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G. W. R. 0 LLANELLY PLATFORM ARRIVALS, MAY AND JUNE, 1909. ——— yn UP TRAINS. Wi A.M. c 7.57 Slow train to Swansea and fast train frotfl ey Swansea to Paddington. 01 9.10 Slow train (via Loop) to Bristol. di 10.30 Express train to Gloucester. p 10.56 Slow train, via Loop. P.M. « 12.47 To Swansea (Saturdays only). rttil 1.10 Fast train to Paddington. 1 1.15 Burry Port to Llanelly. b' 2.0 Slow train to Swansea, then North Express. ei 3.30 Slow train. North Mail. a 4.35 Fast train to Cardiff. Q 5.0 Slow train to Swansea (via Loop). 11 7.8 Slow train to Swansea (Thursdays and Satur- 11 days). 7.25 Slow train to Cardiff. a 8.36 Mail train to Paddington. a 9.45 Slow train to Swansea (via Loop). SUNDAYS 1 A. M. 8.13 Fast train to Paddington 10.10 Slow train to Paddington. 1 P.M. 5.53 Slew train to Neath and Aberdare, 3 8.36 Fast train to Paddington (Mail). DOWN TRAINS. ( A.M. 1 4.29 Fast train to Carmarthen and slow from ) Carmarthen to New Milford. 7.45 Slow train to Carmarthen. Runs on Satur- days only. 8.30 Slow train to Aberystwyth. 9.15 Fast train to Carmarthen and slow from ( Carmarthen to New Milford Fishguard I 10.18 Slow train to Pembroke Dock. I P.M. 12.20 Slow train to Barry Port (Thursdays and Saturdays only). 12.33 Fast train to Carmarthen and Aberystwyth. 1.32 Slow train to Carmarthen. 2.20 To Pembrey (Saturdays only). 2.65 Slow. train to Carmarthen; runs to Llan- dyssil on Saturdays. 4.20 Express train to New Milford, Newcastle Emlyn, Cardigan and Aberystwyth; does not stop between Llanelly fit Carmarthen 4.53 Slow train to Carmarthen. 6.0 Slow train to Neyland; runs to Llandyssil on Saturdays. 8.1 To Fembrey. 8.40 Slow train to Carmarthen, 9.33 Express to Fisbgnard Harbour; stops at Carmarthen and Clynderwen. 10.14 To Borry Port. 11.32 This train runs from Swansea to Llanelly only Leaves Swansea at U.S. SUNDAYS. A.M. 4.29 Express to Neyland. 11.49 Slow train to Carmarthen. i P.M. j • 8.38 Slow train to Neyland BRANCH LINE. Arrivals. Departures i A.M. A.M. > 9.0 6.20 J 10.15 8.15 I P.M 9.40 12.15 11.10 1.35 12.45 3.5 P.M. 450 2.20 7.0 4.40 8.20 6.15 11.5 Saturdays only. 10.0 Sata. only, SUNDAYS. 5.45 P.M. 6.55 A.M. FOR FOR Welsh Butter, Welsh Bacon and Welsh Eggs, TRY D. S. PHILLIPS, 80, WATERLOO STREET, ILANELLY. Also every Article in the Grocery and Provision Trade of the Best Quality At Lowest Possible Prices. ESTABLISHED 37 YEARS. THE ORIGINAL. W?t??? /?' ????t?N M???M  /? B N THOVSAAT/DS Of ? "HF?-t??? T £ sr/Mo"Ai$ B ?' J  ?*?'-??""? ????t/???/M??' tML TO?OWTD H?ACHf ?? ■ i?2 /?x'?. ?M?LOAJ?? 1 POWDERS ^YiZZTiv PROMPILY ARRESTS QUINSY and COLDS  r BOOKMX? I 0» viTAt i*roRTASc» TO thk a MARRlBD ? paRM. ?h.ftratpd A I boon toevtfym?nkd perxon Post ?'ree. | ATKtNSONS.?.'m?LSTREKT ? MIDDLESBROUGH. ■-NhWyaw. J LADIES RECOMMEND NURSE WOODS' HEALTH PILLS. The enly safe and reliable remedy for Itit gulantiee (if the ayatem and Femala kilaitait. Warranted non-injnriona. Superior io Apict, PeRpvroyfcl, llo4 Price, 3i. per box; Posl Irn on ipt of Postal Order. Obtainable 11111. fro j. Wood, 36, Cannon Street, Priete*- (Me.or; this paper.) u EVERY WOMAN Should Bend two stamps for our 31 pat* Illustrated Booh containing valuable informa- tion how aU Irregularities and Obstruction* may be entirely avoided or removed by limpb means. Recommended by eminent Physician* al the only Safe, Sure, and Genuine Remedy. Never Faile. Thoutaixde of Testimonials. Es- tablished 1862. Mr, P. Blanchard, DaJetoB Lane. London. 8411 FOR BALE—Stephens' Ink (the best in the market), Carr's Inks, and Webster's Init". Fountain Pene, Letter Files, and all Idnd. o. stationery ueeful to houie or office, at lowss# prtptO.t thu "Ifaroary" Offlea, I'. H/trferf «f:e AP4