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WELSH COAL CRISIS. I LONDON CONFERENCE'S DECISION. The luiner's conference relsitiiecl its sitting on Wednesday morning in London for r the further consideration of the proposals for the settlement of the differences as to the con- stitution of the new Conciliariun Board agreement for South Wales. The conference sat for nearly four hours, and at the end the following official report was given to The Press "The conference re-assembled at ten o'clock Mr. Enoch Edwards again presiding. The following proposition was submitted to the conference on behalf of the Executive Coun- cil:— After having carefully considered the whole position in South Wales, we stronglv urge the -conference to advise the workmen to accept the terms of settlement put before. the conference as the outcome of the nego- tiations between the coalowners, and the miners' representatives, as we do not think the points of difference are sufficient to justify either a sectional strike in South Wales, or a national struggle with all the tremendous issues inyolved-this not to be taken as committing other districts of this Federation to support an amendment of the Eight Hours Act.' "A long discussion ensued upon this being proposed and seconded on behalf of the Coun- cil, in which representatives from nearly all the districts in Great Britain took part, aftei* which the resolution was carried." SPEEDY ISSUE OF BALLOT PAPERS. Mr. Alrred Onions, one oi the leaders of the South Wales miners, stated that it was now the intention to take the. ballot of the miners innnediately. "This ballot," he said, "will be confined to workmen in the South Wales coalfield. The ballot papers are practical! readv, an d will be in the hands of the men in the course of a day or two, so that I expect the result of the ballot will be known by about the middle of nextweel? The Executive Committee of the South Wales Federation will meet at Cardiff on Friday, and the delegates from the diffe- rent lodges will meet in conference."

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