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Shop Assistants' Outing. I

Eisteddfod Adjudication Criticised.

Drowning Fatality at Kidwelly.…



BEFORE THE MAGISTRATES I Monday, before Messrs. R. H. Sampson, F. 1 Nevill, and Joseph Joseph. MAINTENANCE ORDER. I David Griffiths, Wern Road, was proceeded I against by the Board of Guardians for dis- obedience of a maintenance order, the arrears amounting to 92 14s. Relieving Officer White said an order of 4s. per week was made against the defendant in April in respect, of the maintenance of his father, who was still chargeable. The Clerk said the wages certificate showed that the defendant earned on an average 92 os. 8d. during the last three months. Defendant said he could not pay the order because he had some debts to pay. He was losing two days per fortnight. The Bench said that in spite of that he was earning jr,2 3s. 8d. per week. Mr. Blake applied for an order of 7s. per week until the arrears were paid. The Bench made an order accordingly. SUMMONS GRANTED. I An application was made for a summons against William Lewis, Gower Terrace, Kings- bridge, Loughor, to show cause why he should not support his wife, a pauper lunatic. Thomas Longhurst. said the wife of William Lewis, annealer, had been removed to the asylum, and the average cost was 9s. 7d. per weak. The Bench granted the summons, which is returnable for next Monday week, DOG LICENCES. I The following were fined for keeping a dog 1 without a licence:—William Jones, 4 Cilheol. 2s. 6<I.; John Rees, Limekiln Row, 2s. 8d.: I and Barnett Yaffa, 19 Tunnel Road, 5s. NO LICENCE. I Thomas Thomas, Wernycwm, Llangennech, was charged with keeping a gun without a licence. P.S. Morgan said he saw the defendant on a field with a gun. He was accompanied by two other men. He told him that he had shot a rabbit. Defendant, went into the box, and said he only fired at a fox. Supt. Rogers observed that the defendant. could not shoot a fox without a gun licence. —o— Wednesday, before Messrs. Henry Wilkins and Joseph Williams. DRUNKENNESS I William Evans and James White, Gelly- w?rnen, Llannon, were fined 109, each for I being drunk in Llannon Road on June 13th. FALSE REPRESENTATION. I David Thomas, Back of Bryn Terrace, and Daniel Hughes, 2 Cambrian Street, were fined 12s. 6d. each for falsely representing them- selves as bona fide travellers at the Neptune Hotel, Burry Port, on June 13th. OBSTRUCTION. I Barnett Yaffa, Tunnel Road, and Thomas Riley, Furnace, were charged with obstructing the highwny by fighting thereon Yaffa was discharged, and Riley was fined 10s. ILLEGALLY PRESENT. Thomas Davies, Stanley S?ei, waa fined Thomas Davies, Stanle! 8tweL, was fined I 110. 6d. for" bei1g illegally present at the Nep- j tune Hotel, BUTTV Port. COMMITTED FOR TRIAL. j (uifiith WilHam Lloyd and James Hamilton I were committed for trial at the Quarter Ses- sions on Friday, on a charge of stealing two sacks of wool, of the value of 30s., from Thoa White, farmer, Sarnau, Llannon,


Two Colliers Killed.I



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