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Irish -Tactics.I


Irish Tactics. HEATED DEBATE AT NEW DOCK I PARLIAMENT. Last Friday week, -at New Dock Parliament, the Prime Minister iNTr A. U. Brown) intro- duced. a Bill for the Nationalization of Rail- ways and Canals in a very able speech, which was complimented by all parties in the House He criticised the present system, and dealt with the high woiking expenses on our railways a, present, amounting to two-thirds of the revenue. He showed how much would be saved by this measure, and made com- parisons with Germany, Belgium, and other countries where Nationalisation had long existedfi and had proved such a great source of revenue, besides a great boon to com- merce. The Members for Merthyr (Mr. Hugh Wil- hams), Watford (Mr. E. Thomas), Sratf. (;\I:r.! Petheram), and Llanelly (Mr. R. Brown) fch lowed. The sensation of the evening was the course taken by the Irish Party, who strongly op- posed the Government, and the Member for Louth (Mr. Morgan) spoke on their behalf. The Leader of the Opposition followed, and took immediate advantage of the Irish vote, and severely attacked the Government. The Member for Preston (Alr. H. L. Godsell) sop- ported his" leader, and the' Member for Cai- narvon (Mr. Roberts) violently attacked the Government in an eloquent spepcb, and characterised the measure as profoundly Socialistic, confiscatory, immoral, and the surest step towards the downfall of this, great Empire of ours. The Chancellor of the Exchequer (Mr. 1). Morgan Thomas) wound up for the Govern- ment in a. logical, witty, and racy speech. Pointing to the Member for Carnarvon (Mr. Roberts), he said, amidst laughter. "What a traitorous, Socialistic, and immoral pe<,p> the Gei-man? are, for they have added mil- lions upon millions to their Exchequer every year, and have lowered very much their rail- way fares and transport dues, and raised the commercial position of their country by this measure." The worse of the speeches of the Opposition, he added was not their defect of delivery, nor their length, but theii want of facts and figures. The public were in favour of The measure, because, amongst- other things, it meant cheaper fares and transport dues, and a decided addition to our revenue. The investor desired it because lie would, have a letter and more lucrative security. The employees, one and all, wanted it. be- cause it would mean higher wages and greater security. He quoted authorities and Govern- ment returns to prove his contention. As in Germany, it would benefit the unemployed, the Army and Navy, the Post Office, Agricul- ture, and Commerce, and. in his opinion, this measure would bo one of the most powerful supporters of Free Trade, by cheapening 1he J price of all commodities, and thus add to t lw greatness of the commercial position of this country, as it had done in Germany. The Opposition had not attacked the nationalisn- tipn of canals, and the principle here was the same, so that on their own part they must favour this long-delayed and momen- tous measure (loud Ministerial und Labor.i cheers). On division the Bill was carried by 21 to 15. On Thrrrday evening the President of the Local Government Board will introduce a Bill for Electoral Reform and Payment 01 Members of Parliament.



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