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Maintenance of the Roads.…

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Maintenance of the Roads. I SOME INTERESTING FIGURES. I At a meeting of the Roads Committee cf the Urban District Council, the Surveyor read the following statement, showing the assessable value of house property, number of houses, population, and details of cost of roads, sca- venging, street lighting, etc., in the three wards, for the year ending March. 31st, 1908:- I Number of houses.—Ward I., 2164; Ward IT., I 2442; Ward III., 1457. '¡ Population at 5 per house.-Ward I., 1C,820; Ward II., 12,210; Ward III., 7,285. Assessable value of house property.—Ward I, £ 21,620; Ward II, £ 23, 540; Ward: III, £ 8584. Average assessable value per house-.—Ward I.. £ 9 19s. Sd.: Ward II., £ S 12s 9d: Ward III., ar,5 19s. 2d. Assessable value of house property per head of population.—Ward 1., zPl 19s lid; Ward II., REPAIRS OF HIGHWAYS. i Twelve Months ending March 31st. 1909. Length of RORdS.- Ward 1., 7.46 miles: Ward II., 9.23 miles; Ward III., 5.21 miles. Length, of Baek Street,-Ward I., 4.95 miles; I Ward II., 3,19 miles; Ward III.. 2.57 miles. j I Lc?1).gti-i of Footpaths.—Ward I..28 miles: Ward n., 1.42 miles: Ward III.. ^29 m"es. Cost.—Ward. I., £ 1047; Ward II., £ 1655: Ward I III., £ 606. Average Cost per Hea(I.-IlTai-4. I., Is 11.2d: Ward II., 2s 8.5d; Ward III., Is 7.9d. I, Length of Roads towards which the County Council contribute towards Maintenance. I Ward 1., 1.38 miles; Ward. II., 1.31 miles; Ward III., 0.15 miles. I Contribution received from County Coiuic:V. —Ward I., £ 249 12s lOd; Ward II., z2236 15s 4d; Ward III., P,28 2s. Od. Average Cost per Hearl after deducting County Council Contribution.—Ward It Is 5.Bel; Ward IL, 2s. 3.8d.; Ward III., Is. 7d. Six Months ending Sept. 30th, 1909. Cost.—Ward I. E,CO, Ward II., Zz-)48, Wprd III., £ 257. Average Cost per Head. —Ward I' 10.2d.: Ward II.10.8d.; Ward III., 8.4d. Contribution received from Countv Council. —Ward I., -0124, 16s. 7s 8d; Ward III., £ 14 Is. Average Cost per Head after deducting County Council Contribution.—Ward 1., 7.4d.; Ward II., 8.4d.; Ward III., 8d. SCAVENGING HIGHWAYS. t Twelve Months ending March 31st, E08. Cosi.-Wanl L, £ 309; Ward II., £ 404; Ward III. £ 207. Cost per Head of Population.—Ward I.. 6.8d: Ward No. 2, 7,9d.; Ward III., 6. Id. COLLECTION AND REMOVAL OF HOUSE REFUSE. Twelve Months ending March 31st, 1909. Cost.—Ward. L, £ 697; Ward IL, P-833; Ward III., £ 455. Cost per Heal of Population.—"Ward L, IS. 3d. Ward II., 16.3d.; Ward III., 14.9d. j STREET LIGHTING. Twelve Months ending March 31st, 1909. I Cost.-Ward 1.. C728 10s. 5d.: Ward IX, £ 707 30s. 7d.; Ward III., £ 499 13s. 6d. Cost per Head of Population.—Ward I.. Is. 4.1d.; Ward II, Is. 1.9d; Ward III., ls.q..5d.

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