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VILLAGERS' QUARREL. I ALLEGED ASSAULT: SEQUEL AT THE POLICE COURT. i. At tlic, oii. Wednesday, Ridley Stokes, Medelfyw Lodge, proceeded against, Thomas Davies, Olochyriefaeh and Edward Mainwaring, Gamhowell-faeh, for assault. Mr. E. Kamnierer appeared for the com- plainant. Complainant deposed that on the 29tli ult. he was passing the house occupied by Davies, when Davies came out and accused him of I saying something insulting to Mrs. Davies., Witness denied this, but Mrs. Davies replied j that. he had. Davies then struck him on the left side of the head, and he fell to the ground. On getting up, the dog caught hold of his leg, and Davies again knocked him down. Main waring came up, and caught hold of him by the throat, saying that he would hang him. Davies struck him again, and said he would knock his brains out, and Main- waring said, "Yes. kill him." He received a further blow on the left side of the head. Someone approached, and both men went away. He was again beaten a little later by the men, and the dog flew at his face, and took his cap away. Cross-examined, witness said that he was knocked down five times. He did not do any- thing, but. endeavoured' to get away. Did you try to strike Davies or Mainwaring? — N o. As soon as you got up you permitted them to knock you down again?—I tried to get away. So you only got- up to let them knock you down agaIn?- Yes, Wlieri do you live now?—At New Lodge. j Have you been about in a van ?—No. Have you ever had a revolver ?—Never in my life. Have you been quarelling with the farmers around Clochyrie ?—No1. Had you a little whip in your hand ?-j-Y*es. Did you accuse Mrs. Davies of having re- ported the dog to P.O. Jenkins ?—Yes. Was that the cause of the row?—Yes. Did Mrs. Davies say she had been bitten?— Yes. Did Davies say thai neither lie nor his wife had reported the matter to the police?— No. You also threatened Davies?—No. Is it a fact. that you, struck Davies with the handle of the whip?—No. Do you know of any reason why Mainwaring should, Re-examined by Mr. Kammorer: On Go"d Fridav he was, in the garden, when Mrs Davies passed, and she made reference to the dog. and suggested that he was going to let it out after that lie. ,N-ai going to let it 4)Llt. aftei! P.C. Jenkins spoke to secing the complain- ant after the alleged assault, and said his face was covered with hiood. In cross-ex am j n a ti on, witness admitted that the inj uries were not very serious. He saw Davies later, and noticed that he also had marks on the face and bruises on the arm. Sarah Ann Harriet Stokes, wife of the pro- secutor. in for- merly lived at Hereford. Thomas Davies (57), one of the defendants, said his wife was bitten by a dog belonging to Stokes. On March 25th he told Stokes not to blame him for reporting the case to P.('. Jen- kins, as he knew nothing about it. Stokes then said he would blind him. When about to proceed with his work. Stokes struck him I with a whip. They fouebt for about five minutes, but Stokes had the whip in his ha.nd all the time. Witness had nothing to defend himself with. Cross-examined hy Mr. Kammorer. w itness said he struck Stokes when he bad the chance. He was ver^ much, knocked about. It was untrue that Stokes bad been knocked down five times. Edward Malnwarms;. Brynglas, Felinfoel. Brvngb's. Y?ebnfo.e]. collier, said that while he was in. the garden lie heard Stokes quarehing with Davies, and Stokes ultimately struck Davies with the. handle of the whip. A scunie ensued, and witness took Davies awav. BLnke; ag:dn en- deavoured. to strike Davies, i,ii(i witness took hold of him by the collar and tohl him to go home. He denied having struck him. He in- tervened because they were quarrelling. The Bench dismissed, the case.

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