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TRIMSkPtAN. J The fourth annual, movable singing festival of the Congregationalism Union, of Capel Sul,; Kidwelly: Sardis, Trimsaran; Bethel, Carway; Talior, Llansaint; Soar. Mynyddygarreg: and Glangwendraeth, Kidwelly, was held at Sardis, Trimsaran, on Sunday. The conductor was Mr. W. J. Evans, Aberdare. 'I he accom- panists were Messrs. Tom W. Thomas, Capel Sul, and Rees Rees, Sardis. —o— The juvenile festival was held in the morn- ing, the chairman being the Rev. W. J. Wil- liams, Carway. The festival for adults' was held in the afternoon and evening. The pre- j sidents at the respective gatherings were the Rev. R. Jones, Sardis, and the Rev. W C. Jenkins. Kidwelly. Addresses were delivered J by Mr David Thomas and Mr Alfred.Tonkins.) In spite of the weather, there was an exceed- ingly good attendance, and the: excellent nature of the singing indicated that great pains had been taken at the rehearsals. The conductor for the rehearsals was Mr. Stephen Evans, Kidwelly, and Mr. D. T. Gilbert, Car- way. for the juvenile rhearsals. The Rev. W. C. Jenkins was the chairman of the commit- tee, Mr. W. Wilkins treasurer, and Mr. D. T. Gilbert was the secretary. Food was provided io :l;o vestry for strangers. --0- Trhusaranitos are exceedingly glad, that Miss Elizabeth HaH. Burry Port, was the w inner of the mezzo-soprano- solo competition, ont of 39 (",lnpt3titoE, at theLI)udoIl Natinnal Eisteddfod, and that Miss Eleanor Daniel, of Llanelly, won the recitation, Ti, wyddost i;T.h ddvwed fv mrhalon. out of 27 competi- tors. Rhagorol! The bite Mr. Matbs-w Arnold said: The C ¡'I1,Ji(¡(l i a iiMi 'i f Oh:o] i meeting; that the common people of Wales should care for such a thing at all shows something Greek in them, something spiritual, something humane." We are extremely sorry that our friend Mr W. Boswell has left Trimsaran for Risca. Al- though Mr. Boswell did not have any of the Celtic fringe about him, still lie was a broad-minded man, and he is very much at- tached to Trimsaran owing to the fact that he is so fond of Nature study, and this locality is such a good place for such a study. —o— We wish Mr. Boswell success at Risca, [ where Messrs. Dean, Hetherington, and Co., are building one of their continuous kilns, which have the production of the maximum amount of ware of perfect colour and shape, with the minimum quantity of fuel. It com- bines so many advantages of the intermittent down-draught kiln and the continuous Hoff- man kiln as to render it, under capable management, the nearest approach to the ideal that we have yet seen. One of the Welsh delegates who was pre- sent at the Miners' Federation of Great Bri- I tain Conference, last week, said: "I am still hopeful. I cannot believe that the owners in South Wales will venture to lock their men out in order to secure two points which no other district in the United Kingdom insists upon, viz., extra hours of working and the double shift." If the parties themselves fail to come to an agreement, the Board of Trade is certain to intervene, because inasmuch as Parliament had passed the Eight HOUTS Act, Parliament was bound to see that the law should he enforced without any loss following to those whom it was intended to benefit. —o— Mr. Henry Hall, inspector of mines, said in his report which appeared in the Blue Book just issued, as follows:—"That in many col- lieries the roads are not as well timbered and supported as the working-places of the miners, and that shot-firers require to bei con- tinually reminded that it is very dangerous and absolutely illegal to fire even the per- mitted explosives near inflammable gas, or when the lamp flame shows the slightest cap.' —o— Look out for Trimsaran Fair. which will be held on the first Monday in July. T. E. D. I i


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