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Education Committee. ( A meeting of the Education Committee was; held on Thursday night, Mr. H. D. Rees in the chair. There were also present Mrs. Phil- • lips, Mrs. Thomas, Messrs. W. Roberts, W. Bramwell Jones, John Simlett, Jos. Roberts,. Evan E\ sns, William David, D. R. Jones, E. T. Jones, D- James Davies, and Thos. Jones, together with the Clerk (Mr. Ivor Watkins). ASSISTANT TEACHER. il The following applications were received foB v the post of uncertificated assistant teacli(-r:- Miss Eleanor J. Daniel, Miss Mary J. Evans, Miss Dorcas Griffiths, Miss Mary James, Miss Jessie McVicar, and Miss Claudia Samuel. As a result of the first ballot, Miss Dorcas- Griffiths and Miss Claudia Samuel received1 the lowest number of votes. In the second ballot Miss Eleanor Daniels received seven' s votes, Miss M. J. Evans three, Miss Mary. .? James ten, and Miss McVicar four, and in the final ballot Miss Mary James receiyed nine votes, and Miss Eleanor Daniels three. The Chairman moved the appointment of Miss Mary James. ■/ Mr. D. James Davies seconded, and the-- motion was carried. WELSH SUMMER SCHOOL. I Mr. D. James (Dyfynog), Treherbext, wrote enclosing a copy of the syllabus for the Welsh Summer School, which will be held at Llan- j drindod Wells on Aug. 12th and 13th. j< Mr. Simlett: More trips again. l The Clerk said Mr. James desired the Com- 3 mit/tee to grant scholarships to teachers or', t- students to enable thern to attend the school. The Chairman: We have no authority to, grant anything of this kind. Mr. Evan Evans moved that they decline tot- send representatives. Mr. Bramwell Jones seconded, and the motion was agreed to. Mr William David You are fine Welshmen. WHIST DRIVE AND DANCE. The application of the National Federation- I of Assistant Teachers for the use of the Higher" Elementary School on April 15th, on the oc- I casion of a whist drive and dance, was gtan- ted.