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LLANDEBIE. t 'By 41 Casual.") I On Satmday, J use 12, the Llandebie C'ha?  Eisteddfod and Ca.rnival Competition tool? || place under the most favourable ? The day was ideal, and there was a goodW t' number of competitors and visitors to ille dear old spot. The officials were-PresideD ,I G. Rees, Esq., M.B., Blaenau: viee-presideitht Dr. Hughes, Ammanford; Adjudicators-" Music, Messrs. I). E. Evans, Ceramaes, alld T H. Evans, A.R.O.O., Neath; literatlitel Gwilym Myrddin, Bettws; carnival, M1'3; Jones, The Vicarage; Mrs Rees, Blaenau; all- Sirs. Dr. Hughes, Ammanford. Conduct^ Rev. Iff. Evans, Llandebie. Accompanists, 11 Tom James, Cross Bands, and Mr. John Mot' gan, Garnant. -0- We enjoyed very >;ee.n competitions, but, in all competition, have a grievanCe. So in this easel, --0- The carnival was really excellent, and IV#' Owen Beynon was, m my opinion, thenl06 novel affair of the Let. --0- In the evening there was an Cxceptioiialli fine; concert, and everyone were delighted N\-iTll 1 the arrangements, singing, etc. jflg| -?- On Sunday night again there was a sacre^ concert, and this was also well niteuct'? e.voryone Inning been satisfied. I have now written what you all know, blt, I will endeavour'-to give' you a little De\ There was a tremendous amount of drunkelV ness about on S atari ay night, which realW Iigllt., IN., 11 reall-V eouldhe obviated. There were a. few .scr?'' lis true; but then slioal-d not harass T)? whne in drinl \??.;? a lot of bo!hM co??' be avoided. -0- I see that my aivice is still iiiiheedell, Well.. girl, vci-,i ;a  11 ln(i Well, my girl, you are playing the game, a-n<^ we are the lookers-on, and if you were, to -it a.s we. do you Ive, 1 J not feel so proud. It do not bot, on principle, but J am ope,J toge you that the scales will sou)) drop from your eyes. I mentioned eon^rnirjg' that fair h back- Now I gather that twelve stayed, all dehbcratud HI conclave on the remark II)afL by an imp8tuouS individual. What a P'H that you are wasting time over the pe<"? feuds of local pe-sons! I should h? thought your object was of a higher staH<?? thajt discussing gossip. ¡ Our choir! Wr.ni I said last week \II true, after all. What a miserable Chuck iL! -0. I saw this in plint last weelc "ne member has been introduced to Foot tliV' Fist during the lronth. Bravo! boys. Printed and Published by the "Llanelly JI,t" eury" Printing Company, LimHed. at tve'; Oaicst, ? M?rhtt StMct, Uwelly, in tb County of (mmsarisen.