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Burry Port Hurdle Races.I




I-Alleged Attempted Robbery.

1Octogenarian's Death. --0-


I" The Yeomen of the Guard."…


The Yeomen of the Guard." -0- COMMENDABLE PERFORMANCE AT THE THEATRE. "The Yeomen of the Guard," which is being pourtrayed at the Royalty Theatre this week by the Llanelly Amateur Operatic Society is an opera brimful of stirring pathos and com- manding for its human interest. A fitting introduction is made by Miss Marion Lewis, who renders a beautiful solo, "When Maiden loves," and from the commencement to the finish the enthusiasm is.maintained, and the audience are enraptured in a truly delightful performance. The plot, which has been so dramatically arranged, is interspersed with numerous stirring passages which are most appealing in effect, and is tinged with a depth of inspiration. There are also many mirth- provoking episodes, the buffoonery indulged in being delightful and entertaining. Mr. B. Percy Rees, who assumes the role of "Jack Point," a strolling jester, is a great favourite, his humorous witticisms creating much laugh- ter. Mr. Jack Auckland, who takes the part ter. "Wilfred Shadbolt," the head jailor and of assistant tormentor, executes his part in his own inimitable style, and 'frequently elicits the approbation of the audience. Mr. Bert. Lobhett, as "Sir Richard Cholmondley," the lieutenant of the tower; Mr. E. H. Foster, as "Colonel Fairfax," whose part forms the centre of the plot; Mr Jack Williams, as "Ser- geant Meryll"; and Mr. Gwilym Hughes, as his son, "Leonard Meryll," all display good histrionic talent, and their performance is, in- deed, commendable. Miss Blodwen Hopkins, Dangennech, Miss Marion Lewis and Madame Russell are also a complete success, their singing being of a very high standard. The choruses are well executed, and the whole pei-fortitance reflects credit upon those re- sponsible for its organisation. Mr. James Samuel acts as honorary musical, director. I The funds of the Llanelly Cricket Club, to- wards which the proceeds are to be devoted, ¡ are likely to be considerably augmented. The secretarial duties are in the hands of Mr. E. H. Foster, who had carried out the arrange- ments with tact and ability. The last two performances will take place to-night and to- morrow night. Dramatis Personæ :-Sir Richard Cholmond- ley (lieutenant of the Tower), Mr. Bert. Lob- bett Colonel Fairfax (under sentence of death), Mr. E. H. Foster: Sergeant Meryll (of the Yeomen of the Guard), Mr Jack Wil- liams; Leonard Meryll (his son), Mr. Gwilym Hughes: Jack Point (a strolling jester), Mr. B. Percy Rees; Wilfred Shadbylt (head jailor and assistant tormentor), Mr. Jack Auckland: The Headsiiiaii,. Mr Stuart Kempe: First Yeo- man. Mr Arthur Brown; Second Yeoman, Mr W. Rees; Third Yeoman. Mr. Lewis Jones; First Citizen, Mr D. Daniel; Elsie Mavuard (a strolling singer), Miss Blodwen Hopkins; Phoebe Meryll (Sergeant Meryll's daughter), Miss Marion Lewis; Dame Carruthers (house- keeper of the Tower). Madame Russell; f-late (her niece), Miss L. A. Jenkins. Chorus of Yeomen of the Guard. Gentlemen, Citizens, etc.:—Misses Jennie Charles, Flo Citizens, Morfydd Eldridge, Gertie Glastonbury, Minnie Hopkins, Gwennie Jones, Maggie Mor- gan. Kate Rees, May Richards, Gertie Roberts, G. W. Roberts. Blanche C. Savours, Nellie Thorne, Flo Vivian; Messrs. F. J. Barney, J. Evans, T. Harry, H. Howell, W. Jenkins, C. Lewis, C. Morgan, J. Miller, Brvn Morgan, L. Newmark, G. Preeee, J. Rees. G. W. Roberts, S. Richards, S. P. Stuart, Fred C. Thomas, W. J. Thomas, C. C. Warner.

I Gorseinon Resident Sentenced.


IG.W.R. Loco Drivers, etc.