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- -1 Oddfellows' Centenary.I…


Oddfellows' Centenary. I The centenary of the foundation of the Friendly Society known colloquially as "The Oddfellows" will be celebrated on. May 18tli. His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales will preside at thcbHllquet which is to be the climax of the annual week's meeting, held annually at Whitsuntide. This year, South- ampton has been cliosen for the gathering, and the Prince will go there to take part in the gathering—a signal proof of his apprecia- tion, which is fully realised throughout the Order. It is not, however, the first time tJrat Royal approval has been shown to this vast organisation. Queen Victoria, in her Jubilee year, afforded great gratification to all its members by receiving personally at Windsor Castle the Grand Master and the Past Grand Master of the year, who presented the loyal address that had been voted at the Dover meeting. Again, in 1893, when the meeting was also held at Southampton, her late Majesty accorded a. rarely-given permission to the deputies and their friends to visit Osborne House and grounds. Another notable feature of the week will be the service of thanksgiving. The Oddfellows welcome all, irrespective of their creed, or sect, their motto being "Friendship, Love, and Truth," hut it was felt by many that on such an occasion a service would be particularly I appropriate. The Archbishop of Canterbury would have preached had it not been for long- standing engagements that could not be set aside, but one of the bishops'- will take his place. The LlancMy District wiH be. represented on the occasion by P.P.G.M. Tout Hughes, P.P.G.M. John Harries, (, A'I.. \V. ?p!.