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CURED AT 78 of Chronic Cough by VENO'S LIGHTNING COUGH CURE. Mr. George Bradley, Long Street, Wotton: under-Edge, Glos., writes:—"Two years ago I had a serious illness, which left me with a I very bad cough, but Verio's Lightning Cough ¡ Cure cured me, after trying everything else in vain. I always use it when I have a cold or j cough, &nd it neve* fails to cure me. I am 78 J years of age, a fact which shows the wonder-  ful sustaining properties of Veno's Lightning Ii Cough Cure. Vew/s Lightning Cough Cure is a perfect remedy for coughs, colds, bronchitis, asthma, t blood-spitting, nasal catarrh, difficult breath- ing, and all chest and lung troubles. Price 9Jd., Is. Isd., and 2s. 9d. of all chemists. Stationery! Station erv I-ALI descriptions of Stationery and Office Requisite* can now be had at W. B. Jonos and Co., 28 Market Street, Llanelly. For Cleaning I B curtains, car p ets, dra p eries, blankets; Walk and wood wor k Roors an d ft tiles; baths, stairs, stoneware, I;no leum, paint, eart henware- everything in the house* wmJMPfflflOElTE LITE ? ?t?f\? ????? makes Sprin g -cteanin g light,  and ot h er c l eansino* ?\ you get soap and other cleansing ? ? ??tM???????? ?\?? a g ents, ready m i xe d for rou g h c l eanin g scru b bin g, an d all S p rin g -cleanin g in-or k ????NM??'?? ? You '?? use not^in& e l se; simply Naphtholite an d IF' IIj/i/yA y coW or wann water. ? S?? ? '? ??? ? once cold or warm water. It (yets ,it its wor k at once Y ?? Jfy '"? tioes it in quick time— d oes it well. It   I ??9 ??? more than soap because it is more than soa p  ??- ? -?  ???J? The house Spring-cleaned with Naphtholite is WVO %ill# M/rLi Jjj Wealthy, for Naphtholite disinfects as well as  disinfects as ,veIl as ill* M 7 You can clean everything—metals excepted— uul Uv y with Naphtholite. It harms nothing. 0. Get a taWet °f Naphtholite-2id.-for your ? ? 0 ? t( ??7? ?!? Spring-cleaning. Well begun is half done. mJ it) [A YEvery grocer and oilman stocks NaphthoHte, Sv P ? ??/??? ? -??????M t ?? ? ??? y? ?? ?c ?? NaphthoHte  be sure you get the right Naphtholite J ?i? ? A?)( ?/y?'?vy ??? \? in orange wrapper—not" somethrng stmHar."   NAPHTHOLITF. 'M???/?\?)0? SPRING-CLEAN RIGHT: USE NAPHTHOLITF, v S ^XX AA/Yj CHRISTR. THOMAS & BROS., Ltd., BRISTOL. • -aw

! Rural District Council.