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HARBOUR LIGHTS. o After the Conference in Cardiff on Saturday there is every reasonable probability that. the matters in dispute between the-coalowners and the workmen will he settled in a few days, and that the new arrangement, made between thelll will be one for five years. The settlement, and the stability given to trade generally by the new agreement. w.il1 be as beneficial to Llanelly as to the other coal ports in the Channel. —O — The brighter prospects of the OCnl Dockm regard to coal shipment are 11111S lint likely to be dulled by such a cause altogether beyond the control of the Trustees as a general coal strike. The first portions of the new traffic brought hyMr. Behenna have been satisfactorily dealt with. In one case this \\as markedly so, .in which a repetition of the hoats fir one firm of ship- owners was made dependent upon the de- spatch given the first one. It was frankly and generously admitted that nothing better could be expected than the work accomplished, for she eame into dock on the one tide, and left on the next, with close upm twche hundred tons of <-oai on board. n # It is not always a case of despatch: at times effective screening is o £ greater importance, and especially so in the case of Admiralty coal. Fortunately, the plant is such at the North Dock that this can also be assured to a point of highest efftcieney in the process of tipping. At the present moment the import, side is also busy in dealing with a cargo of twelve hundred tons or so of scrap iron for the Llanelly Steelworks, ex. the s.s. "Isle of Hastings." I' If such work as this is practicable with the existing drawbacks, what would not be pos- sible if they were removed ? --0- If the town could only realise how much does depend upon the Scheme of Harbour Improvement, and what would follow im- mediately upon, its accomplishment, in the way of increased trade, every ratepayer would at once support, the measures for ,earrying it out.that is, unless he prefers paying on his share of the two-shilling rate, instead of I keeping it in his own pocket. I

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