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EDUCATION COMMITTEE. I 0 PARENT AND MASTER'S PUNISHMENT. I A meeting of the, Education Committee was held on Thursday evening Mr. Win. Roberts presiding. The other members present were Mrs. Phillips, Mrs. Thomas, Messrs. Evan Evans, John Simlett, Joseph Roberts, Thos. Jones, D. R. Jones, D. James Davies, and F. Vivian, together with the Clerk (Mr. Ifor Watkins). HEADMASTER'S PUNISHMENT. I The Clerk read a letter from Mrs. Jones, Dynevor Castle, complaining of the, refusal of the head teacher of Park Street School to ad- mit her child to school. The reasons given were that he had not attended regularly U dur- ing tlie last month or so. She pointed out that on all occasions her son had been kept home on the instructions of her medieal ad- viser, Dr. Roderick, and on resuming, it ap- peared, he was unable to do a certain sum, and Mr. Howell struck him on the knuckles, which caused considerable trouble. Now that the child had been refused admission, she desired the Committee to inform her whether any headmaster had a right to do what he liked with the children of the urban parents. The Clerk read a note from Mr. Howell, in which lie said that the boy was leaving the yards, and his mother refused to let him attend school because he was smacked. He was very irregular in his attendance. He (the Clerk) had seen the headmaster, who ex- plained that the boy was receiving an arith- metic lesson, and Mr. Howell called the boy out and questioned him. He admitted rap- ping him on the knuckles. Mr. Evan Evans: With what did he rap him on the knuckles—with a ruler or cane ? The Clerk: With a cane. The Chairman said the statements were contradictory. The mother said the boy was refused admission, and Mr. Howell said otherwise. Mr. Simlett: Can we have a. report as to the irregularity of the boy at school? The Chairman: I thought you knew of every individual child at that school, Mr. Simlett. Mr. Simlett: No, I don't (laughter). It was decided to reply to the mother stat- ing that if she undertook that the boy would attend regularly in future he would be re- admitted. DAMAGES TO A SCHOOL WINDOW. I Mr. Evan Evans said that certain damage was done to a window of one of the schools' in the town by a pupil after school hours. He would like to know whether a headmaster had any right to punish a boy after school hours. The Clerk: I think so. Mr. Evan Evans: Should the matter not come before this Committee? The Clerk: They have power to punish them, because I remember reading a case on that point. Mr Vivian: If we are going to interfere with the schoolmasters we shall have plenty of work in a short time. TEACHERS' ABSENCE. I Mr. Joseph Roberts called attention to the absence of six teachers from Market Street School during the month. On one day (June 24th) two teachers were. absent. Mr. D. Jas. Davies: Did they go with the Royal Choir? Air. Roberts: No, they did not. The Chairman: If they had, Mr. Roberts would not call attention to it (laughter). Mr. Roberts: I would not have called atten- tion to it, but for the fact that two we're ab- sent on the same day. Mr. Vivian, at a later stage, pointed out that, the reason for their absence was given in the returns. BURSAR SCHEME. The Clerk read the official letter from Mr. Nicholas with regard to the Bursar Scheme. Mr. 1). James Davies said they decided at the last meeting to ask the County Committee whether they were going to charge the fees for educating the teachers in the second year in the secondary school. The Clerk said that Mr. Lewis had an in- terview with Mr. Nicholas, and enquired of him whether the County Council would pay the fees of those pupil teachers during the second year, and lie was agreeable to that course being adopted. In reply to Mr. Joseph Roberts, the Clerk said that the County Authority would not sanction the appointment of the five pupils appointed by the Committee who could not be re-commended as bursars. They could, how- ever, withdraw them at any time. The, Chairman said they had better leave the matter open until they received something definite from the County Committee. WELSH PAGEANT. A letter was read from the Teachers' Asso- ciation with reference to the Cardiff Pageant. It was decided at a meeting of the Association that arrangements be made for the visit of 380 children, who had signified, their desire to witness the pageant at Cardiff on July 21st. In order to ensure the safety of the children, they were of opinion that they should be ac- companied by a number of teachers—one for every ten children—so that forty teachers would be absent from the schools on that day. The teachers at the schools, other than those who were in charge of the scholars, would like to accompany them. ilft-* Phillips said it would be better for the whole schools to have a holiday. Mr. Joseph Roberts moved that a general holiday be granted, which Mrs. Phillips se- conded. Mr. Vivian proposed an amendment that a half holiday on Tuesday be given and the whole of Wednesday. The amendment, was carried- MENTALLY DEFECTIVE CHILDREN. The Clerk said that with regard to the men- tally defective children, he had made en- quiries from various institutions with regard to their training. They had one lad in their schools who should lie sent to an institution as early as possible. He seemed to be rather dangerous at home. He (the Clerk) had re- ceived a reply from one institutions, whose charge was £24 per annum, and for a child over 16 years of age the charge would be raised topics. v The doctors report stated that the lad was very dangerous and exhibited uncommon pro- pensities. He also threatened his mother with a knife, and threw half a brick at his father. He was, nevertheless, very affec- tionate. Mr. D. James Davies: Rather a peculiar way of showing his affection by throwing a brick at his father. It was decided that the lad be sent io the institution. TEMPERANCE CHORAL FNION. An application was made by the Temper- ance Choral Union for the use of Market St. Sehoolroorn on Saturday, Sept. 4th, for the public tea and luncheon. The application was acceded to. HEALTHY RECREATION. The Clerk said the head teacher of the New Dock School desired the Committee to pro- vide a recreation ground for the children to j play tennis. They were at present playing (he game on an asphalt floor in the yard. Mrs. Phillips said they should encourage such a healthy recreation. They would not provide open spaces or anything for them. The Chairman said that if they granted the applieatÙmlhey would he creating a prece- dent. The application was refused. I ANNUAL VACATION. l M'r. D..Tames Davies proposed that the an- "I' nual vacation be. fixed from the 30th July to the 30th August. Mr. Joseph Roberts seconded. Mrs. Phillips proposed, as an. amendment, i that, they re-assemble on the Tuesday follow- ing. The nropos.Uk'ii wag Ciuriedj.



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