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FOOTBJVLL NOTES. LLANELLY, 1 converted goal, 2 tries: PONTYPOOL, nil. Llanelly played their last home fixture at -Stradey on Saturday. Pontypool being the visitors, and as a result of their victory the 'Scarlets have preserved their ground record for the season. The encounter was well con- tested throughout, and the homesters, who, OIl the day's play, were a superior combination to lontypool, fully merited their victory. During three-fourths of the game the Scarlets monopolised the visitors' territory, and so severe \as their attack that PontypooJ were compelled to utilise all their resources to withstand it. After repeated efforts the Scar- lets drew first blood. Marsh, following up a Vick by Lloyd, kicked the hall over the line, and Syd Phillips, who was pursuing him, fell on it at an opportune moment. Harold Thomas failed with the kick. The second score came as a, surprise to many of the spec- tators. Taking the ball from the serum just near the touch line, Lloyd threw out to Jones, who. threw to Davies, and the latter threw to Willie Thomas, who deceived one or two of his opponents' and scored another uneonvcr- ted try. The play in the second half was of a desul- tory character, and the players on both sides frequently fumbled the hall. Pontypool dur- ing this portion gave a splendid exhibition of their defensive abilities, and although oppor- tunities were given galore to the Scarlets they were only able to pierce the defence on one occasion as a result of a splendid effort by Evan Davies, who, receiving at fnidfield, bewildered one or two of his opponents. After running a few yards he transferred to Auck- land, and, following an exchange of passing between some of iho forwards, Phillips again scored. Harold Thomas converted with ease. From now on the homesters attacked vigor ■ously. but their efforts were of no avail.

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