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I I ,Is Nathan a Socialist?


I I Is Nathan a Socialist? To the Editor of the Llanelly Mercury." Sii,Aiter perusing a letter from the pen of Mr. R. C. Jenkins, which appeared in your issue of the 31st ult., I observe that his last paragraph infers that Mr. Nathan Griffiths is- an "extreme.' Socialist," and that the views expressed by this gentleman are in harmony with his views as a representative of the Socialist creed.- It is a surprise to me to learn that Mr Griffiths fs. a Socialist, for "it is well known" tiiat he is not a member of the local branch of the LLP., neither, to my knowledge, does he belong to the S.D.P., two of the most advanced Socialist parties in Britain to-day. If Mr. Nathan Griffiths is an ■extreme Socialist, what accounted for his ap- pearance on a pn'&lre platform in support of the Liberal!, candidate, Mr; Llewelyn Wil- liams. during the recent tteneral Election? I gather from his actions, therefore, that his views are more in Harmony with Liberalism, than- with Socialism. It! is evident Mr. E. C. Jenkins has a false* impression of what tl,-e principles of Socialism realty are: and in his endeavour to expose tfra tactii's- of Mr. Griffiths he simultaneously tries- to convey the idea that Socialists are irreli-. gions-: I; absolutely refiste his statement whielr conveys this idea, and may prove to flim that the Socialist movement includes men and womeu of the highest religious type: but I do not dispute the fact that there are also Atheists and Agnostics itr their ranks. Wiry I does not the Liberal' Party, which Mr. R. C. Jenkins probably supports, consist of pro- fessed Atheists, Agnostics, Materialists, etc.? What does the Right Hon. John Burns think of the TSfeity7 and also* Mr. J. M. Robertson* lrl,, 1. Even that great Liberal statesman, Lord Morley, spells God WiTh a email "g," and the Executive Council of the National. Secular Society, which contains not even one Social- ist. has a. number of Liberal members I I trust Mr. R. C. Jenkins will cease to foster false notions regarding Socialism, and that lie will' devote his time' to studying' its economics ere he makes any more attempts to mislead the innocent public. Please accept, my apologies for encroaching upon your valuable space.—I am. etc.. TOM DAVIES. Hillside, Marble Hall Road, Lla nelly. April 11th. 1910.

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