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BEFORE THE MAGISTRATES I Friday, before Messrs. Henry Wilkins and I Kobert Margrave. I HELPLESS CONDITION. I Thomas Owen, labourer, pleaded guilty to I being drunk in Andrew Street. The constable said the defendant was in a J helpless condition. He informed witness that I he had been working for some time at the Wandebie lime quarry. ) Defendant was fined lis., or, in default. 14 i days. I THEFT OF A DOG. I ¡ William Judd, showman, Llangennech, was I :aufilmoned for stealing a puppy, of the value 'of Ss., from Clifford Aflick. Clifford Aflick, Tonypandy, said the defen- dant had been in his employ up to the pre- 171(),Us Saturday. One day last week lie had Occasi. on to leave the show, and asked the de- fendant, who was now working with another all, to give the dogs some water, which he 9id. When he returned he saw the dogs in 1he kennel. Later in the afternoon he saw the puppy on another waggon, and the defen- Idarlt, -when asked why he stole it, said that Witness had given it to him. -Defendant said that Atlick owed him wages Mi respect of nine days, and he thought. 1.0 justified in selling the dog to compen- sate himself. He had also given him autho- rity to sell it. P.S. Morgan said that when charged the defendant, said he would say all he had when before the magistrate. The Bench bound the defendant over to be good behaviour for six months. —o— Monday, before Messrs. Thomas Jones and 'W. Y. Nevil'l. DRUNKENNESS. James McMillan was summoned for being trunk in New Road on June 19th. P.C. Harries said the defendant was quite 111capable of taking carei of himself. A fine of 10s. was imposed, and defendant Vas allowed a week to pay. HELPLESSLY DRUNK. John Casey, labourer, was summoned for being drunk in Goring Road on June 19th. P. C? d P.C. Davies said he found the defendant helplessly v drunk. Defendant said he was working at Trim- sara.n, and asked for time to pay. He was fined 10s., and was allowed a week to find the money. I VIOLENT DEFENDANT. I J. King, labourer, was summoned for being I wink and disorderly in Forest Rd., Llanedv, On June 19th. P.O. Jones said the defendant was siagger- .Ing drunk and using obscene language. He reqUested him to go away, and the defendant subsequently sat down on the hedge. When fitness endeavoured to pic-lc him up lie threatened violence, and in consequence he locked him up. Defendant was fined 12s. 6d. COMMITTAL ORDER. I Elizabeth Ann Davies, Caroline Street, ap- Phed for a committal order, against Thomas 1llas' Tygwyn, Halfway. Elizabeth Ann Davies said she obtained an order of 3s. against the defendant and there Was now £ 1 16s. due. An order of committal \Vas made in May and suspended for a month. ,The, defendant had not paid any of the arrears. The Bench granted the order. SURETIES OF THE PEACE. I Sarah Rees, Mount Pleasant, Pontyeates, PPlied for sureties of the peace against Wm. okym, Myrtle Hill, Pontyeates. Mr. Leslie Williaiiis appeared for the appli- cant. Applicant said that about four weeks ago hhe lent the defendant a pair of ladders which ad not been returned. Oil Monday, June 14th, he came to her house. Mr. Williams: What was the first thing you heard ?- I heard a crash in the house. What did he say to you ?—He asked me why i cent my brother to his house that morning, knowing that he was not in the house. What did you tell him ?-I said I had not tlen my brother that morning. What did he (lo tlien.?-Ilc, held his fist over my head, and said he would knock my oul out. .What did you do after that?—I sent my hieee to my aunt. What did he say when your aunt came in? .He said he would blow the house up. lIe then went outsiù-e?- Yes. Did you go after him to the gate?—Yes, and J[ asked him if he was not ashamed to smash I he gate. What did he do ihen?-He ran across the fOa.(ianù picked up a big stone. Bid you go into the house?—When my aunt Saw him aiming the stone at me she pulled Ille into the house. h What happened after you got into the hotiee? We heard a crash, and found that the stone had been thrown through the win- dow. h What was the defendant's condition? Was be drunk or sober?—He had been drinking, ut he knew what he was doing. defendant (to witness): Is there not some ^pleasantness between the family with re- gar(I to my father's will?—Yes.  Did I threaten to beat you? -You held your "st over my head. Didn't you ask me to hit you ?—I said you ,Dcluld hit me if you liked. D.id you see the crowd of youngsters on the toad ?—No. There was a crowd on the road when you j threw the stone at me?—I never threw a stone you. t Mary Skym said that when she went into he applicant's house she saw the defendant th.re, who threatened the applicant. He also Sahl that he would blow the house up. Mr. Williams: Did you see him in the gar- den?—He was near the gate, holding his fist o the applicant. 1 What happened to the applicant some time latei-P-She fainted. r. Defendant (to witness): Can you see the 'back kitchen window from my father's house? "Don't bring me to the Town Hall to say an ^ntrutli. Is the gate smashed?—Yes. Phillip Skvm, Glanyrafon, staled that lie the executor of his father's will. It was ?tanged by the will that the ladder's should "e kept at the applicant's house, and that they should be lent to th?chiidrcn whenever "they were required. J Defendant (to witness): Did you not throw Dp to my wife that her brother bad killed ?-o. Did vou not tell her also that her mother ivrs a Did you not call the family thieves—No. 1 'hever said anything at all. Defendant said there had been a great deal fjf unpleasantness in the family since his father's death, with regard to the admiuistra- t{)11 of the will. He denied threatening his sister. Cross-examined by Mr. Williams: You say that all this unpleasantness has arisen since ()ur father's death. Did not your sister issue a summons for assault- against you before y°hr father's death?—Yes. f And did she not withdraw it because your father was I The Bench ordered the defendant to keep t.le peace for twelve months in his own recog- nizances of £ 20, and also ordered him to pay he costs of the case.





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