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?OKi?o ?p ? ??j «?j? ? in ??? ??., Nonary, we found it to be derived from two Latin words meaning two f?ced." ? ««m that it had found ? further way ?owfi to us through a French word mean- Ing a "slant." Is it right to carry two aces? Is the "slant" one of downward; morality ? We will not pretend to answer the questions. We could not if we tried. e simply suggest them for the benefit j of player8 of, ami lookers on at, Bowls '° may like to get the philosophic most I out of the game. Besides, we are seek- ing to improve our own poor play, and it is disconcerting to think that we may be doing so by making use of two faces, and not acting on the "sqiiare"-or at any rate the straight lines that form the I base, sides, and top of the square. Let us then cloak the doubt decently-as we do so many other doubts in our everyday working practice, as well as in our play- and refer to the skill begotten in dealing with bias, as strategy. As strategy, it is admissible, without offence, to conventional morality. Granting this, we are prepared to advance the point, that the best player- playing, that is, as one of the two, three, or four of his side in a game, and not as an individual player, is the best strate- gist We quote, in support of our con- tention, the classical instance of Drake, who was very fond of Bowls, and proved a superior strategist to the leader of the Spanish Armada. As is well known, he was notified of the appearance of the Armada whilst engaged in playing a game of Bowls on the Hoe at Plymouth, and his remark was, that "there was plenty of time to finish the game, and beat the Spaniard afterwards." There can be no doubt that he had gained a good deal of his strategical skill in matching himself against his fellow bowlers of Devon, and, probably, his plans for dealing with the enemy's ships on the uneasy sea had been formed in watching the Bowls on the turf of the quiet bowling green.

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