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Burry Port Hurdle Races.I


Burry Port Hurdle Races. (By "Old Stager. ") Following swiftly upon the County Triennial Steeplechase came the great and all-impor- tant event of the season, known as the Spring Hurdle Races, which took place on Monday amidst great excitement The weather was all that could he desired for the annual contest, and the course was in splendid condition. These annual events are becoming more and more flourishing, and the sport continues to grow in importance, it being absolutely neces- sary to encourage horses of the highest pedi- gree, and to cast aside those of inferior quality. The event was well patronised, and about 750 spectators were present (the grand stand being well packed), some of whom had come from a long distance to witness the race and to back their favourite horse. The clerk of the scales, with his usual retinue, had made all arrangements. The horses were well groomed, and appeared trimmed down to the ground. They entered the course shortly be- fore eight in the morning, with the exception of two horses, whose late arrival was, no doubt, the cause of tl eir poor performance- Eight horses had entered to contest six prizes. The name of each, and the order in which they arrived, as recorded by the whip- ping master, are as follüws :-Shcpherd Bo: A 1 at Lloyd's, Shearers. Tombstone, Pencoed Flyer, Globe Polish, Harbour Lights and Balek Diamond. SHEPHERD BOY.—A typical type of a ceffyi halio." Not suitable for this class of work, but ran exceedingly well in the first < fifty, considering his weight. Soon afterwards it was clearlv seen that he was running with much diffieuHv, and in a few seconds fairly collapsed. Will never try again. A 1 AT LLOYD'S.—A voung horse of dark features. Gave a splendid performance, and kept up trotting to the last, and came in an easy second. It was noticed hnw cleverly he cleared the Gorse Road Sewer. It will be well to watch his actions in his future training. SHEARERS.—Too light, indeed, to contest with such horses. He was fairly fagged before reaching the distance nost, and completely failed to elc-tr the hurdles. This is the third or fourth time he has contested unsuccess- fully. His performance ern Monday should certainly be a broad hint that he should not try again. TOMBSTONE.—A very young colt, long- legged and long-winded, and gave a capital performaive, notwithstanding the fact that this was his first appearance. He covered the Dyvatty and Burrows hurdles in an excellent manner, and the spectators were greatly sur- prised at the way in which lie dodged the other horses. He was greatly cheered when he came in third. PENCOED FLYER.—Very gracefully he nodded to those who closelv examined and declared him to bo a true old warrior. He had been grazing for a considerable time, and it came as a surprise to those who doubted his capabilities, how cleverlv lie cleared the fence, and the magnificent w;y lie took the Pencoed and Stepney turning. He came in very closely to Tombst-ohe, whose jockey was seen to use the "whip" rather freely on the last lap. GLOBE POLISH.—Another g:;od old horse, with wonderful stamina. He repeated his pre- vious performance. He kept side by side with Pencoed Flyer, and both appeared to under- stand each other. In fact, they could have covered a longer distance, and could easily run round the "Globe" without exertion, or even nuenehing their thirst. However. "Pen- coed Flyer" gave a sudden spurt when lierr- ing the winning post. and succeeded in making a lead of one point HARBOUR LIGHTS.—A litrbt-featured ani- mal with a splendid trot. H*s first appear- ance on course prevent'-d him performing as his backers should ke him to d n, Qu'te capable of giving all povfor o:;nc It was a thousand pities that his fair backers did not a^'ive sooner o" the eroitnd. He log- his tip. His ioekc** w:U --nattily so 'n for constant training, which will greatly show in a future cout est. BL;\CK DIAMOND.—The "f the day. The betting ran extremely ¡!illh. The hookas were seen to fly about from all quart e?^. HI-) gave a. repetition of bis performance of three vears ago. He Is a lror-~e of dark features, and his movements were closely watched bv the spectators from the errand s1md, He did not flinch from first to last. and kept a continu- ou naee. There apoea^ed gre.t determination in an his ac-tions. Had been- in hard training and paid every attention except when grazing Oil the "Hillside." He was given a hearty cheer when he came in an easy first. The successful horses were duly examined, and found to be in capital condition. They are now debarred from the contest for three years. with the exception of one of the horses, who is privileged to re-enter in two years.




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