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Ambulance Classes.

-Cruelty to Children.1


I Assault at Pontyeates.


I Assault at Pontyeates. I SEQUEL AT THE POLICE COTTPvT. At the Police Court on Monday, William Davies, Llvvynycrwm, Pontyeates, proceeded j against Thomas Jenkins, near New Inn, for assaulting him. Mr. J. Lewis Phillips appeared for the com- plainant, and Mr. T. R. Ludford represented the defendant. Complainant said he was over 65 years of age. On the 17th instant while he was pro- ceeding along the highway on an errand, the defendant caught hold of him by the neck, and swerved him round. He also swore at him, and advised him not to come near his House again, or he would split his head open. Defendant's mother came out of the house to stop him heating him. Cross-examined by Mr. Ludford, witness said' that the defendant did not strike him, but on account of his weakness he had been much affected. Did you threaten to strike defendant's wife? —No, nothing of the kind. Did not, Jenkins tell you that you were not to come near the house?—Yes, or he would split 111. head in two. 'Henry Hinder, com-plainanft's son-in-law, gave corroborative evidence of the alleged assault. Cross-examined, witness said he was not accompanying Jenkins at the time. He hap- pened to be walking behind. When lie saw the defendant's mother interfere he stooflt aloof. He shook him like a rat, 1 suppose?—Yes. Do you mean to tell the Bench that serious- ly ?—Yes.. He did so in a similar fashion, however. Defendant went into the box, and denied the allegation that lie caught the complain- ant by the n-eek. He never even touched him. Cross-examined by Mr. Phillips, defendant said he was very much annoyed that the complainant had been near his house the day before. He admitted that he owed him some money. Bavid Jenkins corroborated the defendant's evidence, and said that no blows were ex- changed. The Bench were of opinion that an assault had been committed, and the defendant would be bound over for six months, and would also have to pay the coste amounting to 27s. 6d. E. A. Jenkins, near New Inn, Pontyeates, applied for sureties of the peace, against Wm. Bavies, LIwynyerwm. Elizabeth Ann Jenkins said that on the 16th June. the defendant, came into her house like "a mad dog. Notwithstanding his weak heart, he was very nimble. He enquired whether her husband was in, and on her re- plying in the negative lie. eaiiie into the kitchen. He spoke about some money, and called her a dishonest bitch, and' held his hand over here face. She was afraid of him. Cross-examined by Mr. Phillips: William Davies is a dangerous character?—Yes. Is lie not a religious man ?—I do not know. Bid he not tell you that unless you paid he would take the window and door back?—I did not understand him. David Jenkins, Pontyeates. said that John Davies came into the house like a mad dog. Mr. Phillips: When did you agree to say that lie was like a mad clog?—We never agreed wlwt to say. But. was lie like a mad dog ?—I have seen a mad dog, and he was something similar. Was he foaming about the mouth?—No. Mr. Phillips said the evidence would hardly warrant, the Bench to make an order of sure- ties of the peace against the old man. He submitted that they had not made out a prima facie case. The BeJwh dismissed the ease- .each side to pay their own costs.