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Maintenance of the Roads.…

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! Rural District Council.


Rural District Council. O — • The monthly .meeting o £ tht* Kurul linnet Council was held at the Workhouse on Thurs- day, Mr. J. Ll. Thomas presiding. There were also present Messrs, W. Y. Nevill, Morley Joseph, W. B. Jones, John Davies, Llewellyn Owen, Morton Evans, Joseph Harry, Win. Llewellyn, and Daniel Davies, together with the Clerk (Mr. D. C. Edwards), the Medical Officer (Dr. Evan Evans), the Survey~or, and the Inspectors. A letter was Tcad from Mr. C. M. Jenkins, Llannon, •complaining of certain, repairs" made by the Council to the drains which had been laid through one of his fields. J The Siir\-e r ia;fis surprised to hear of the complaint. The Council had attended to the pipes. It would involve unnecessary expense if they decided to carry out the repairs which Mr. J en kins complained of. In reply to Mr. W. B. Jones, the Surveyor said the water did not interfere with Mr..Jen- kins at. all. The pipes were laid on the Coun- cil's road. There was a small drainage run- uing frum the maiu road, which Mr. Jenkins desired the Council io stop. Mr. W. B. Jones: What authority has Mr. Jenkins with regard to the main road ? The Surveyor: I cannot say. After further discussion, the matter was left j 'n ;he hands, of the Surveyor. 11e Surveyor reported that the Ponryates dr;.i;:ag3 scheme was being proceeded with. He also recommended that the tender of Mr T. P. Jones for the carrying out of the Hendy drain-age scheme he accepted. The Council adopted the recommendation. FLOODING OF HOUSES. With regard to the flooding; of the houses at Sandy, which Mr. W. B. JOllPR cOluplaÜwd of, the Clerk reported that he bad communicated with the County Council, who had replied stating that they were prepared to pay t.heir share of the cost of repairing the culverts. The Surveyor stated that. he had arranged to see the County Surveyor and Mr Mansel Lewis u i('ii regard to the matter. MEDICAL OFFICER'S REPORT. The Medical Officer's report showed that 32 deaths had occurred in the district during tire past lour weeks, which was equivalent to a. mortality of 16.97 per thousand of the popula- tinn, as compared with 11.40 for the corres- ponding period of last year. The infant mor- tality was 50 per cent., being exceptionally heavy. The deaths in each of the districts were as followsLlanelly Sub-rural, 8, equal to 19.59: Liwynhendy, Lianedy, and Glyn, 9, I equivalent, to 13.49; Llangennecli and Berwick, 5, equal to 10.35: and Pembrey. 10. which was equivalent to 10.50 of the population. j "'1., rn L TENDERS. I I ? 1 lie • h r,s reported, tne receipt ot tenders tor carrying cut certain work in Felinfoel. The tender of Messrs. Brown, Thomas, and John for 90 yards of 15-inch pipes was 3s. 3d. per yard, and that. of Mr. George Mercer, 3s. 7d. I Messrs. Brown, Thomas. and John would not accept responsibility for any breakage of the pipes during transit. It was decided to accept the tender of Mr. George Mercer, as it might eventually be the cheaper'. SCARLET FEVER. Inspector Morgan reported that seven cases of scarlet fever had been notified in the Liwynhendy district during the month, and thl: usual precautions were taken. LLWYNHEN DY SLAUGHTEPJIOUSE. The Inspector called attention to the had state of a slaughterhouse at Ddolfawr. Liwyn- hendy. Although IK- had -■«•! cd the usual lie had not deemed ir advisable to remedy the de- fect-s. Mr. Joseph Ban". asked the. nature of the Inspector's complaint. The Inspector replied rhat the sliiicl,ter- I house bad not been registered. Mr. W. Y. Nevill: It is not therefore, in ac- cordance with the bye-laws. The Clerk said that unless ihe owner com- plied with tfee notice by the next meeting, the Council should pi t 1 igaiust him. The Medical Ofr said the slaughterhouse had been a nuis j i for a long time, it was quite unfit for slaughtering animals. x Mr. W. B; Jones: When did the Inspector serve the notice ? Inspector Morgan: A few months ago. The Medical Officer said a plan of all slaughterhouses should he given to the Coun- cil. The appliances were not lit for slaughter- ¡ ing. I Jr was decided that fourteen days' notice be j given to the owner to comply with, the notice, and, in default., the Clerk was instructed TO! | institute proceedings against him.