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I FOOTBALL NOTES. I LLANELLY, 1 converted goal, 1 penalty goal; I PONTARDAWE. nil. Llanelly gave a. miserable display against I Pontardawe at Stradey on Good Friday, and it I can safely be said that a more uninspiring game of football has not been witnessed at Stradey this season. The players on both sides exhibited, a woeful lack of skill. Owing to an infringement by Pontardawe, the Scar- lets were enabled to score a few minutes after the commencement, Harold Thomas kicking a splendid penalty goal. The major portion of the first half was confined to a forward struggle, the visiting vanguard making the pace a hot one for the Scarlets. The home octette, however, frequently wheeled the scrums, and heeled out oftener than Pontar- dawe. With this advantage, Dai Lloyd, who played a better game than his opponent Rapsey, was able to serve the backs, but they showed a distinct tendency to adhere too long I to the ball, and many chanres wore left to go a-begging. No doubt, if the backs had opera- ted more smoothly, the score would have been augmented. The home forwards brought off a few spasmodic rushes, but they were met with a fearless defence, and their exertions I thus proved futile. In the second haJf the Scarlets were in the ascendency, and monopolised the visitors' 1 territory during the greater portion of it. At- tack followed attack, but- The visitors fre- quently relieved the pressure by judicious kicking. It was in this moiety that the defen- sive resources of Pontardawe were put to the test., and they managed to withstand the per- sistent onslaughts of the Scarlets until a few minutes before the conclusion, when Ivqr .Tones pierced the defence. Harold Thomas,, had no difficulty in augmenting the score. Generally, the Scarlets were a superior side, but Pontardawe, contrary to expectations, gave a sound defensive display. LLANELLY, I converted goal, 1 penalty goal, 1 try; ABERTILLERY,, 1 penalty goal. Ahertillery gave Llanelly a good game at Stradey on Saturday. Their forwards gave a very -io,l display of scrimmaging, and during the greater portion of the first half they were more than a, match for the home eight. Going off at a tremendous pace after the kick- off, the Ahertillery forwards messed strenu- ously, and .kept the Scarlets 011 the strict de- fensive. On two occasions they came peril- ously near scoring, and soon afterwards Morris kicked a tine penalty goal for them. This score had the effect of rousing the home teauJ, and from now on to half-time there was little interest., in the game. Just before the interval, however, the Monmouthshire men were penalised, and Harold Thomas put the ball between the uprights. In the second half Llanelly showed, some of t.lTSii- old form. A prettv movement initiated by the t-orwajvls placed the Ahertillery line in danger. A liuuuU5 latl11 Lloyd shot a swift, long pass to Willie Thorn ap, who put his best foot forward and seared it lovely try, which Harold Thomas converted. Some more vigorous forward, play was then seen, but the visitors excelled in defence rather than attack. Just on time Harold Thomas scored a great try, after a fine dribble, his attempt at conversion failing. LLANELLY, 1 try; NORTHAMPTON, nil. Llanelly gained a narrow vieiory over Northa.mpton at. Stradey 011 Monday, and the visitors were extremely unfortunate in being beaten. In the first half they gave a very good display, especially the back division, whose exhibition was highly commendable. On more than one occasion they brought off i some brilliant passing, and it was with no little difficulty that the home team were a.ble I to withstand their perilous attack. The Scar- lets, however, had a slight advantage in j from, and but for their superiority in this de- partment. they would have been, easily van- quished. Llanelly gave a better display in the second half, but- oil pressed vigorously, and it \\as surprising that they did not score. The home team had the advantage of the preliniinaries:, but the visitors soon relieved the pressure, and brought the game within the homo territory, where ii remained for a few minutes. Both, teams then, atracked in turn, but the Scarlets, with a frontal advan- tage, had the best of matters. The visitors, however, continued to press vigorously, and made the pace a hot one for tlie Scarlets. Ivor Jones initiated, a movement by which the Scarlets gained considerable ground, bm, Northampton, ,vit,li kick-4-Ti??, re- gained their former position. The Scarlets, after another desperate effort, were not long before obtaining a score. A forward rush took play within close proximity to the visi- tor's 1¡nu, where !lw baU lIas thrown to touch. Turn Evans, who i*eeeived from the line-oui, forged ahead and touched down. Harold Thomas tailed with, the place-kick. After the kick-out a splendid exhibition of inter-passing was witnessed between the visiting backs, whose x>rogress was stopped a few yards from the home line. A fe.v .minutes after the re-start the Scarlets  returned to the at lack, and brought the eame 1 10 the visitors' 25 line. The LlaneHv backs brought, off a combined movement, but- their effort" proved of'x'?vaih They continued t.o atta(?c N?-ere for-t!?ine near the visitors' line, keeping Northampton on the strict defensive. The visitors, how- ever, relieved the pressure, and during the major portion'of this half, Llanelly had to utilise all their resources to keep the visitors at ha.y.

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