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I Llanelly Cricket Club.



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I --Caecotton Pathway. I -

Shall Drunkards be sent to…


Tinplaters' Health.I

IMynydd Mawr Railway

Mr Llewelyn Williams' SpeechI






fiL.??XES'S I APIOL STEEL PILLS I■ IAtig? ?? ,STEEL PILLS ? B) 't'G?ck;tntH:ty'ify<,?rMext,ud)fjoy?fh[?Ut)) H J/1J ]*».t f, from -• t LesHeM_ artyibLtd .34Dal S Support local effort and keep your money in the town by joining the Llanelly and District Plate Glass Insurance Society. Join now, and get, a full year's bonus.—W. David. Secretary, Old Town Hall ChamhrBs Llaneliy. 4073 The Beat-all Ointment. THE MARVELLOUS CURE. J— pk -fHpr Ik-: f- riwl*" ,«:V' it algds&flHa Guaranteed to cure in an exceedingly short period pimples, chillblains, burns, scalds, chapped or dry hands, boils, carbuncles, scab. (wet or dry), barber's itch, eczema, and all other eruptions of the skin. Mothers who require their breasts dried will receive im- mediate relief by the use of the ointment. It will prevent gangrene, etc. Supplied in boxes at Is. lid each. Apply for the same to th. patentee and sole manufacturer— Mr. D. W. WATKINS, Burry Port. COPIES OF TESTIMONIALS. Minyrafon, Cross Hands, Llannon, S.O. April, 1909. Dear Sir-I feel it my utmost duty to inform you and to let the general public know of the wonderful result of your noted ointment, better known as the "Beat-All." After having suffered from a severe case of inflammation of the finger nail, Onychia, of which the pain was so intense, I could not get a moment's rest or sleep, I resolved to try the ointment, and it acted like a charm, and I became thoroughly cured in three weeks' time. In my opinion it stands unequalled as a healer and mollifier of cuts, burns, bruises, etc. Yours truly, M. E. REES. J. DAVIES & SON, A.M.I.C.E. M.S.A., CIVIL & MINING ENGINEERS, ARCHITECTS, SURVEYORS, VALUERS, ESTATE AGENTS & AUCTIONEERS, COWELL HOUSE, LLANELLY, AND LLWYDCOED, CROSSHANDS, Sales by Public Auction or Private Treaty of Pro- perties, Plant, Stock, etc. Surveys, Plans, Valuations, Reports, Life, Fire, Accident, Illuess, and Workmen's Compensation Insurances. Telegram* :—"levies. Surveyors." Telephone 367 National. EstoihlUbeo 1854. 2426 The Charing Cross Bank. Established 1870. CARDIFF BRANCH—73, ST. MARY STREET. Head Offices :-28. Beèlfnn.i Street. Charing Cross, London and 39, Bishopsgate Street Within, Loudon, B.C. Branches: Manchester. Liverpool. Leeds, Bradford Bristol, Ac., &c. Assets. £ 1,607.949; Surplus, £ 371,078 LOANS of £30 to £2,000 granted at a te'4' hot;rsl notice in Town or Country, on persxml security, jewellery, precious stones, stocks, shares. alld liirniture without removal. Stocks and Shares bought and sold. 2t per cent. allowed on Current Account Balances. DEPOSITS of £ 10 and ii pwat-ds received as under:- Subject to 3 months' notice of withdrawal, 5 ptr cent. per an. t. 6" u 12 „ „ 7 Special terms for longer periods. Interest paid quarterly. Owing to the nature of our investments, we arb able to pay rates of interest on deposits that will compare favourably with dividends paid on almost any class of stock or share- holding insuring the safety of capital. We have been established for 40 years, and our position ia the banking world to-day testifies to th.. success of our business metbods and to the satisfaction of our customers. Write ora. for Prospectus. A. WILLIAMS t H. J. TALL, Joint Manager* j ASK OF THE OWL I A and he will wisely advise k ? you to use Bliss Native m Herbs-the Original Herb fiJfag | Compound-the common ?g sense remedy for purify- fif I|I1I | ing the blood, toning the  ? liver, restoring the kid-  j? neys, correcting constipa- '1|f| ? tion and rheumatism, and Jig ?!? putting the entire system jiM e? in perfect health. Many ?!? ? testimonials in our Alma- lyjr ? nac tell of wonderful i|| 1? cures-and the cost is so m w little-only 4/- for a box W W of 200 tablets-enough for v I the whole family. Re- | ? member the name-iaLL,3S. ( FOR SALE By  WILLIAM DAVIES, Glasfryn, Dunraven Terrace, Govverton, Glam. Mrs. BVAJJS, SO. TRECBAKOG RD., Crv:«is, P^NNR, says "I was crippled by Rheumatism and had to use crutches. Bliss Native Herbs hat. conquered the pain and made me well. HARMLESS, IMMEDIATE, PURE. NOTHING DANGEROUS IN PRESTO DOWDERS t for Hea d ac h e, I for Neura lgia, for Toothache, for Quinsy ACCEPT NOTHING ELSE. RUN NO RISKS. Box of iii, W. 'rUW TloTl, SWANSK.-V, K FOR SALE.—Stephens' Ink (the best in the market), Carr's Inks, and Webster's Inks, Fountain Pens, Letter Files, and all kinds of stationery useful to house or office, at lowest prices, at the Mercury" Office. 28 X-arko6 Street.