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Irish -Tactics.I



Burry Port Urban DistrictII…

G.W.R. Egg Train. , I I

ICommitted for Trial.

Trinity Chapel, Llanelly.

-'-'-J New Theology Crisis.…

Young Couple's Experience.





IEisteddfodau, &c.I


- -1 Oddfellows' Centenary.I…



G. W. R. LLANELLY PLATFORM ARRIVALS OCTOBER, 1909, TO APRIL, 1910. UP TRAINS. A.M. 7.57 Slow train to Landore, then fast train Paddingnton. 9.10 Slow train to Bristol and Reading (via Loop) 9.43 Llanelly and Burry Port, leaves Burr1 Port 9.35. 10.30 Fast train to Paddington. 10.55 Fast train to Paddington P.M. 12.49 Slow train Swansea (Saturdays only). 1. 7 Fast train to Paddington. 1.18 Llanelly and Burry Port, leaves Port 1.10 1 55 Fast train to Gloucester, Cheltenham and North. 3,28 Fast train to Gloucester. 4.113 Fast trfirt to Swansea to meet Boat trfiio (via Loop). 5H Slow train to Swansea (via Loop). 7.14 Slow train to Swansea (Thursdays aø Saturdays only). 7.23 Fast train to Newport. 8.33 Mail train to Paddington. 9.45 Slow train to Swansea (Saturdays only) SUNDAYS A A.M. 8.20 Fast train to Paddington 10.12 Slow train to Swansea. P.M. 5.50 Slew train to Aberdare. 8.33 Mail train to Paddington. DOWN TRAINS. A.M. 4.26 Fast train to Carmarthen and then alo", to Neyland. 7.45 Slow train to Carmarthen (Saturdays only)' 8.37 Slow train to Aberystwyth. 9.13 Fast train to Carmarthen and then slO" to Fishguard. 9.20 To Burry Port only. lu.17 Slow train to Pembroke Dock. P.M. 12.32 Fast train to Aberystwyth. 1 27 Slow train to Aberystwyth. 2.30 Llanelly and Burry Port (Saturdays only)' 3. 0 Slow train to Listidyssil. 4.10 Fai-t train to Carmarthen slow 4.53 Slow train to Carmarthen. 5.57 Slow train to Neyland. 8. 0 Slow train to Pembrey. 8.30 Slow train to Carmarthen. 9.32 Fast train to Fishguard (Cork Boat). 10.18 Tuesdays and Saturdays only. 11.30 Stops at Llanelly. SUNDAYS. A.M. 4.26 Fast train to Neyland, 11.48 Slow train to Carmarthen. P.M. 8.36 Slow train to Neyland i LLANELLY, LLANDOVERY, & BRYNAMAN, Arrivals, Departures. AM. A.M. 9. 0 5.20 j 10.15 8.15 P.M. 9.50 i 12.15 11. Õ 1.35 P.M. 3. 5 12.50 4.40 2. 3 7. 0 4.20 8.20 6.15 *11 5 14'10. 0 SUNDAYS.. 5.45 P.M. 6.5§ A.M. Saturdays only. If BURRY PORT AND PONTYBEREM. Departures from Departures from Burry Poit. Pcntyberem. A.M. A.M. 5.30 7.45 9.40 P.M. 1.11. 12.25 2. 0 3.30 5.25 4. 0 *8.20 t6.40 *9.30 Saturdays only. t Tuesdays and Saturdays only. No. (>.40 train on Tuesday from Pontybereffl- The n.30 p.m. oti Saturday only calls at Pontiyeate8 MONEY. THE Old established PROVINCIAL UlfIO X BANK continuel to lend immenM IUIOO daily From £ 10 to £ 5,000 on Note of Hand .alone, or other security, ? few hours' notice, to all classes in &ny part: England and Wales, repayable by eaiy ins* men tB. No good application refused. 4 communications etrictly private. Moder. j inter&st. Special rates for Bhort periods. Tllo largest, best known, and most honoursbll conducted business in the Kingdom, ThO glands of our regular customers have expressed vieir entiie latisfaction in repeated trariele tions with us. If desired, one of our,officitlo will attend at your residence at once with esgll and carry out the advance there and thoo, Call, or write in confidence to the Manage:t, I Mr. STANLEY DOWDING, 846 -n_- 1, Queen Square, BristoL j COAL! COAL! COAL! JOHN CHESTER & Co.. Coal B COAL 1 Merchants and General Carriers ■■ } 2, ALS STREET, Llanelly* Best House Coal at Lowest Prices delivered in Loads or Bags. <3T A TRIAL ORDKK RESPECTFULLY SOLICITED- 8089 NOTICE. LATE JAMES JONES, BILLPOSTER, STATIO" ROAD, KIDWELLY. rf Ilk. ABOVE BUSINESS has now been tttlkeo over by the son. Ml work entrusted to him will be executed pct" sonally, and to your satisfaction. Inspection invite SAUSAGES I SAUSAGES! The very fees* Pork Sausages, 6d. per lb., at Pegler's Stores* Llanelly. Fresh daily. FOR SALE.—Stephens' Ink (the best in tJ1Ø market), Carr'e Inks, and Webster's inkto Fountain Pens, Letter Files, and all kinds of Stationery useful to house or office, at Iowe" prices, at the Mercury" Office 28 J4.ø.rJfII Itreet, Llanelly.