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Burry Port Hurdle Races.I




I-Alleged Attempted Robbery.

1Octogenarian's Death. --0-


I" The Yeomen of the Guard."…

I Gorseinon Resident Sentenced.


IG.W.R. Loco Drivers, etc.






Detailed Lists, Results and Guides

I, 1 THE ELECTIONS. I -0- I Polling took place on Monday for seats OTl the Board of Guardians and Urban District Coun- cil. In connection with the latter, a contest took place in each of the wards, but with re- gard to the Board of Guardians an election was avoided in Ward III.. the Rev. W. Trevor Jones and the Rev. David Davies having been returned unopposed. The electors of Ward I. were favoured with an unusual profusion of pamphlets, containing numerous fantastic promises. Misrepresentations of a gross and unpardonable character had also been freely circulated throughout the ward, and the policy pursued was as ungenerous as it was uncalled for. Mr. W. Vivian polled exceed- ingly well, as also did Mr. W. H. Samuel, the nominee of the Trades and Labour Council. The two retiring members, Mr. Win. Roberts and Mr. William David, were, therefore, sup- planted by their combatants. Since his ad- vent on the Council Mr. William Roberts has rendered yeen an service to the town, and during the past year acted as vice-chairman of the Education Committee. He had carried out his duties as a councillor in an efficient manner, and it is to be regretted that the ratepayers should have rejected him. Mr. W. David had also during his long tenure of office shown a keen ambition for the advance- ment of his native town, and had proved to be a, sound and logical administrator. It can only be hoped that the two members who have been elected in their stead will endeavour to emulate the services of their vanquished friends. As expected, Messrs. E. Willis Jones and D. R, Jones secured a renewal of the confidence of the ratepayers, as evidenced by their trium- phant return, the latter polling exceedingly well. The unexpected rejection of Mr. Evan Evans caused no little surprise, he being ousted by Mr. Charles Randell, who polled 171 more votes than him. Dr J. L. Davies, who for the first time solici- ted the favour of the electors of a seat on the Board of Guardians, headed the poll in Ward I., thus filling the seat rendered vacant by the death of the late Mr. R. M. Roberts. With regard to Ward II., the electors showed their appreciation of the services of Messrs. R. C. Jenkins and Thomas.tones in no uncertain manner, and. the result goes to prove that the Labour candidate is not very popular in this part of the town. As the result of the polling the Trades and Labour Council lost two seats, and gained one. Results:— I LLANELLY URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL. WARD J. Elected. W. Vivian 841 W. H. Samuel 747 Non-elected. *Williaiu Roberts 558 "William David. 393 WARD 11. Elected. R. Jones 1007 *f). "li,\Iillis Jones 870 Non-elected. G. H. St-acey 776 WARD III. Elected. • IT. D, Pees 612 Charles Rand ell 537 Non-elected. *Evan Evans 366 J. V<:nigItanEvans 114 AMMANFORD URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL. Elected. *William Evans 493 J. Darby.shire  471 *T. FIetche.)- 471 Robblings I 462 John Davies 392 Ncn-clcctc(L W. N. Jonas 385 *J. E. Jones 378 -0-, I BOARD OF GUARDIANS. WAItn T. Elected. Dr. J. L. Davies 1223 William Pugh 889 Non-elected. Evan Rees 4-;z 3 WARD II. Elected. •R. C. Jenkins 1094 Th().}IJas Jones I 1017 Non-elected. Nathan C;, Griffiths 637 LLA.NGEN NECH. < Elected. •Morton Evans 333 Griffith Harry 228 Noi.i-eleeted. *Morley Joseph 203 LLANEDY. j Elected. :tW. Llevvellvn 421 H. W. Thomas 396 Non-elected. Llewellyn Thomas 266 I PWLL. Elected. r William Basset.t 146 j No n elected. I John Evans 103 Rev. R, Owen 3 ( With regard to the Rev. R. Owen, the elec- I tors had been notified prior, to 1 lie polling day not to vote for him, as he was desirous of withdrawing his candidature. LL ANGENDE lit X E. Elected. D. T. (}i!ben 235 John' Lewis 208 Non-tdected. r./ -\1 (\ t" J 7! Bev. I). Gorlech Jones 137 I PARISH riOUNCIL. I LLANELLY RURAL (iLYN WARD). Elected. D. II. Davies, Pontyeates 110 John Jenkins, Von1 henry 71 Non-elected. William..Lewis, Pontyeates 55 BERWICK WARD. Elected. Rees Griffiths. Llwvnhendv 292 H. J. Hopki ns, Llwynhendy 267 | David Hughes, Llwynhendy 254 David Nicholas, Llwynhendy 207 Llew. Owen, Llwynhendy 16i Non-elected. John Beyuon, Cwnifelin 1132 John Jenkins. Llwynhendy 147 Thomas 124 J. R. Thomas. Central Stores. 113 H. R. Thomas, ('v, nicarnhowell 60 I Old mem Iters.