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LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. tier's Stores Best BtlttCT, ls. per lb. DANIEL EVANS, Lakefleld Place, Skipping "Sent for all principal lines to all parts of the world. 3867 iUrse ^s, 22 Stepney Place, Llanelly, attends midwifery and maternity cases in ..lanelly and district. Nurse Roberts was trauWd at the Birmingham. Lying-in Hospital, ald has recently been successful in the exa- mination of the Central Mid wives' Board held I Birmingham. 6663 Try Pegler's Extras Flour 2/6 per score. i D. Mansel (late of Golden Fleece) has opened J at Cowell Street and Market Entrance, with a Sw stook of Drapery and Millinery Goods. I  Mr. Jcnkina, the secretary of the Hospital ?gers Football Club, has applied to the 'AT('I,'h Union for ixrmission to become affi- hated to the Union. The application was ?fore the Union on Thursday last, and it vv as decided to refer it to a general meeting. I it is generally anticipated that the request -Ve acceded to. The Llan?ly Club have I ?'U.ned their approval of the Hospital Ran- gt,rs changing the name of the team to that "J. Uanelly Seconds, under which name ihey ?"'Play in the future. An excellent list of ?ures has been arranged for next season, ;ndUding four Welsh L Union teams, viz., ?'-ygraig. S",aa?ea Seconds, Briton Ferry, ?Skewen. are ncted for thrit Cake, 22 'd. 1 p Pegler's Stor are noted for their Cake) 2d. j 4,t Tabernacle Church, next Sunday, special Cj-vjMg j? connection with the re-opening of ¡ ? schoolT<x'm will be held. The spacious ctMoIrwm has been painted and beautifully 'I 1.cn'a.tecl, and a new pulpit platform built 0. It, at a I arge cost, On Sunday morning tl service will be held in the schoolroom, I, t? hough it is n?. expected that it will con- .?'? the inoTnmg congregMion of the Taber- I n by any means. In the afternoon the Ij j^y Shool's qu4rterly meeting will be elI in ?j? chapel, and a special sermon will I ^e u?livpT?? in the evening, bearing upjn j < ? renovation of the school buildings. Col- ?hans to defray the expenses incurred with I _.?a new enterprise will be taken during the ay. I ^amship Booking Office for all Lines—Mr. J. Vaughan Evans, next door to the Post ?c?. 8842 ?ELSH FIELD CO. R.E.-Ord<.M for week _'}'lmg July nh, 1909Orderly officer, 2nd- *u;«nanh H. E. Trubshaw: orderlv sergeant, s *gt. T. Lloyd; orderly corporal; Corpl. R- J. ?ns. Friday, July 2nd-Gnmpany drill, 1llo:l1'lted ?'"? dismcuni?d, 7.30 p.m. prompt Yfm?-? io? Se\'i{ dr?ss). Prep?ioTV diill, I previous to inspection. Every member is re- quested to attend. Monday, 5th—Recruits' I drill, 7 to 8 and 8 to 9 p.m. Tuesday, 6th— Inspection by Major-General F. Lloyd, C.B., D.S.O., commanding Welsh Division Territo- I rial Force. Uniform, Service dress. Parade at 7 p.m. prompt at Headquarters, Hall St. I Every member must attend. Band to attend. I Wednesday, 7th—Engineering practice at En- gineering Ground, 7 to 8 and 8 to 9 p.m.; uni- form, Service dress. The following N.C.O's. and men have obtained sergeants' certificates for proficiency in military engineering at the recent examinationSergts. T. Lloyd, J. D. Mack, Coporals G. Smedley, W. H. Griffiths, Second-corporal W. J. A. Palmer, Sappers J. Rattenbury and Ernest Davies. The following drivers have obtained sergeants certificates for proficiency in drill and horse management:— Drivers W. Mitchell and T. Jenkins. The following temporary promotions are noted:— Corpl. W. H. Griffiths, to be sergeant; 2nd- Corpora.1 W. J. A. Palmer to be corporal; Drivers W. Mitchell and W. Owens to be lance- corporals.(Signed) R. A. Nevill, major, O.C. Welsh Field Company, R.E. Pegler's Stores for Patent Medicines.

Shop Assistants' Outing. I

Eisteddfod Adjudication Criticised.

Drowning Fatality at Kidwelly.…



Two Colliers Killed.I



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