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Burry Port Urban DistrictII…


Burry Port Urban District II Council. I SPECIAL AND COMMITTEE MEETINGS, I A special meeting of this Council was held at. Somerset House on Wednesday evening of last week, when the list of persons applying to be exempted from paying rates was con- sidered. The chaL was taken by Mr. W. V. .Tones. There were- also present, Dr. J. H. Williams, Messrs. IL T. Hammond, John Leyshon, James McDowall, Thomas Beynon, David Evans, R. G. Thomas, together with the Surveyor (Mr. A. J. GLuTn) the Assistant Overseer (Mr. William John), and the Deputy Clerk (Mr. H. There were twenty-four applicants, the total a.'nount. bsing—Urban Rate/?12 9s. 2 d.; Poor I Rate, £ 9 16s. 8jd. Dr. J. H. William?, prop-used that the list be excused enbloo, as he could not see that 1 there were any changes in the circumstances of the applicants. J Mr. John Leyshon seconded. tLi a, fhe,,e,l Mr. William. John pointed out that there> was a.n addition:Jl ap'Y"rCd l1t," aDd t1le(her- '1 seers had considered the case a deserving one. The moti:m was put to the meeting, and "1' L(] 'u"'l" 1) 1. J" ""1' ,,1' { carried unanimously. —o— LIBRARY COMMITTEE. A meeting of the Public Library Committee was convened for 6Z0 p. In. Out of the seven members of this committee, only Mr. James Mo Dow all and the Deputy Clerk attended. Then-cct'g postponed. —o— FINANCE COMMITTEE. Mr. W. V. Jones m the chair. Accounts. Numerous accounts were certified for pay- ment, included in which was a bill for q4 6s. 6d. for printing twenty-four copies of esti- mates and Kpec:tk at ions respecting the bore well' scheme, which has now been abandoned. The Clrorman reported that. he had examined the wages book, and had found the same in order. The Clerk reported that there was a credit :It, tile lJ:lll 01 ;;2,597. The Collector's report showed that a deposit of £ 889 had be;o.i made during the month. This was considered loghly satisfactory. I Water Scheme. Mr. Ham snorid asked what was the position l (,I,i *,Ills the I.L,- specting the payment with regard to the Llvgad Llwehwr Scheme. In reply, the Clerk said that he had not • heard anything further. —o— T-TT(!Pll-Y COMMITTEE. Air. John Leyslu n pressing. Wesleyan Road. It was resolved write to the Burry Port and Gwendraeth Valley Railway Company to j proceed with the diversion of Wesleyan Road. Tiuwcrks Road. The Surveyor leporied that this road was | having his alter*: r>n. Dr. J. H. Williams asked if a.ny further re- ply had been received from the Dock Company respecting this matter. The Clerk was instructed to repeat the ap- j plication, and press for an immediate reply. (!razing Land. In reply to an application made by the joVuncil, Mr. T).'>vid Howell, Gwendraeth Hotei. offered a plot of ground at a yearly rental of £ 4- 10s. The Surveyor was instructed to report to the. nexr, meet ins:. Paving. The work of paving Now Street will be commenced next week. The Surveyor intimated that he would have the work completed before the end of this month. Mr. Hammond: That will be quick work. The Surveyor: That is what the contractors wrote me a few days ago. Committee Rooms. The. Chairman applied for the use of the adjoining rooms for the purpose of holding meetings in conner-tion with the annual re- gatta and sports. Mr David Evans asked if there was any I payment made last year. The Chairman: No. This event is for chari- table purposes. Tine proceeds were handed to the Nursing Institution and the Llanelly Hospital. Dr. J. H. Williams proposed that the ap- plication he acceded to as on. the- last occa- sion. Mr. David Evans seconded, and it was car- ried u i\a n i moil sly. SANITARY COMMITTEE. The Inspector reported that he had visited eight workshops, and had found all in order. Ehivlas Water. The Surveyor reporter] that this work was being proceeded with. He would report fully as to the result (If sinking the wells at the llext Ineeting. He also pointed out the ur- gent necessity of purchasing a set of boring drill:( which, in his opinion, would be money well spent. After a. lengthy deliberation it was decided that the dlairnwll of the various committees be empowered to purchase the necessary !{q uirel;lfTlb. New Houses. I The Surveyor reported that the three houses built, by Mr. Lloyd in Stepney Street had slit The plans of two new houses to be built by Mr. Thomas Jenkins, pilot, in. Stepney Road, were passed. The plans of six houses to be erected at Gws-cwm Road by Mr. David Griffiths, Bay View, were certified to be in accordance with the hye-Iaws. East Cottages. I Complaints were made of the condition ot East. Cottages and their surroundings. The Medical Officer of Heal tip <Dr Oweu Williams) and the Sanitary Inspector were authorised to take the necessary steps to remedy the same. Medical Officer's Report. I The Medical Officer's report .was read. During the month seven births were regis- tered, making a birth-rate of 12.7 per 1000. Nine deaths had been recorded—a mortality I of 26.7 per 1000. Cemetery. A letter was read from the Local Govern- nient. Board directing the attention of the Council to the annual report of the Medical i Officer respecting Tbis important question, and asking what steps had been taken in the matter. It was unanimously resolved that- all the correspondence which has- passed between the Council and the various landlords he sent to the Board. Water Sup,ply. I Mr. R. T. Hammond made an application to connect his residence with the water mains -on the usual terms. Mr. W. V. Jones proposed that a connection oe made with the mains n Carway Street. Mr. Hammond: Whv should I be expected to connect with the Carvay Street main? Mr. J ones: Why should the Council go to the expense of laying a lead pipe up Pember- ton Avenue tocolltlcd your house? Mr. Hammond: You have already granted permission to ilu- Chuirman of the Council, I "WI you must dell] with' everybody Ul the I same way. The Cunivil have granted one, an-i 1 hey mxist deal with all applications alike. I do not expect the ratepayers to lay a pipe to connect my house. There are others in Pemberton Road who will take the water, and thereby will bring in a revenue. It is the duty of the Council to lay mains in every I street, so that every applicant may connect his pipes for a water service. The Chairman: That work would be carried ¡ out in order with other streets. Mr. Hammond: Which is the next street? The Chairman: Church Road. Mr. Hammond: Yes, everything is Church Road. The Surveyor: The next work to be done is Neptune Buildings and south of the Great Western Railway on to Sea. View Terrace. Dr. J. H. Williams: I move that the work be done in rotation, and at the sayiie time I beg to apply for a supply of water to Kenros and Penyback Farms, who get absolutely no- thing for the exceedingly heavy rates they pay. After a long .and heated discussion the Sur- veyor was instructed to report.

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Trinity Chapel, Llanelly.

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