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I GUARDIANS' ELECTION. WARD No. II. To the Editor of the Llanelly Mercury." S As Mr. Nathan Griffiths's election cards containing his address, were not circu- lated until Saturday last. and as Mr. Thomas Jones's and my addresses appeared in the four local newspapers from Wednesday, the 23rd, until Saturday of last week, I am en- titled to infer that Mr. Griffiths, with com- mendable forethought waited to see what the two old members had to say before commit- tinsr himself. I am not in the least complain- ing of this, nor do I for a moment suggest that it is in any way unfair: but I trust the electors will bear the fact in mind. In the second paragraph of his address. Mr Griffiths says. "If elected as a Guardian, it "will be my best endeavour to administer the "Poor Law in as humane a. manner as pos- "sible, impartial, without favour to anyone "on account of the sects they belong to, or "the creeds they believe in." If this paragraph means anyrlvng. it means one of two things: either that, owing to de- nominational influence, the Guardians as a. body have shown partiality, owing to "sect" or "creed" pressure; or Mr. Jones or myself individually (or, possibly, both combined) have so acted. I don't believe Mr. Griffiths in- tended to single out either Mr. Jones or my- self as having acted in consequence of the influence of any sect or creed; and that being so, he can only mean that the Guardians as a whole have been influenced in that way. In that case, Mr. Griffiths has not been particu- larly happy in the choice of the Ward he has selected to contest. But I can leave that aspect of the question with confidence to the judgment of the electors in the Ward. What is of more consequence just now is to show how it. is that Mr. Griffiths has left his own ward. No. III. (where he resides, and whose electors returned him to the Urban District Council only one year ago), and come to this Ward, to contest the seats of two old members who have for 20 and 23 years repre- sented yon, and allow ing the two members for Ward III. to I,e returned unopposed: two members who have only been on the Board of Guardians for a few years. and who are a clergyman of the Church of England and a Baptist minister; or. in other words, each a prominent member and representative of one of the most, powerful "sects" or "creeds" in the town. If Mr. Griftitbsis so averse from creed or sect, where could he have had a better oppor- tunity of showing his principles than in his own Ward ? He cannot possibly do any more good, -it any rate (if he succeeds in throwing Mr. Jo-nes or myself out), than he could have done if he bad won a seat from the Rev. D. Davies or the Rev. Trevor Jones. Why. there- fore. did lie select this Ward I I will endeavour to give the electors an answer, and, as .1 tie- lieve, the true and only answer. As is known, the Guardians Election only takes place every three years, but the Urban Council election every year. and last year Mr Griffiths had ta seek re-election. He would have stood but. a poor chance of being re- turned if lie had either the Rev. D. Davies' or the Rev. Trevor Jones' influence against him: but having these two reverend gertlemen with him. each at the head of a powerful sect or creed, his return was ass ired. Mr. Griffiths, therefore (although so opposed to "sects" and "creeds"), could not with any grace oppose the return to the Board of Guardians of those gentlemen, although Ward III. is the most. pronounced Labour Ward in the town and as there are already two Labour candidates for Ward I., he comes to Ward II. If he had been ungrateful and forgotten the favours of last year, it is not unreasonable to suppose that the reverend gentlemen before-named \nllÚd'n 1912 not forget Mr. Griffiths. Thus it is easilv seen how seats are ex- ploited and the electors hoodwinked. But Mr. Griffiths's cheap sneers at "sects" and "creeds" on the Board of Guardians, and his wild untruthful assertion that hundreds of pounds are being squandered by the Guardians, are. I suppose, in harmony with his views as an extreme Socialist: for it is well known that he belongs to that section of the Socialist party—that not only does he not I believe in any religious sect or creed, but he does not believe in religion at all; in fact, openly and continuously scoffs at and ridi- cules it, which makes his conduct in allowing the Revs. D. Davies and Trevor Jones to have a walk over all the more strange and incom- prehensible. I I must apologise for trespassing so much upon your space, but, as a native of the town and all old member. I feel it my duty to answer and refute the unfair and untruthful aspersions east upon me and my colleagues.— et c.. I Bl'yngl as, R. C. JENKINS. Bryngl as, ( Queen Victoria Road. » 30th. March, 1910.