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♦— THERE is no doubt that our own people are becoming more and more alive to this new essential to success in modern com- mercial trading, and it is very evident that this necessity should be clearly borne in mind in our schools generally, and more especially so in those schools in which lads are equipped for service in the com- mercial world. For instance, it is but natural to imagine that the Great Western Railway Company, in order to make this new development of theirs to be a com- mercial success, and that at the least cost to themselves, would regard a knowledge of commercial geography as a valuable asset in any of their clerks. Their clerks are all recruited from the elementary, higher-grade, and intermediate schools, and one would as naturally conclude that it would be wise upon the part of the authorities, who are responsible for their education, that the commercial asset re- ferred to should be borne well in mind in the training given in the schools. The height of a mountain, and the length of a ri ver, are undoubtedly very interesting items, but as the traffic, in the handling of which, the boy, when a man, is to gain his living by, does not cross mountains, nor travel the rivers to their very source, the old geographical facts should be sup- plemented by others, such as railway routes to a port, their comparative lengths, junctions, cost of transport, and so on. We are, of course, aware that a large We are,, of this kind of information is being given at present in many schools, but it would be far better if it were imparted in every school, and what is of far greater Iii-opoi-tance still is, that the right kind of information is given. The schoolmaster, with every desire, we do not doubt, to give the most suitable infor- t mation, is not always in a position, as a schoolmaster, to know precisely what it is himself, for he cannot be expected to be a commercial expert and a schoolmaster. The whole course of his training has not tended to make him a commercial expert. We think that Educational Authorities I lay far too much stress upon a trained certificated teacher, and far too little upon the one who is able to teach something, which might prove a valuable asset to the i boy in after life.

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