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Irish -Tactics.I



ODDFELLOWSHIP. OIl Saturday last the quarterly meeting oi the Llanely District of Oddfellows, Manchester Unity, was held at the Club-room, Nevill Memorial, Llanelly. The follow ing officers were present, viz.Prov. D.M. John Williams: Prov. D.G.M. R. C. David: Treasurer W. H. Andrews; Prov. C.S. W. B. Jones; Guardian Dennis Mahoney; Trustees David Thomas and Henry John: Auditors, P.G. David Phil- lips and P.G. T. C. Lloyd: District Book Exa- miners, Per. See. S. E. Pllllen and Per. Sec. John Washer. The various Lodges were represented as fol- lows:—Earl Cawdor Lodge, David Richards: Briton's Glory Lodge, Jos. Rees; Mechanics I Lodge, David Lloyd and T. G. Airfield; Vic- toria. Lodge, Henry John: Vale of G\endraeth Lodge, Willia mRoes: Brigstoek Lodge, H. Lloyd; Prince of Wales Lodge, S. E. Pull en: I Lily of the Valley Lodge, John Daniel: Spiffy Lodge Williarii 1NIorris: -KilvII)aeli l l?vv(l L,)4 1 .ge. Lod?e, William Morris: Xilvmaenlhvvd Lodee. William RoweH: 81: David's Lodge, David L<? i? and Thomas Da vies; Stepney Lodge. John P. Lewis; Britannia Lodge, John Hop- kins; Alexandra Lodge, E. H. Wheeks, Gene- I ral Picton Lodge, Daniel Griffiths and David Thomas: General Murrav Lodse, F. S. Ho] loway: Nevill Lodge, William Lewis: Tregon- ing Lodge, William Smith; Abadam Lodge. David Jones; Gwenlliau Lodge, Theophilus Randeli; Gla.nmor Lodge, David Jones: Ty- ysog Dulais Lodge, Evan Thomas: W. B. Roderick Lodge. David Davies; Deheufardd Lodge, Daniel Williams; Rose of Ghmmwrv.g Lodge, Tliomas Anthony: Royal Britons Lodge, Rnfns Rogers: Rose of Elli, Rhys Rees: ■lames Buckley Lodge, John Davies: Penson Lodge, David Wat kins; and Cwmdulais Lodge, Edward Davies. The Prov. G.M, Lock the chair at 2 p.m.. and after the minutes of the previous meet- ing were taken as read and confirmed, P.G. David Phillips read the auditors' report on the accounts of the previous quarter, which was adopted. The following committee was struck to examine the funeral account*, —Per. Sees. S. E. Pullen. Theo. Randeli. F. S. Holloway, and P.G's. David Jones and Her- bert Lloyd. Bro. Randell presented the re- port of the committee, which showed that the claims amounted to L235. It was resolved that the report he received and adopted. After this the financial business- was pro- ceeded with. The application of the Tywysog Dulais Lodge was ruled out of order, but it was afterwards decided to defer the same for ihree months in order to ascertain further particulars, concerninar the case. I The Prov. C.S. reported that the Gw enlliau Lodge had won the medal for the introduction of the greatest number of members during the year 1909. It was resolved thai the C.S. he empowered to procure the same, and that, it be presented to the hrother from the Gwenllian Lodge at the June meeting. the next business was the presentation of an emblem of the Order to P.P.G.M. Thomas Hughes OIl his retirement from the chair of the District. The Prov. G.M,. called upon P.G. Herbert Lloyd to make the presentation ou behalf of the District, which he did, and Brother Hughes suitably acknowledged its receipt. The District Officers gave a notice of motion relative to the abolition of the levy imposed with regard to increased contributions, and the substitution of a levy in lieu of same to assist the weaker Lodges. Dw Prince of Wales Lodge gave notice that tt would move at. the next meeting a motion I for the celebration of the centenary of the I Order. Tins brought the meeting to a close.


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