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The Veto Resolutions. I


The Veto Resolutions. I BOROUGH BER AND THE i GOVERNMENT'S POLICY. I Thøl'e was a large gathering at the recep. There was a large gathering at the recep- tion and conversazione held at the Assembly Rooms, Carmarthen, in connection with the local Liberal Association in honour of Mr. W. Llewelyn Williams, M.P., the sitting member. Mr. John Lewis, J.P., presided. Mr. W. Llewelyn Williams, having alluded to the reception, said the Government were in for a strenuous fight against the House of Lords, which would not be finished in (-r.e battle. He was not a prophet, but he did not take so pessimistic a view as some I.Î their friends did in regard to what might happen during the next month or so. He had an idea that the veto resolutions would he dis- cussed for a fortnight or three we'-kg, thea- carried in the House of Commons by a ma.ía. rity of. 120. They would then be s'mt to tho House of Lords, and immediately che veto re- I solutions were out. of the way, Mr. L1():d George would introduce the popular Budget of" « last year (cheers). Speaking for LL- was perfectly certain that the Ir:»h would never break with the democracy rf Great Britain by helping the Tories to tiirow • nt the | finest measure of social reform, intro- ;• dueed. He felt sure that before April 30 the Budget would pass through the House cf Commons and be in a fair way of acceptance by the House of Lords, who would not accept the veto resolutions. What vould hap" pen then? Mr Asquith had intimated :h:¡t he was prepared to go to the King for a guarantee. He would either dissolve or resiga "Sits office, J* and the Government would also do t\e ,«arr.e. It was possible that Mr. Balfour might be sent for to form another Government, but he would not be able to hold office for a single day. There would then be no Supply after May 31. The House of Commons would not vote further supplies if the Tory Government i asked for them. Then Mr. Balfour, if he took | office, would have to resign, and the King would have to send again for Mr. Asquith to- re-form his Government. He would then tell' His Majesty that he would not accept office' unless he got a guarantee that the will of the' people should prevail (applause). Mrs. Llewelyn Williams and Mrs. Lester Jones (secretary of the Ladies' Liberal League, Cardiff) also spoke. On the motion of the Rev. W. D. Rowlands, seconded by Mr Henry Howell, J.P., a voteof-" thanks was accorded the ladies for makinr the necessary preparations for the reception, J

Education Committee. (