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-u— Roads Committee.I


u — Roads Committee. I A meeting of the Roads Committee of the Urban District Council was held on Wednes- day night of last week, Mr. I). R. Jones pre- i siding. COUNCIL EMPLOYEES. I The Surveyor reported that the general labourers employed by the Council, acting upon instructions received from the Gas Workers' Union, had decided not to fill in the time-sheets for their weekly wages, as recom- mended by the Local Government Board auditor. No time-sheets had been sent in since Feb. 16th. Mr. Willis. Jones asked on what grounds | the Union objected. The Surveyor replied that some of the men cauld not write. Mr. W. Unbelts asked whether Mr. Morgan, the secretary eould meet the Committee. The Chairman suggested that they should sprite to the auditor explaining the facts, and ascertain what towns followed the course he had adopted. This course was agreed to. FIRE BRIGADE STATION. The Surveyor further reported that the Couneil depot, where a fire occurred recently, was now equipped with appliances for dealing with an outbreak of fire. Every care was being taken, and the premises were inspected before they were closed every night. He would j not recommend that a lire station be erected in the yard, because the whole of the land would veTy shortly be required for the pur- pose it wag purchased. When a modem j station was proposed to be erected he was of I opinion that the Old Market premises should I be used. He would go inio the m.atter with the Captain of the Brigade. It was decided after some discussion, to leave the matter in the hands of the Sur- veyor.

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