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Siloah Juvenile Concert.


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Town Clerk's Appointment.

Llanelly Royal Choir.

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I MUSTARD AND CRESS. Cupid is busy in one 01 our lccaloITlc8s. The Scarlets will play their last match of the season at Cardiff OIl Saturday. The "Dryelt" records the death in the States of Mr. Jen kin William Stanford, a native of Louglior. Mr. John John, Pareeithin, the new chair- man of the Carmarthenshire County Council, is indisposed. The new works in course of erection near Morewood's will probably he christened the I New South Wales. The newly-elected members of the Urban Council will take their seats for the first time on Monday evening. The egg train will arrive at Llanelly to-mor- row. In the evening a lecture will be given at the* Stepney Arms Hotel. The Tuesday F.C. have arranged a iiiatch. for the benefit of the Hospital, with the Postal Team for Tuesday next. The Urban Council will consider a motion for the re-arrangement of the Town Clerk's appointment at the next meeting. The name of Mr. Abel Thomas, K.C., M.P., is mentioned in legal circles in connection with the appointment of new judges. The Llanelly Royal Prize Choir contemplate holding a. soireè" at the Cleveland Hotel shortly, to welcome the home-coming of The party which toured the States. Master Albert Pudner, New Dock School, ap- pears in the list of successful competitors in Collins' Annual Writing Competition open to all corners among school children. Mr. C. Meudwy Davies has been engaged as one of the adjudicators for the forthcoming festival of the National Temperance Choral Union, to be held at the Crystal Palace on July 9th. House-to-house canvassing is not always a nleasant duty, especially at election times. We should like to know which of the Burry Port: councillors fell inio the brook the other evening. A special meeting of the Urban District Council will be held on Monday evening to consider the advisability of promoting a Bill in the present session of Parliament re the Bank of England loan The Llanelly Boy Scouts wera inspected on Thursday evening by Adjutant a-d Cant. F. G. Humphreys, of the Carmarthen Troop. They were complimented on their smartness, especially as they are a newly-formed troop. The executive committee of the Ratepayers' Association are displaying much activity in the promotion of the interests of the associa- tion. A meeting was held at L'akeneld School on Saturday night, and also at the Town Hall last night. Mr E. A. Butler who has been investigating the insect", on the burrows at Kidwelly and Pendine, found some which had not been seen in Britain before, and one that was new to science altogether, and has been named after its discoverer. Speculation is rife as to who will succeed Mr. E. T. Jones as chairman of the Urban District Council. There is a strong feeling that "E. T. should be re-elected, and that a vice-chairman only should be appointed to succeed Mr. William David Miss Julia Lewis scored a great success at the tableaux and conceit at the Royalty Theatre on Saturday night. She was accorded a flattering reception, and so highly apprecia- ted was her singing that she was vociferously applauded, and had to respond to the plaudits of the audience. Mr. W. Thomas, the banjoist at the Picture- drome this week, is making a name for him- self. Nothing finer than his playing of "Romping Rosie" and "Home, Sweet Home" íwith variations) has been heard at Llanelly. The picturediome is the stepping-stone for all local artistes. Great opposition prevails amongst local amorous yonngcouples to the Daylight Saving Bill. They threaten to organise a petition against what they term a "gross and insolent infringement on their privileges." which is an attempt to deprive them of the best and sweetest hours of their lives. Major Jones, who formerly represented the Carmarthen Boroughs in Parliament, says that there are no Socialists in Wales. It is some years since the major went to live in London, and in his absence a crowd of Social- ists have' grown up and multiplied in Llanelly, their encampment being at Castle Buildings. Mr. Llewelyn Williams, M.P., made an eloquent speech in the House of Commons on ) Monday evening during the discussion on the Veto Resolutions, and said he was not con- vinced that a Second Chamber was necessary, but public opinion in this country was not mature enough to enable us to do wit-hoy*- rb The Star Dramatic and Comic Operatic Co. are making rapid progress with the comic opera entitled "My Sweetheart," which they hope to perform at an early date. Thecast-e is a powerful one, and includes well-known talented artistes, amongst whom ns Mr. R. H. Fraucisbell, who takes the part of "Harold Bartlett, a gambler." Mrs. Despard, the well-known Suffragette, who was accorded a mixed reception at the Athenaeum Hall a year or two ago, will ad- dress ame.etillg at Llanelly next month under the auspices of the local branch of the I.L.P. Some well-known orators are expected to visit the town shortly in connection with a Socialist crusade which is being organised. In connection with the New Gorwydd Col- liery, owned by Mr. David John, Felinfoel, and other members of his family-, important developments are being made. Under the direction of Mr. Arthur John. manager, a new screening, conveying, and picking apparatus has been installed. Colliery owners are in terested in its working, inasmuch as it is only one of its kind in the district. Mr. G. H. Eibbings. who is well .h Llanelly. delivered an address re: titled, "Is a substim' tiauity V and said he had saying that four-fifths jpP* Socialists in South Wa! lute absentees fror- :ft',o'(, charged the mov ;c, 0 vim of the "¡:. denc;es in ¡ ,v° A^e V A cert ■ :ê, A,Ç\ .<0.;  ?.?. \o, "b>'Ç> ??.- ? ?c?- j '.lt\e '(; 0'  ,o'l'   ?,'?i ?.0'? \O \'0'  íO" > '\X o"f! e' \v "Ç, cf5\" e,. v "s'l>'O ??°-\t.< t ce,. '>G?t- ee-p. '{\'b-' e 'b .d {) ,I{ .0: 0,0." (  \?t- "> 'Ii'" "'5'  "0 v'\ ') ■ -• Q' 'b> 1 yc 0'" J ) ::Ie ,.< \0' "-e It 'VI. e' ,0 'b- 't. ?  c.">' v":e"Ç "Ç  > ?  -¡,c. o :'0' ,c, 'bo" -b- -ç. 'b>b. r;: \C" e,'0" e"I.: :?t- <:i'0' "> 'ó e 'V ,boo' e'Ç..  V ""S, c.:e'" C   b :0,). ,Ôo" ,e ,o,, -VV ,?t- "<; v"