru then: is anything to be gained, by discussing ir, again. Mr. Willis Jones: rlh >.t Lette: d sub- sequent to the period the Ch;; ¡lIJ1:Jl\ tended the meeting. it is important e they proceed to make an allegation t this Committee after 11 < Chairman their ini!°t;!ie. The Chairman: I have given the -ori re- port to Mr. Margrave, so that ih?rc should be no doubt ahout it. ¡ Mr. Willis Joiie?: It is important ihnt art crucial reply should be given to that report. It is an attempt to make this Committee re- sponsible for some difference in treatment. It will bf a matter of evidence in thd case. The Chairman said there was no difference in management, as was well known to the Committee and the public at large. Mr. Brannyell Jones: Are < v < t 1 uvr out the arrange me ii.t which wav i > n< > i etween this Committee and the n]an<lger; ;jOItfe years ago? The Chairman: Yes, to the letter. Mr. Simlett: You have made no agreement, and you. cannot produce one. t Mr. Vivian said that if anagreCDJU1, was in existence the Committee should see it. II Mr. Bramwell Jones said it was understood that the managers should manage the two schools, provided they were allowed to receive the grants. It-was reported to the Committee by Messrs. E. T. Jones and H. H. Bevan. Mr. Vi vian: Is there an agreement in cxis- j ten.ee'? The Chairman: I think you should give 1 notice to the Clerk of anything of that kind. After further discussion it was decided to I send an official reply tr. the letter. I






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