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THE ELECTIONS. To the Editor of the Llanelly Mercury." Sir,—Will you allow me a small space in your columns to make a few remarks with re- gard to the elections on Monday next, and to place the various denominations in the town on their guard with regard to them ? As you are aware, sir, the Trades Council are running candidates, or, at avy rate, they are supposed to be running candidates, and I want to warn the various denominations against the subterfuge. I am glad to find that the Methodists in Ward 1. have taken in the whole situation, and are working ener- getically for the return of Messrs. Roberts and Samuel. The Baptists, on the same ground, should not allow Mr. David to be left out in the cold, and the Churchmen should look after the interests of Mr. Vivian. With regard to the Guardians again, two Churchmen, viz., Mr. William Pugh and Mr. Evan Rees, are run under the so-called aus- pices of the Trades and Labour Council against Dr. J. L. Davies, who- is an indepen- dent candidate. In Ward II. again, Mr. Stacey is run in I order to capture the seat of either Mr. D. R. Jones or Mr. Willis Jones, and why is it not stated? The Baptists and Congregational]sts should work hand in hand in order to retain their seats in this ward. With regard to the Guardians Election, Mr. Nathan Griffiths is brought out for the purpose of capturing one of the seats now filled by Mr. Thomas Jones and Mr. R. C. Jenkins. and I think both Con- gregationalists and Baptists here again should tight shy of the hero of the "uneircuincized Philistines. In Ward III. again, two Churchmen, viz., Messrs. Randeli and Evans, are run against a Baptist and a Congregationalist for the Urban Council. Why? The reason is at Hand. The Churchmen of the town are making a claim against the ratepayers for increased salaries to their teachers in the Church Schools, and it would answer their purpose well t:) get Mr. Vivian returned for Ward I., Mr. Stacey for Ward II.. and Messrs. Evans and Randeli for Ward III. The cry for Labour Representation is but a I veil to cover the real intention, and it has been worked well by the Churchmen on the Labour Council, assisted by the "backwoods- men" of the various denominations; and I therefore say, "Nonconformists, beware!" There is another reason why the electors should return staunch. Nonconformists to the Council, and it is this: we are all aware that the Roman Catholics of the town are making a claim of some six or seven hundred pounds against the Education Committee, to enable them to pay the nuns for teaching Roiiiaiiisii-i. in their school. It is, therefore, absolutely- necessary for us as a town of Nonconformists to be l'øpreswted by men who arc known. 1( Tie staunch jSfoncoriformists, and not milk- and-water, wishy-washy individuals, who do not profess any kind of religion I wish, therefore, to emphasize, "Noncon- formists, beware, and don't be led astray in the election by the cry of Labour Representa- tion." It is but a subterfuge. Look at the bottom of the cards of all the Labour candi. dates; see who they are printed hy, and you will have no doubt as to what flag they are rurning under. The Nonconformists beat the Tories at the last election, and if we are true to our principles we will beat them again on Monday. Thanking you, sir, in anticipation,—I am, etc., BETA. I I


IEisteddfodau, &c.I


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