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MAN & COMPANY, LIMITED, WALE LARGEST FUMISHERS, Are now offering VERY HEAVY SEAMLESS AXMINSTER CARPETS (grand patterns), handsomely bordered and ready for laying, at the following remarkably low prices :-3yds. x yds., 42/9; 3 yds. x 3 yds., 52/6; 31 yds. x 3 yds., 67/6; 31 yds. x 31 yds., 82/6; 4 yds. x 3 yds., 79/6; 4 yds. x 31 yds., 92/6. PlaRolutes, Bsasteaas, Btiii, tiaet Mi Suites Or lovolo gesoliptiOR9 LHSIIQS, taunts, Rugs, &c., twsutu DRI cent, ita otiei HOUSRS 11 Cwmbach Buildings, Llanelly; above Post Office, Swansea; Cardiff, Newport, &c. Catalogues Gratis. Free DeliYery up to 200 miles. ikDVZRTISING OHAKGI3S. parliamentary Notices l-H. p^r line per insertion Government AnlJoullcemu't.. 19d. Legal and Public Notice • ) Municipal & School Bo?rd ?6' „ Tenders and Contr.etq -3 Auction Freenold and Leasehold Pro- perty Sales 6d. Lectures & Entertainments 2s. 6d. per iDch Religious Services 2s.6d. per inch It PREPAID ADVERVILSEMENTS. | 15 words, one insertion, 6d. three insertions, Is. 20 words, one insertion, 8d three insertions, Is. 4d. 30 words, one insertion, l. three insertions, 2s. Educational. j TYPEWRITING and DUPLICATING neatly and promptly executed by competent operators at 1 the Arcade School of Shorthand.—For further parti- culars apply at the School, Arcade Chambers, Llan- elly. 7598 BE TAUGHT BY EXPERTS IN Shortband T pewriting, Book-keeping, OfEce 11 routine, and Languages at the Arcade School  of Shorthand, fee. Situations found for com- petent pupils.-Apply Roland P. Thomas, 26, Gilbert Road, or ,t tne Arcade, Llanelly. Wanted. W ANTED, a Good Strong APPRENTICE — Apply Samuel Bail, Plumoer, Lloyd Street, Llanelly. 7649 i WANTED, to Hire Strong COB tor Jteomaury Training-Apply W., Mercury." 5661 WANTED a Good ASSISTANT, also Apprenticse j and Improvers to the Dre"makiilg. -Miss Swaneott, Brazil, <rrlenalla; Road. 7612 WANTED, OFFICE BOY, able to write -Short- VW band and Typewriting. Apply in own writing, stating age, experience, and wages required.—Apply X Y Z, Mercury.)Io W ANTED, a SuperiorvWorking HOUSEKEEPER for a farm servant kept. Comfortable home. -Apply, by letter, L) E.. rvltreury Office. -1593 PIANOFORTE TUNING and Rep-iring m all its JL branches by thoroughly competent and experienced London Tuners, who visIt all parts regularly. Charges strictly moderate.-Appiy at Thompson & Sfcackell, Ltd., 60, Stepney Street, Llanelly. Houses, &c., To Let. V1 iXIP A BUILDINGS. Three Y.M.C.A. LOCK-UP HOPS To Let. Tenancy to commence June 24th. Applications, with offers of Reutal, to rea«h =me not later than Saturday, April 23rd,—J. Roberts'Powell, Leonard's Tewpk-rance Hotel. 7666 c ILFIG. Tfcat very desirable residence with motor 1 garage, large genian a^id grounds witbelltrance from Old Road and Nev.Road.-Apply Evan Thomas, Murray Street, Llamelly. 7665 T WO,, Comfortabl- BURNISHED ROOMS to Let. near Town Hal, suit Gei-tleman, or Two Friends stiaring Rooms.-Apply Nurse Llewellyn, 11 Old Castle Road, Llanelly. 7657 OFFICES to Let, No. 1, Frederick Street, Llan- elly.-For p wrtielt'ars apply on premises. 7490 TO LET. THREE SPALL STABLE. Store Room Tabove Large Yard atback of 14 Frou Terrace.— Apply John Hughes, 1 Miua Street -7477 LONDON HOUSE.~(Fhis Old-established SHOP to Let.-Apply, 'Evan Davies & Co., Castle Buildings. €343 TO LET, HOUSE ?"d -?SOP at Gather. Terrace. TAlso several for Sale.-Apply '1'. P. Jones, South Wales Stones. >6398 -+- TO LET. 2, Gormg 'Road, Llanelly; Bathroom, Tb. and c., &c.— Apply to W. David, Auctioneer, &c., Old Town Hall dnwibers, Liaiielly. 43532 BUILDING SITES To LET at Havard Koad, JLJ leading from Liygad-yr-ych to Dafen; con- venient to Llanelly Water supply no borough rates large Gardens; reasonable terms. Also at t',apel.- Apply W J. Rees, Uplands, or J. E. Burnell, sur- veyor, 2, Frederick Street, Llanelly. 1007 For Sale. FOR AL. Practically Ke#, Double-horse VAN V Weight, 10 Cwt.). to carry. 30 Cwt. also Bleck HORSE, 16 Hands to be Cheap.-Apply I). 8., Mercury Office, Liaiic-Ily. 7645 LARGE STOCK of OvertnanHes, Cabinets, Side- boards, etc at Wbotesailj Price for Cast. Quality and Workmauship Guaranteed. — Apply Agent, c/o -6 Mercury." 7646 F INF, TONE 'CELLO with Bow, in perfect JL condition, £2 10s. thorough bargain. Bow,- ii, lawdbroker, Llanelly. 7658 FOR SALE, Chipcart, strong Pony, ard Harness; useful Turn-out; also Spriugcart suitable fori greengrocer or tish-sa l estuati -Hugbes. Bynea. .7591 eengrocer or _sale3ugtlts. Bynea. 7591 FOR SALE, TAPESTRY SUrTE, equal to new, by Waring, Liverpool cost :£18 1.138 sacrifice for J6I0.—Apply E. G., Mercury," Llanelly. 7431 FOR SALE, Two  Semi-detached HOUES. Goo? FBav View; situate at Elgin Read, Pwll.- Apply Thomas Evans-fc Son, Builders. Fwll 7261 FOR SALE, or to Let, at Marb? Hall Road, FFreehold or Leasehold HOUSES.—Apply. J. Charles, Marble Hall Yard. 8805 1Q1A ^UNLOP. Palmer, Clincher Tyres: also Xt/Alif Cavers, 3M, guaranteed Air Tubes, with valves, 2/3 each; Wheels, Free-Whefl-s, Pedals, Chains, Saddles, &c. Special lists free 1910 Goods.— W. A. Gorton, Manufacturer. Wolverhampton. 7427 BEAUTHSUL Wafnut Piafr.rte, full trichord, jO check action, iron tr?me, briHiant tone usual price 33 guineas, now,reduced to 28 guineat., at 14s. per month. Several others quite as cheap. For farther particulars apply at Messrs. Thompson and -ghackell's Pianoforte Warehouse, Ll«;.e!ly (J4 GUINEAS at 1O. 6d. per month. New R-se- ?'[ wood Pianoforte, handsome design, chook action, trichord warranted London make. Inspec- tion invited.—Thompson & Shackell, Ltd., Stepney Street. Lost and Found. LOST, MOSCOVY DUCK from Henry Jones, Gwyufryn House. Swansea Road Finder rewarded 7660 Money.  X- 1, 0 to X.LCLOO. fI(J. ripay MONEY Lent Privately. £ 10to £ .1000. £ 10. r*pay ??l I 5s. i'20. ?x )0s.; f30. £ 33 !5s, £ 50, 6Stt 5<. These terms are for short periods. Loans for 3, 6. 9 and 12 months can be arranged, and interest i&orged proportionately, Call or write to the well- ctioll ii Fiijaiicier.VUOLFE JACKSON, 25 Tmjor ioad, Cardiff. 7644 \jf ONEY— £ 15,900 to be invested on Frfehold and f JL Leasehold property at 31. 4 and 5 per cent. -ter"t on large or small amounts to suit intending i crtjagcra.—-H. Greenwood, 1, Frederick Street, Llan. .I.)". W. J. THOMAS, Watchmaker and Jeweller, 6, PARK STREET, LLANELLY. THE NOTED HOUSE FOR WEDDING, KEEPER & DIAMOND RINGS. J3S" Large Stock of WATCHES, CLOCKS, and JEWELLERY of every description. REPAIRS of all kinds executed by Practical Men. Read tfae following TESTIMONIALS IN PRAISE OF W. J. THOMAS' PLATE SOLUTION. I. Mlybryn, LlanelIy, September 4th, 1909. MRS. TRCRAST-MW begs to say that she has used your Plate Solution, and is greatly pleased with it, ~She<finds it, much superior to anything else she has ever used. Bank House, Llanelly, August 2ist, igog. MRS. W. GRIFFITHS has great pleasure in highly recommending Mr. Thomas1 Plate 'Solution for cleaning Silver., etc. It is highly effective and lasting. Cleans instantly as New—Gold, Silver, Electro-plate Goods, Gilt Goods, etc., with one application. The most Wonderful Preparation oh the Market. Full Directions with each Bottle. Prices i 6d., 11-, 116 & 21-per Bottle. Obtainable only from- • > ■ W.4J. THOMAS, Watcfennaken and Jewelfeiv 6, PARK STREET, U. AM ELLY. Preswylfa, Llanelly. I MRS. JENKIN LLOYD has much I pleasure in testifying to the excel- lency of Mr. W. J. Thomas' Plate Solution for speedy and effective cleaning of both Plate and Silver articles, and the brilliancy of its polish surpasses any other she had used. 107, County Rd., Liverpool, January 3rd, 1910. DEAR SIR,-Kindly send per re- turn a Dozen Bottles of your Plate Solution same as last supplied. We have been using your Plate Solution for some time and are very well pleased with it. As it has given better results with less labour than any other preparation we have for- merly used, and we have pleasure in recommending it.—Yours truly, SOCIETE D'HORLOGERIF, INTER- NATIONALE R. E. STEWART, Agent. I J. JAMES, HOUSEHOLD AND GENERAL IRONMONGER, Vaughan Street, Llanelly THE HOUSE FOR VALUE IN Travelling Trunks*& Bags I OF EVERY DESCRIPTION. SEE WINDOWS. Bedsteads and Beddings i A SPECIALITY. A SPLENDID ASSORTMENT OF I ELECTRO-PLATED GOODS I AND I CUTLERY I I SUITABLE FOR VVEBDING PRESENTS. I WELSH NATIONAL Agricultural Show The above SHOW will be held at LLANELLY ox Bank Holiday and Tuesday, AUGUST 1st and 2nd, 1910. Persons having Apartments to Let ;aie neijuested to send in $ieir .names to— RHYS W. HARRY. 76-51 40, New Road, Llanelly. EREiMBtlNARY ANNOUNCEMENT. I SOAR CHAPEL, Uwynhendy. A Grand ¡ ORGAN RECITAL AND Miscellaneous Concert Will be given at the above place On Saturday Eyenipg, May 21st, 1910. D, H. JENKINS, Hon. Sec., j 7534 Tanygraig, Bypea, THE llandebie ANNUAL Chair Eisteddfod Will be held on SATURDAY, JULY 9TH, 1910. CHIEF ITEMS:— M.a.1e Voice Competition (to Choirs not under 50 in number), "The Destruction of Gaza." Piize, £ 15 j and a Silver Cup. Mixed Choir Competition (not under 25 voices), Yr Haf" (Gwilym Gwent). Prize, JE7 and a Chair. Children's Choir Competition (not under 30 in number and under 16 years of age), "Hail! Hail! Merry, Merry Playtime Hail (T. Price). Prize, JE5 and an Enlargefl Photo of Conductor. Soprano, Contialto, Tenor and Bass Solos £1 Is. each. ——— Programmes, ld. (Post free), and all particulars may be obtained from the Secretaries—D. T. Evans, Glyn Coed, Llaudebie; and W, S. Gray, -Tyrosser, Llaodebie, 7601 Mr. E. TEW (10 YEARS WITH THE LATE MR. MACPHAIL) j SUPPLIES ARTIFICIAL TEETH. i Perfect for -Mastication and Articulation. American Teeth, Geld 'Fillings, Porcelain Crowns. TEETH EXTRACTED WITHOUT PAIN. FILLINGS of EVERY KIND-GOLD, PLAMNUM, SILVER ALLOY, PORCELAIN*& CEMENT. Attendance—Every Thursday at Mr. OASCOIGNE'S, Stationer, 22, Market Street. CROSSWELLS CARDIFF BREWERY, LTD., THE BEEWERY, ELY, NR. CARDIFF, Have obtained ithe only Medal awarded to WELSH BREWED FLAGON ALES at the BREWERS' EXHIBITION, 1909. Finest Wines aria Spirits. Single Bottle at Wholesale Prices. PRICE LIST ON APPLICATION. LocalAgency 9, Market Street, Llanelly. 7457 13, VAUGHAN STREET. ■ Two Special Features This Week NEW BLOUSES (these New Styles are very Attractive, all Well Cut and Finished), and t NEW Ready-to-Wear HATS (Every Hat shown is correct in every detail). A POINT worthy of notice is the exceptional ualue which we are offering in the above. L. W. ADAMS & CO. NAT. TEL, 154. CHANGE OF ADDRESS. MISS JULIA LEWIS. R.C.M.. resumes lessons ?i. on SATURDAY, APRIL 2nd. at her new address- 55, Coldstream Street. 7603 TABERNACLE CHAPEL, Llwynhendy. A Grand Performance of the CANTATA- "Footprints of the Saviour" Will be given at the above place with a MISCELLANEOUS CONCERT ON SATURDAY, APRIL 30TH, 1910. A RTISTES Soprano Miss BLODWEN HOPKINS, Llangennech Contralto Miss RACHEL JONES, Ammanford Tenor Mr. TOM BONNELL, Pentre (Winner at the London National Eisteddfod). Bass Mr. ANEURIN MORRIS, Gowerton (Just returned from au American Tour). I ADMISSION-Reserved Seats (numbered). 2s. 6d. First Seats, Is. 6d.; Second Seats, Is. 7648 DRILL HALL, BURRY PORT. THIRD ANNUAL EISTEDDFOD Whit-Monday, May 16th, 1910. MIXED CHOIR. Btodeuyu Bach wyf 6 o-f A mewnGardd" Prize. Silver-mounted Baton to successful Conductor, and 10s. 6d. to each unsuccessful Conductor. JUVENILE CHOIR, Cwsg, f' anwylyd. £ }f* Cwsg" (D W. LEWIS). Prize. XO Silver-mounted Baton to successful Conauctor. and lOs. 6d. to each unsuccessful Conductor. OPEN CHAMPION. Prize 23 3s., and handsome Silver Cup. Solos, Champions, Recitations, &c. Adjudicators :—Music. Messrs. WnxiAM THOMAS. Treorchy, and W. T. SAMUEL, Cardiff; Literature, Meliufab," Llwynhendy. Programmes Id., Post Free ltd., from- See., WM. GRIFFITHS, Bank House, Burry Port. Treasurer, R. T. HAMMOND, Pemberton Avenue, 7392 Burry Port. PICTUREDROME, ATHENAEUM HALL. Sole Lessee T. HAY SAMUEL. Manager W. H. PARKINSON. 7 & 9. TWICE NIGHTLY. '7 & 9. LEADING PICTURES FOR THURS- DAY, FRIDAY, & SATURDAY. DRAMATIC- Comato, the Sioux. Kindhearted Brigand. Double Six. Nick Carter. INTERESTING— Teaching the Blind. COMIC- I, Who Discovered the Pole. Wonderful Coal. » Tantalizing Young Lady. Tales of a Wayside Inn. POPULAR PRICES 9d., 6d., 3d. MATINEES TUESDAY 5 o'clock, SATURDAY 2 and 4 o'clock. Admission, Id. and 2d. SPECIAL PICTORIAL CONCERT SUNDAY at 8 o'clock. Silver Collection. 7643 SALE TO-MORROW. GIBSON'S AUCTION MART, 1, MARKET STREET,. LLANELLY. Sale of Excellent Household Furniture, Corsets, Drapery, &e. CHAS GIBSON, F.L.A.A., has been favoured with instructions to remove. and Sell by Auction at his Mart, a quantity of Excellent HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, also a quautity of OORSETS. DRAPERY, &c on FRIDAY, APRIL 15th. i910. Sale at 1.30 sharp. Terms -Cash. Nat. Tel. 108. 7664 AUCTION ROOMS, STATION ROAD, LLANELLY. MR. W. J. WEBLEY will SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION", on SATURDAY, APRIL 16th" a large quantity of Miscellaneous Goods, consisting of Gold and Silver Watches, Chains,. and Jewellery, Electro-plated Goods, Photo- Albums and Frames, Concertinas, Melodians, Violins, Work-boxes, Desks, Ladies' and Gents'' Bags, Cutlery, Family Bibles and Books, Pic-* tures, Tea and Dinner Sets, Curiosities, Cameras, Musical Boxes, Gramaplione and: Flat Records, Flutina, Walking-Sticks, Ivory¡ Chessmen, Guns, Field and Opeia Glasses, Ciocks, Dressing-cases, and numerous othexj- articles. SALE TO COMMENCE AT 6.30 SHARP. 7654 AUCTION ROOMS, STATION ROAD, LLANELLY. MR. W. J. WEBLEY will SELL by PUBLIC J[YJL AUCTION, on MONDAY, APRIL 18th, a large quantity of Superior Household Furniture, PIANO, AND EFFECTS, comprising Drawing and Dining Room Suites, Sideboard, Bedroom Suites in Mahogany and Walnut, Brass and Iron Bedstead, Wire and other Mattress, Occasional and other Tables, Coal-boxes, Fender, and Fire Irons, Writing Bureaux, Chest of Drawers, Lamps, Desks,. Linoleum, Rugs, Occasional and other Chairs,. Electro-plated Teapots, Cut-glass Fruit Dish,. Cruets, Music Cabinets and Stool, Oil Paint- ings, and other Pictures. SALE TO COMMENCE AT 6.30 SHARP. 7652 TOWN OF LLANELLY. SALE or VALUABLE LEASEHOLD DWELLING1- HOUSES AND SHOP. MR. WILLIAM DAVID will offer for MLE by ?JL PUBLIC AUCTION, at the STEPNEY HOTEL. Llanelly, on FRIDAY, APRIL 29th, 1910, at 6.30 o'clock in the ti, vellilig (subject to the National Conditions of Sale, and to such other conditions ae shall then and there be produced), the following: Valuable PROPERTIES: LO r I.-All that Valuable Dwelling-house knowa as No. 2, Park Crescent, LItnetty, now in the occupa. tion of Thomas Arnold, Esq., and containing Drawing and Dining Rooms, Kitchen, Scullery. China Pantry, 5 Bedrooms, Bath-room and W.C. Hot aud Cold Water and Gas are laid throughout. This Property has a frontage of 19 feet, and is held for a term of 99' years from the 24th day of June. 1904, at the annual ground rent of jE5 14s. Being bituate in what will shortly be onlt of the best positions in the town, this, House forms a most desirable lesidetice. LOT 2. All that capital Dwelling-house and Shop' situate in Penallt Terrace, Box, Llanelly, now in the occupation of Mr. J. Rees at a weekly rental of 10s.. These Premises comprise Shop, Dimug-rooin, Kitchen, Scullery, 4 Bedrooms. Bath-room, the usual Offices aud a large Yard with side entrance Hot and Cold Water and Gas are laid throughout. This I lit will be sold subject to an apportioned yearly giound rent of £15s. LOT a" -All that Dwelling-house aJjoining Lot 2, containing Drawing and Dining Rouins Kitchen, Scullery, 3 Bedrooms, and the usual Offices, now in the occupation of Mr. Stevellsou at the weekly rental of 6s. 6d. This House has a frontage of 18 feet and water is laid on. LOT 4.— A similar Dwelling-house to and adjoining Lot 3, now in the occupation of Mr. Lewis. Lots 3 and 4 will be sold subject to an apportioned yearly ground rent of jEt 2s. 6d each. LOT 5.—A similar Dwelling-house to and 11.11joining: Lot 4, but having a frontage of 17 feet 'I I,i,, House is now in the occupation of Mr. Bunker at a weekly rental of 6s. 3d. LUT 6 —A similar Dwelling-house to lifll1 adjoinÎDg- Lot 5, now in the occupation of Mr. D. J. Rogers. LOT 7 —A Minilar Dwelling-house to and adioinimt Lot 6. This House is now void. LOT 8. A similar Dwelling-house to and adjoining Lot 7. now in tbe occupation of Mr. B. Thomas. LOT 9.—A similar Dwelling-house to an-t adjoining Lot 8, now in the occupation of Mr. J. VXilkins. LOT 10.—A similar Dwelling- house to and adioiniing. Lot, 9, now in the occupation of Mr. Williams Lot 5 to 10 inclusive will be sold subject to an apportioned yearly ground rent of ti Is. 3d. each. Lots 2 to 10 inclusive are held for a term of 99 years, from the 25th dav of December, 1909 LO I' 11. A similar Dwelling-house to Lot 10, but situate on the opposite side of Pelialit Terrace and having a larger yard. This House is in the occupation" of Mr. C. S. Oxley at a weekly rental of 6s. 3d. LOT 12.-A similar Dwelling-house to Lot 11, and next door but one thereto, now in the occupation of Mr. J. Ryan LOT 13 -A similar Dwelling-house to and adjoining: Lot 12, now in the occupation of Mr. H. Rawlings. LOT 14—A similar Dwelling-house to Lot 13, and next door but two tlereto, "ow in the occupation of Mr. William Grey Lots 11 to 14 inclusive are held for a turm of 99 years from the 29th day of September. 19G8, and wilt o^ t qold subject to ? "PPortioned yearly ground rent of 11 os 6d. each. THE MINERALS undeh ALL LOTS ARE Rkseuybd, For further particulars apply to the Acctioneeb. Old TowlI Hall chambers, Llitnelly,or to- BRODIE & WALTON, — 7656 Solicitors, Llanelly. Miscellaneous Notices. LAIRVOYANCH AND PALBI I;STRY -madame JeaJJé, Society Palmist aud Clairvoyant, late of Aberystwyth, &c. Consultations daily, 11 to 10, for hQrt season ouly, at C?Ue Buitdi?s, Uanel!y. ————?__ g? A BYE-ELECTION T Dyv |0N &S2TS. NOBJB DIVISION will be held on the 26tll APHIL, hZTbuJ'TA mu? ,b,e w« Somerset House, Burry Port, not later,tuau 5 P.M. on MMd.y.th. 18th April, 1910 fesa