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Child Negiect Sequel. I

Roman Cathotsc School '-0-


Roman Cathotsc School '-0- SCALES DISCARDED: HEAVY COST TO' THE RATEPAYERS. At a meeting of the Education Committee on Thursday night, Mr. H. 1). R.ees presiding, the following letter was read from the managers of the Roman Catholic School:— St. Mary's R.C. School, Uanelly, March 12th, 1910. Dear Sir,—I a.m. instructed by the mana- gers of the above-named school to write to you with reference to a complaint made and brought forward by Mr. H. D. Rees at a meeting of the school managers held on Tuesday, March 8th. The complaint was that a screen was found in the coal cellar. This interesting event took place in the summer months, when the cellar is not used. The coal cellar was well cleaned. Botli the scales and screen were placed there for safe keeping. The scales are be* lieved to be the only unbroken ones in the whole of the LIatielly schools. The screen was also in first-class condition. The scales have been removed without the consent cf the managers. Will you kindly give this letter the same publicity to the members of the Llanelly Education Committee that you gave to youB' views as to where the screen was found. Yours truly, G. J. ISAAC, Managers' Secretary.- The Chairman said that he and the Vice- chairman attended a meeting of the managers because the Board of Education had written to that Committee very strongly with reference- to the grants. The managers of the school made a complaint at. the meeting that suffi- cient attention was not being given bv the Committee to the supply of stationerv, gas mantles, etc. With regard to the stationery;. lie challenged any member to state that they. did not 'supply them with s'umeient. but. the mantles, -unfortunately, went out of stock in the Surveyor's department, and they had to place a special order, which necessitated some delay. He asked the chairman of the meeting; why they had broken and discarded the scales which that Committee had specially ordered for the school for the purpose of carrying out the medical inspection of school children. The scales and indicator were found in the coal-house, the indicator having been broken. He had not mentioned the matter previously to ihat Committee, neither did he- contemplate doing so. The Committee should,. however, get some explanation, because they had had to pay heavily for the scales. The fact that there was no coal in the coal-house did'not explain why the indicator had beeo broken. They also had occasion to bring- the- scales to the Clerk's o.mce for safety. Mr. Bramwell Jones: They give further evi* dence that the scales are as good as those in any other school in the town. The Chairman: The indicator was not. The Clerk: The scales of all the schools i0 town are intact. Mr. Bra.'nwell Jones: Therefore, that letter is wrong. The Clerk: Yes. Mr. Vivian: Was the indicator broken or simply unscrewed.' The Chairman: My impression was that it was snapped. That was the reason why I took the matter up; otherwise we would not have- had occasion to take it away. I may say that the priest told me that when the mediJal in* spection takes place at the school lie has been good enough to place at, the disposal of the inspector his own private room. The nn.tter then dropped.

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