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Young Helpers' League.



Yesterday's Police Court.I…

I Site for New Works.


I Site for New Works. I PROMINENT MANUFACTURERS VISIT LLANELLY. I At a meeting of the Harbour Trust on Mon- day, Mr. D. R. Edmunds referred to a convey- ance of a piece of land of about. 75 acres from Mr. Mansel Lewis. His recollection of it was that there was a cartway from Pembrey Road on to the slipway leading down to the sands, and something was to be done to this cartway within a certain period. He believed they were to do it jointly with Mr. Mansel Lewis within a period mentioned at that meeting. Within the last couple of months some gentle- i men from the North had been down to in- spect sites, with the view of erecting new works, and they had been shown some suit- able sites to the west of the Steelworks, where the cartway down this road would have an im- portant bearing. It would not only be con- venient for the people of Llanelly to get to the sands in a cleaner and more expeditious way, but it would mean a source of increased revenue for them in the future, in the de- velopment of that piece of land and the de- velopment of land belonging -to local land owners on the other side of the Great Western Railway. He should like the matter referred to the Law Committee to deal with, to see what their legal rights were in regard to the matter. The Law Committee could also re- port to the Trust as expeditiously as possible with regard to their conveyance from Mr. Mansel Lewis, with a view to asserting those rights, and bringing them into effect. Mr. Blake said the information asked for was within the knowledge of a member of the Trust present. He did not know whether they desired him to disclose it then or not. Mr. Edmunds: I think the member can re- serve it for discussion, and let it come up by way of report. The matter was then referred to the Law Committee.

Electric Generating Station.