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i Estates Committee. Estates Committee. I A meeting of the Estates Committee of the Urban District Council was held on T bu day, Mr. William David in the chair. There were also present Messrs. J. Walter Thomas, John Thomas. W. Bramwell Jones, and E. T. Ioi-ies, together with the Clerk (Mr. H. W. j Spowart) and the Deputy Surveyor (Mr. J. Randell). EXCHANGE OF LAND. The Clerk reported that he had communi- j cated; with iNTr. C. W. Mansel Lewis with re- ference to the proposed exchange of land near the People's Park, and had also s'een Mr. Arnold .with regard to the Caemaen water. It was proposed, he explained, to drain Caebad, and therefore take away the Caemaen water, with, which they had so much trouble. The land measured 1 rood, 23 perches. The scheme, apparently, was to build a street in hun" of the Park. Mr. E. T. Jones: I think it will be a public improvement. The Clerk said he was of the same opinion, The Committee decided to recommend the Council to accept the 'exchange. I NEW WORKS. Mi*. Hughes, Llanelly Box Works, made ap- plication for a plot of land near the Bryn Chemical Works, where he intended to build a works for packing-case making. Mr. John Thomas said that when they re- i eeiv-ed a similar application some time ago, the Committee declined it because they would have to go to the expense of making a back- lane. Would they have to do so in this case? Mr Bramwell Jones replied in the negative. The Clerk,-said Mr. Hughes required a lease because he would have to remove all the machinery. The application was referred to the Sur- veyor to report upon. TELEPHONE OFFICE. The Clerk said the Surveyor recently sug- gested to the National Telephone Co. that they should have a public telephone call office at the Town Hall. The Company had replied stating that they were prepared to iii- stal an apparatus provided he found a suit- able place for it. Mr. E. T. Jones said the suggestion was ridiculous. The Clerk said the public frequently utilised the telephones at the offices of the Council, more especially in the Surveyor's depart- ment. It caused them no little trouble. Mr. Bramwell Jones: You can refuse per- mission, rather than that we should provide a special room for a call office. Mr. David said it would not cost the Coun- cil anything, and would be of great benefit to the public. In most of the large buildings there was a call office. The Clerk: Yes, in large town halls. The Surveyor was instructed to report on the matter.

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