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I WARD III. AGAIN. I FURTHER QUESTIONS WITH REGARD TO I THE ROADS. At the monthly meeting of the Urban Dis- trict (Ioiiicil on Monday night, Mr. William David presiding, Mr. Nathan Griffiths made a protest against what he described as the un- fair manner in which the return of 111e cost of road and street maintainance in the three wards had been prepared. Mr. John Thomas: I wculd like to get an explanation. I Mr. Bramwell Jones said that they should carry out what was wanted in the various parts of the town. If there was anything to be done it should be carried out without regard to the value of that ward. They should do it for the comfort of all the inhabitants, irrespective of districts (hear, hear). Mr. John Thomas: Why not give a correct account ? Air. H. D. Rees said be did not think it had been done with a view" to putting Ward III. in an unfavourable position. They had a grievance in that ward, which they should try to fight out outside that question. Mr. D. R. Jones stated that the roads men- tioned by the deputation which appeared be- fore the Committee were far better than the majority of streets in the town. Mr. E. Willis Jones was sorry to find that motives were being imputed to members which did not really exist. By excluding all company's works they were doing that which was fair when making a comparison of the inhabitants of the various districts. The com- panies that were registered and had their I works in the various wards had no voice, ex- cept by individuals who had interest in the concerns as householders. They could not register their vote in any way, nor send a de- putation of any kind. If they took the indus- tries of Ward III. into consideration it would make very little difference when comparing the three wards. The Clerk said the railways were also ex- cluded from, the return. Mr. D.James Davies proposed that the as- sessments of the works in Ward III. be in- serted in the minutes. The Clerk said the total assessable value of the three wards was as follows:—Ward I., £ 28,469;; Ward II., £ 31,189; Ward III.. £23,184. (hear, hear). The railways were practically all in Ward III. They were as follows:—Ward I., £ 208; Ward II., £ 170; WTard III., £ 5900. The assessable value of the works were as fol- lows: Ward I., £ 6598; Ward II., £ 7415: Ward III., £ 12,488. Mr. Guest pointed out that the people work- ing in Ward III. did not necessarily live in that ward. After further discussion if was decided to set out the figures in the minutes.

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