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Ir Ir Ir ri S E I-N M ir & COMPANY, LIMITED, WALEO LkRuEST U K. Nlsifi vir, lEaw"W Are now offering VERY HEAVY SEAMLESS AXMINSTER CARPETS (grandpatterns), handsomely bordered and ready for laying, at the following remarkably loW pr eg: ds. x 2J yds., 42/9; 3 yds. x 3 yds., 52/6; 3! yds. x 3 yds., 67/6; 31 yds. x 3i yds., 82/6; 4 yds. x 3 yds., 79/6; 4 yds. x 31 yds., 92/6. :,2:. i W PiaaiMss. census, sefflig, Met sorts. Sits oi eiBig feseiiptioo, uiiemgs, Gargets, togs, &c„ twettg neicett. iiiei otnRI BonSHS H r I!A t 1 Cwmfoach. Buildings, Llanelly; above Post Office, Swansea; Cardiff, Newport, &c. Catalogues Gratis. Free Delivery up to 200 miles. ;"1;< AliG >,&' 'I?arliamentso, N'?etie" I-i f? e per fil,-ertion Government 9n „ Legal and Public Notice Municipal & Scimfil Bo.rd 9,1. Tenders and Omytrets -? i Auction Adveremelit8 -? 44. Freebold and Ileal!böld Pro- k ? perty F-?&4es 6d. „ Lectures & EntertailJmh2.. 6d. per inch „ Religious Services < 2s. 6d. per incE „ Educational. 2 TYPEWRITING and DUPLICATING neatly and promptly executed by competent operators at the Arcade School Of Sborthandtr-For further parti-* j culars apply at the School, Arcade Chambers, Ltail- elly. 7598 BE TAU6KST BY EXPERTS IN Shorthand, Typewriting: Book-keeping, Office j JL routine, and Languages at the Arcade School of Shorthand, &c. Situations found for com- j petent puplls.-APl'ty Rolaud P. Thomas, 26, Gilbert Road, or it tfie Arcade, Llanelly. Wanted. -AN'rÊu, se?prat Good GENERALS.-App]Y W Davies. Registry Office, Market Street. ^20 WANTED a Good ASSISTANT, also Apprentices f, and Improvers to tbe-Diressmaking.-Miw; Swancott, Brazil. Gleualla Road. 7612 ANTED, OFFICE BOY, able to wri?e Short- baud and Typewriting. Apply in own writing, stating age, exrie(:, aUQ w"IAA"re\luid.-APJJ:Y X YIZ. Mercury. 6(0 WANTED, a SALESMAN for Mineral Waters.— W Apply, Arthur Hughes & Co., Felinfoel, 73594 ANTED, a Superior Working HOUSEKEEPER V" for a farm; servant kept Cornfor" ble hotne: -Apply, by letter, V.E., 11 Mer etiry WANTED, cleaii youyg GIRL. General; three W in family.—Apply Mis. E. M. Richards, 86, Glenalla Roait. _Li_ 1:003  RAPERY% — Wanted; APPRENTICES for -D Faucy. al.oprut!ces. forMiHuery Woo k- room.—H. Edmunds. t;atfnmerce House; 7-&18 WANTED, a, Capable GENERAL SERVANT; VV another ljept.—Apply Mrs. Griffith, 14 Goring Road. 7550 PIANOFORTE TUNING and Repairing in all its JL branches by thoroughly competent and experienced London Tuners, who visit all parts regularly. Charges strictly moderate.—Apply at Thompson & Shackell, Ltd., 60, Stepney Street, Llanelly. Houses, &a., To Let. OFFICES to Let. No. 1, Frederick Street, Llan- elly.-For particulars apply on premises. 7490 TO LET, THREE-STALL STABLE. Store Room above Large Yard at back of 14 Fron Terrace.— Apply John Hughes, 1 Mina Street. <7477 LONDON HOUSE.—This Old-established SHOP to Let.-Apply, Evan Davies & Co., Castle Buildings. f,643 TO LET, HOUSE and SHOP at Gatben Terrace. Also several HOUSES for Sale.-Apol T, P. Jones, South Wales Stores. 16398 rpo LET. 2, Goring Road, Llanelly; Bathroom, Tb. and c., &c.-Apply to W. David, Awtioneer. kc., Old Town Hall Chambers, Llanelly. 4332 BUILDING SITES TU LET at Havara Road, A3 leading from Llygad-yr-ych to Dafeii con- venient to Llanelly Water supply no borough rates; targe Gardens; reasonable terms. Also at Vapel.- Apply W. J. Rees, Uplands, or J. E. Buruell, sur- veyor, 2, Frederick Street, Llanelly. 1607 For Sale. "-4ø- FOR SALE. in excellent condition, Two Bartiett WEIGHING MACHINES of 171 tons and 10 tons capacity respectively.-Apply J. tfiees, Barbour Superintendent, Llanelly 3632 OR SALE, a FAIR OF ROLLER KA'fES, Fpractically riew.-Apply Y, "Mercury Office. 7€29 FOR SALE, Chipcart, strong Pony. ard Harness J* useful Turn-out also Springcart suitable for greengrocer or fish-salesman —Hughes, Byiiea. 15 T7K)R SALErGLASGOW HOUSE, Swansea Road. .r —Apply ?Edwtr4i.-3. Solicitors 7575 T?OR SALE, Freehold DWELLING-HOUSE, with f Stable and Coach-house, near Glanlliedi, Felin- foeL-Apply Rees-& Edwards, Solicitors. 757Tr ?YENT'S 18ot UiAMOf^D RING; Rare White Vl -Stone, worth £ 10; take £ 6.—Bowen, Pawn- broker. Station Road. 7551 FOR&ALE, TAPESTRY SUITE, equal to new, by FWariiig, Liverpool cost £ 18 18s sacrifice f-ar ;EIO.-Apply E. G.. Mercury," Llanelly. 743L FOR SALE, Two "Semi-rletacb$i HOUSES, Good J' Bay \View; situate.at Elgin vR0ad, PwlL- Apply Thomas Evans & Son, Buildets, p 7261 SEVERAL well-b^ilt^HQUSKS f# SALE at Peualtt ? Ten-ace, near the ??heal? iocality.'and let? to respectable tenants—A'ppty B. Howell & aon. Lta., !lauelliI New Dock, LlaneHy. 7207 t70R 8ALB, or -.?Set. at '?rbie H?i' Road, J[' Freehold or Leasehold HOUSES.—Apply. J. Charles, Marbl tlIall¥arJi.. 8805 ??wrt DUSrLO?t cji' icheir Tyres also .!?iU Covett:, 3 I?l, r at, tee- ? Air Tubes, with waives, 2/^ each:; ^WJheeltf, Free-Wheels, Pedats. Chains, Saddles, 4j9,-«^f«f|ij|»listS free 1910 (ioocis. W. A. Gorton, Mamifacturer, Wolverhampton. 7427 BEAUTIFUL Walnut Pianoforte, full tricbord, Bebeek action, iron frame, brilliant tone; OSUM price 33 guineas, now reduced to 28 guiueal, at 14s. per month. Seveca.1 others quite as cheap. For further particulars appl y *Xt Messrs. Thompson and Shackell's Pianoforte Warehouse, Liszelly C%A GUINEAS at IOs, 6d. per mouth. New Rose- ?T; wood Pianoforte, handsome design, check 1 frction, trichord; warranted London make. Inspec- tion invited.—Thompson it Sbaettf&U, Ltd., Stepney Street. "J" Money. ASH ACCOMMODATION, ?10 to jm.OOO li?- ) \? wrut, 2s 6d. in the ? for agreed period. > JACKSON, 7452 25, Tudor Road, CARDIFF. MONKll-æ15,9()I1 to be invested on Freehold and Leasehold property at 31. 4 and 5 per cent. interest on large or small amounts to suit intending wortgagors.-El. Greenwood, 1, Frederick Street, LlaD. eily Miscellaneous Notices. CVLAIKVOYANTCU AND PALMISTRY.—Mad?me J Jeat?. Society Palmist aud Clairvoyant, late of Aberjstwytb, &c. Consultations daily, 11 to 10, for short season only, at Castle Buildings, Llanelly; 7621 P ROFESSOR LINDA, American Palmist anti Phrenologist. Poutardulais, Mondays and Tuesdays; Gorseiniou, Wednesdays and Thursdays; Ammauford, Fridays and Saturdays. Fee from Is. 7621 "i < W. J. THOMAS, Watchmaker and Jeweller, 6, PARK STREET, LLANELLY. i f THE KOTED HOUSE FOR WEDDING, KEEPER & DIAMOND RIN, GS. tS" Large Steck of WATCHES, CLOCKS, aod JEWELLERY of every description. REPAIRS of all kinds executed by Practical Men. i —1—— i Bead the following TESTIMONIALS IN PRAISE OF W. J. THOMAS' PLATE SOLUTION. Aelybryn, Llanelly, September 4th, 1909. begs to say that she has used your Plate >Solution, and is greatly !pleased with it. She finds it much superior to anything else she has ever used. -I Bank House, Llanelly, August 21st, 1909. MR&. W. GRIFFITHS has great pleasure in highly recommending Mr. Thomas' Plate Solution for cleaning Silver, etc. It is highly effective and lasting. Cleans instantly as New-Gold, Silver, Electro-plate Goods, Gilt Goods, etc., with one supplication. The most Wonderful Preparation on the Market. Eull Directions with each Bottle. Pr*iC6S 6ci.| 1 1/6 & 2/- per Bottle. Obtainable only from- W. V. THOMAS, Watchmaker and Jeweller, 6, PARK STREET, LLANELLY. Preswylfa, Llanelly. MRS. JENKIN LLOYD has much pleasure in testifying to the excel- lency of Mr. W. J. Thomas' Plate Solution for speedy and effective cleaning of both Plate and Silver articles, and the brilliancy of its polish surpasses any other she had used. T07, County Rd., Liverpool, January 3rd, 1910. DEAR SIR,—Kindly send per re- turn a Dozen Bottles of your Plate Solution same as last supplied. We have been using your Plate Solution for some time and are very well pleased with it. As it has given better results with less labour than any other preparation we have for- merly used, and we have pleasure in recommending it.—Yours truly, SOCIETE D'HORLOGERIE INTER- NATIONALE R. E. STEWART, Agent. J. JAMES, HOUSEHOLD AND GENERAL IRONMONGER, Vaughan Street, Llanelly I .THE HOUSE FOR VALUE IN TTravellingTrunks & Bags OF EVERY DESCRIPTION. I SEE WINDOWS. Bedsteads and Beddings A SPECIALITY. A SPLENDID ASSORTMENT OF ELECTROPLATED GOODS, AND CUTLERY I SUITABLE FOR WEBDING PRESENTS. ROYALTY THEATRE, Llanelly, ) APRIL 9th, 1910. PARISH CHURCH RESTORATION FUND. Tableaux Vivants Concert- ) And fantasy "Shades of Night" By R. Marshall. j I Entire Programme as given in February. j I Popular PricesStalls, 3s. Dress Cirle, 2s, 6d.; j Circle. 2s. Front Row Pit, 2s. Pit, Is. ;• OBalcouy, 6d. Gallery, 3d. Ela-ns may be seen and Tickets obtained at:— BOOTS' CASH CHEMISTS-Stalls. Mrs. ANDREWS, Vaughan Street-Dress Circle. • 7491 TABERNACLE, ULWYNHENDY A Grand CANTATA, entitled- "FoWprmts of the Saviour" 9-A Ab A" it..¡tf MisceHaneous Programme at the above place On Saturday Evening, April 30th, 1910 ::T¡. ( ? -FAN CICULAHS LATER.. ?7567 -'t THE 38th ANNUAL SHOW Of the LLANELLY Entire Horse Show SOCIETY, will be held on THURSDAY, APRIL 14, 1910 By the kind permission of Capt. Jas. F. Buckley, At PRYNCAERAU CASTLE GROUNDS When there will be TWO CLASSES for ENTIRE CARTERS, ) HACKNEY & COB CLASSES as usual. For further particulars, see bills, or apply to the Hon. Secretary, S. N. LOWELL, 7549 23 Market Street, L'aoelly. j I, Mr. E. TEW (10 YEARS WITH THE LATE MR. fflACPHAIL) SUPPLIES ARTIFICIAL TEETH. PerfecttiJor Mastication and Articulation. American Teeth, Gold Fillings, Porcelain Crowns. TEETH EXTRACTEd WITHOUT PAIN. FILLINGS •O? EVERY KIND-GOLD, PLATINUM, SILVER ALLOY, PORCELAIN & CEMENT. Attendance 'Every Thursday at Mr. GASCOICNE'H, Stationer, 22, Market Street. CROSSWELLS CARDIFF BREWERY, LTD., THE BREWERY, ELY, NR. CARDIFF, Have otttained the only Medal awarded to WELSH BREWED FLAGON ALES at the BREWERS' EXHIBITION, 1909. Finest Wtinesiana Spirits. Single Battle mt -Wholesale Prices. PRICE LIST ON APPLICATION. Local Agency 9, Market Street, Llanelly. 7457 13, VAUGHAN STREET. Two Special Features This Week: NEW BLOUSES (these New Styles are very Attractive, all Well Cut and Finished), and NEW Ready-to-Wear HATS ww (Every Hat shown is correct in every detail). A POI NT worthy of notice is the exceptional value which we are offering in the above. 1 "• v., L. W. ADAMS & CO. NAT. TEL, 154. 7168 PICTUREDROME, ATHENAEUM HALL. j Sole Lessee T. H. SAMUEL. Manager W. H. PARKINSON. 7 & 9. TWICE NIGHTLY. 7 & 9. Doors open at 6-55 and 8 55. Early Doors open at 6-45 and 8-45 (LEADING PICTURES FOR THURS- j DAY, FRIDAY, & SATURDAY. I Confidence! (A.B. Dramatic). ) Longing for Gold. ) The New Maid. j Cinematograph Evidence, A Woman's Way (Pathetic). Penny Dreadful Billy. An Harrassed Bachelor. A Separation Wanted. Compassion (Fine Dramatic & Pathetic). People's Popular Prices: Cbairs 9d., Pit 6d., Gallery 3d The Management reserve the right to refuse admission. Children with Parents Half-price to Front Seats. GRAND, PICTORIAL CONCERT SUNDAY at 8 o'clock. Sixpenny Collection. A few limited, Reserved Seats Ninepence. CHILDREN'S PERFORMANCES Saturday After- noou at 2 and 4. Front Seats 2d., Back Seats Id. 7616 PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. SOAR CHAPEL, Llwynhendy. A Grand ORGAN RECITAL AND Miscellaneous Concept I Will be given at the above place On Saturday Evening, May 21st, 1910. D. H. JENKINS, Hon. Sec.. 7534 Tanygraig, Bynea. I THE LLANDEBIE ANNUAL Chair Eisteddfod Will be held on SATURDAY, JULY 9TH, 1910. CHIEF ITEMS: — Male Voice Competition (to Choirs not under 50 in number), "The Destruction of Gaza." Prize, 115 and a Silver Cup. Mixfd Choir Competition (not under 25 voices), "Yr Hd" (Gwilym Gwent) Prize, £ 7 and a Chair. Children's Choir Competition (not under 30 in number and under 16 years of age), Hail! Hail! Merry, Merry Playtitne Hail (T. Price). Prize, JE5 and an Enlarged Photo of Conductor. Soprano, Contralto, Tenor and Bass Solos £ 1 Is. each. Programmes, ld. (Post free), and all particulars may be obtaiued from the Secretaries—D T Evans, Glyn Coed, Llandebie; and W. S. Gray, Tyrosser, Llandebie. 7601 DRILL HALL, BURRY PORT. THIRD ANNUAL EISTEDDFOD Whit-Monday, May 16th, 1910. MIXED CHOIR, Blodeuyn Bach wyf fi OlA mewnGardd" Prize. cMU Silver-mounted Baton to successful Conductor, and 10s. 6d. to each unsuccessful Conductor. JUVENILE CHOIR, Cwsg, f' anwylyd, £6 Cwsg" (D. W. LEWIS). Prize. () Silver-mouuted Baton to successful Conauctor. and 10s. 6d. to each unsuccessful Conductor. OPEN CHAMPION, Prize X3 3s., and handsome Silver Cup. Solos, Champions, Recitations, &c. AdjudicatorsMusic, Messrs. WILLIAM THOMAS, Treorchy, and W. T. SAMUEL, Cardiff; Literature, "Meliufab," Llwyuhendy. Programmes Id., Post Free lld., from- Sec., WM GHIFFITHS, Bank House, Burry Port. Treasurer, R. T. HAMMOND, Pemberton Avenue, 7393 Burry Port. CHANGE OF ADDRESS. MIss JULIA LEWIS. R.C.M.. resumes lessoas on SATURDAY, APRIL 2nd. at her new address— 55, Coldstream Street. 7603; BLTEBi y- PORT TWENTY-SEVENTH Annual REGATTA AND SPORTS a" rp Will be held on BANK HOLIDAY, AUGUBT 1st, 1910 Further particulars will appear shortly. 7620 G. W.R. EXCURSIONS. THURSDAY, APRIL 14. TO LONDON for HALF-DAY, 3, 5, or 8 (lays:- HALF-DAlf Llanelly dep. 11-48 a.m. FARE. Swansea (High St.) „ 12-10 p m.)  Neath „ 12-41 „ > rv/w- Port Talbot 12 55 „ ( U/ Paddington arrive 5-30 It SATURDAY, APRIL 16. HALF-DAY TRIP TO CARDIFF (Rugby Foot- ball, Cardiff v. Llanelly). Leave Llaneily 12-25 p m., Swansea (High Street) 12-50, Neath 1-18. Port Talbot 1-33 p.m. Return at 10-30 p.m. For details, see bills or send postcard to Stations Of Offices. 7623 JAMES C. INOLIS, General Manager. Re JOHN HARRIES (Deceased) lit, (Ii, —— Pursuing to the Act of Parliament of the 92nd and 23rd Vict., c. 35, ititituled 11 Aii Act tu further Amend the Law of Property and to relieve Trustees," "VfOTICE is hereby given that all Creditors aod; other Persons having any Debts. Claims, 01,. Demands against the Estate of JOHN HAttuims, late of 35, Stepney Street, Llanelly, in the County off Carmarthen, Boot and Shoe Dealer, etc., who died 00 the 27th day of April, 1908, and whose Will waif proved in the Principal Registry of the Probate Division of His Majesty's High Court of Justice ou the 13th day of January, 1910, by JOHN FUANCIS, of 35, Stepney Street, Llanelly, aforesaid, Boot and Sboe Dealer, Executor therein named, are hereby to send in particulars of their Debts. Claims*  Demands to me. the undersigned, on or before the 25^ day of April, 1910, after which date the Execute Wjlt proceed to distribute the Assets of the above de??t among the Persons entitled thereto, having tega?* only to the Claims and Demands of which he sba e then have bad notice, and he will not be liable for the Assets of the said deceased, or any part thereof SO distributed, to any person or persons of whose Debtgo Claims, or Demands he shall not then have ba notice. Dated this 31st day of March, 1910. JOHN FRANCIS, 7619 35, Stepney Street, Llanelly. COUNTY OF CARMARTHEN. WILD BIRD (ENGL AND). The Wild Birds Protection (County of Carmarthen) Order, 1909. DATED 20TH MAUCH, 1909. IN PURSUANCE of the powers conferred on me by -L the Wild Birds Protection Acts, 1880 to 1908, and upon application by the County Council of the Administrative County of Carmarthen, I hereby make the following Order :— TITLE. I. This Order may be cited as Th.. Wild BirdS Protection (County of Carmarthen) Order. i9t)9." BIRDS. ADDITIONS TO THE SCHEDULE OF THE ACT OF 1880. II. The Wild Birds Protection Act, 1880, sball apply within the Countv of Carmarthen to the following species of Wild Birds in the same manner as- if those species were included ij the Schedule to the Act:- Bullfinch. Black-beaded Bunting, Reed Buntingo. Buzzard, Honey Buzzard, Tree Creeper, Dipper of Water Ouzel. Golden Eagle, Kite, Lillllet mil species).. Robin, Shrike (Butcher bird), Thrush. HI" i it. Long- tailed Tit, Marsh Tit, Common Wren, uoi,teii-create& Wren. CERTAIN BIRDS PROTECTED DURING TUm WHOMI OF THE YEAR. III. During the period between the 31st day of Juty in any year and the 2nd day of March following, the killing op-takitig of the following species of Wild Birds is prohibited throughout the Cou.it, of Carmar- then:- Bullfinch, Black-headed Bunting. R^.i Bunticgo. Buzzard, Honey Buzzard, Tree Creeper, Dipper Ot Water Ouzel, Golden Eagle, Goldfinch. Gulls (except Black-backed Gull), Kingfisher, Kite. Linnet (all species), Nightiugale, Owl, Hobiu. fchiike iButcher Bird) Thrush. Blue Tit. Long-tailed Tit. Marsh Tili., Woodpecker, Comuion Wren, Golden-cie»ied Wren. EGGS. CERTAIN EGGS PROTECTED THROUGHOUT THE COUNTY. IV. The taking or destroying of the Eggs of tbe- following species of Wild iiirds is prolibited througlt the County of CariiiartbL-n:- Black-headed Bunting, Reed Bunting. Buzzard, Honey Buzzard. Tree Creeper, Dipper or Water Oaze!. Gldell Eagle. Got?inch. Gulls (except Black-back6d Gull), ingfisbe, Kite. Linnet (all specie). NichtiO' gale. Uwl, bbrake (Butcher Bird), Blue Tit, Long- tlliled Tit, Marsh Tit, Woodpecker, Uolden-crested, Wren. REPEAL OF FORMER ORDER. V. The Order of the 7th day of March. 1907, II hereby repealed M arch," 1909^ my ??? at Whitehall this 20th day of Marc 1909, (Signed) H. J. GLADSTONE, ?,- One of His Majesty-? principal 7617 Secretaries of State. _u- -m_ NOTICE. The LLANELLY MERCURY Is guaranteed to have a circulation equal to the combined circulation ot any other two weekly papers pub. lished In the town orjdistrlct,