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I Llanelly Cricket Club.

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I Llanelly Cricket Club. I PROSPECTS FOR THE COMING SEASON. I i CLUB OUT OF DEBT. The annual meeting of the Llanelly Cricket Club was held at the Thomas Arms Hotel on Thursday night, Mr. B. Percy Rees presiding. Mr. E. E. Bailey (secretary)) submitted his report, which showed that fifteen matches were played last season, four of which were won, four lost, -and seven drawn. The Chairman observed that, considering that the Club had only Clough as a profes- 1 sional last year, they did very well, but ad- mitted "that the batting averages were nor, as good as they should have been, which could I be attributed to the little practice put in by the players. The practice last season was the worse they had ever seen at Stradey. The committee had engaged two excellent profes- sionals for the coming season, and he hoped more attention would be .paid to practices. Mr. R. B. Phillips (treasurer), in submitting his report, said that. for the first time for many years they were able to show a credit balance (hear, "hear). As the result of the game aranged with Mr Percy Bush last year a sum of £ 70 was handed over to the committee by the Llanelly Football Club, and the lec- ture arranged by Mr. Cliff Bowen had also realised a sum of £ 15 2s. 6d. The. subscrip- tions also showed a gratifying increase, the amount received being Z102 5s. 6d., compared with zP,73 19s. lOd. for the year 1908. These good results had enabled the committee to pay off a debit balance of R42 12s. 4d. with which they started the season. The gate receipts for the last season compared favourably with the pre- ceding year, but those of the second eleven had' fallen off, due probably to their failure in the early part of the season. The committee were engaged in providing better accommoda- tion for a tennis section, and it would be their endeavour during the coming season to im prove this section as well as the edcket." Their prospects were good for next summer. The total number of subscribers was 182, comparod with 125 for the previous year. The total re- ceipts amounted to E235 8s. 3d., and the. ex- penditure to R229 5s. 2d., leaving a credit balance of e6 13s. Id. (applause). Mr. Burn asked whether there were any outstanding accounts. Mr. Phillips: Not to my knowledge. The Chairman said the balance .sheet war. one of the best submitted since the club had been in existence. A. great deal of credit was due to Mr. Bailey for the activity he had dis- played in collecting the subscriptions. He proposed the adoption of the balance sheet. Mr. John Howell seconded, and the motion was carried. The Chairman proposed the re-election of Mr. C. W. Mansel Lewis as president of ilie club. Mr. Lawrence Evans seconded, and the motion was agreed to. The following were added to the list of vice- presidents Miss Stepney, Messrs. J. Eccles, Lewis Jenkins (Briton Ferry), and W. H. Ed- wards (Morri st on). The following were elected, to act on the committeeMessrs. R. B. Phillips, Frank J. Rees, John Howell. A. M. Jones. n. W. Nielioll, H. M. Griffiths, and Cliff Bowen. Mr. Percy Rees was unanimously re-elected captain of the lirst. eleven, and Mr. Hugh Howell was elected vice-captain. Mr. E. E. Bailey was elected captain of the second eleven, and Mr. Frank Rees captain of the tennis section. With regard lito the appointment of a trea- surer, the Chairman said Mr. R. B. Phillips was desirous of being relieved of the duties, as he had not sufficient time to do the work, Mr. Phillips said he had been ably suppor- ted by, Mr. Bailey, who, if appointed to do the dual work of secretary and treasurer, would be a very valuable asset to the club (hear, hear). He proposed accordingly. The Chairman seconded, and Mr. Bailey was unanimously appointed. JUNIOR CRICKETERS. I Mr. R. B. Phillips said a number of junior cricketers in the town were desirous of becom. ing members of the (-Job, and he was of opinion that it would be to the benefit of the club if the younger members came forward, because at some future date they would he able to assist the first and second elevens. The committee would he prepared to give them every assistance at the practice meetings. If they could only do away with a few difficulties which they could not at present surmount, they might be able to form a third eleven. Mr. John Howell said there was a feeling among some of the younger cricketers that if they came down to Stradey they would not get. a. chance, because the older members wanted to go in first. If anything of the kind had taken place it had been done unwittingly. It was mainly due to the bashfulness of the players. Some people had stated that there was a class distinction between the players, but, he wanted to deny that. The players wanted to encourage the younger cricketers. The Chairman said lie hoped to have better facilities on the mat. next season. The following are flie fixtiii-es for the coming season:— 30- FIRST ELEVEN". April 30— I May 7—Briton Ferry Home May May 16— May 21-Neath Away May 28—Second Welsh Regiment Home .)une4—Haudovery .Away f:, iä=-l'ca. :( .T'.m.elS—?euth Home June 25—Second Welsh. Regiment Away July 2—Cardiff .HulIle .h]ly9—Xeath .Awuy ::} 'Isca" :}t;: Julv 85—Cardie "A\lV July 30—Briton Ferry Steelworks Away August l—BL-iton Ferry Sts?lwor?s Home August 6—Neath ,Hollle August 13—Briton Ferry .Awa.' August 20-Hund:)very ,A \ay August 27-^ Sept. Away Sept. 10 — SECOND ELEVEN. April 30- May 7—Llangennech .Awav May 14-Swansea IT. .Awav May 21—Neath II Home May 28—Kidwelly Away ,HoniO June IS-Burry Port Away .1 25- I. July 2—Neath Seconds Away July S Pontybeiyin Home July 16—Swansea, See-oiids Away .Iul' 23-Y.M.C.A., Morriston Hom" July 30—Llangennech ,HoJl1o August 1— August 6—Pontyberem Away August 13—Burry Pf?rt .H01!1C August 90—FeHnf^ul Away t: ¿9.=-f;o(;1 :&; Sept. -ttiseii Seconds Home Sept. 10,- I



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