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I Local Chemist Rebuked. I


I Local Chemist Rebuked. I I STERS STRICTURES BY THE REGISTRAR. I The examination in bankruptcy of Morgan W. James, chemist. Llaneily, was resumed at Carmarthen on Wednesday of last week be- fore the Registrar (Mr. Thomas Parkinson) and the Official Receiver (Mr H. W. Thomas). Debtor's gross liabilities amounted to L1908 3s. 4d., and his deficiency to £1576 4s. 4d. He attributed his failure to law costs incidental to the use of his trade name, deterioration of business owing to removal, expenses and fit- ting up of new premises, and pressure of creditors. He commenced business in 1885, when he purchased the business' of the late. rr. Gwilym Evans for £ 2150, of which Mr. Evans agreed to forego £ 950. Debtor was de- fendant in an action brought against him re- I cently by the Ouinin-e BitTers Company to I prevent him using the late Mr. Gwilym Evans's name, and an injunction was granted. Debtor was subjected to cross-examination by Mr. Thomas Gee, secretary of the Quinine I Bitters Company. Replying to Mr. Gee, deb- tor admitted receiving a letter from the com- J pany's solicitor informing him that he was I infringing their rights in trading as Gwilym Evans and James. He denied refusing to withdraw the name of Gwilym Evans from I his labels. Mr Gee: You did not obey the injunction of Mr. Justice Neville, and Mr. Justice Pickford ¡ afterwards ordered you to alter the labels at once?—Yes, but it was quite a misunder- standing. Although your liabilities were ?1113 in 1908 you continued to trade, knowing you were in- solvent ?—Probably. You have said that when you took over Mr Gwilym Evans's business you were virtually swindled. The dead man is not here to answer for himself. You say that the busi- ness was not worth what you are supposed to have paid for it ?-That is so. You have accused the late Mr. Gwilym Evans to have virtually robbed you. Did not Mr. Evans pay into the bank for you two sums of R580 and £ 900?—I don't know. I Then your memory is very short indeed. Did you put. in a claim against the executors I of the late Mr. Gwilym Evans for the alleged I loss of the. stamp office?—I don't know. Debtor's replies evoked a stern rebuke from the 'Registrar. If you continue to answer in this fashion," lie said, I shall adjourn the I l examination sine die. You will then find yourself in a very serious position. You are a bankrupt here to-day and must answer rea- sonable questions in a proper manner, and not in this careless and flippant way. I shall not put up with it. I shall hand the matter over to the Judga if you are not careful." Mr. Gee (to debtor): Hase you not made a claim for £ 500 against the executore, and when Mr. W. Howell, solicitor, asked you to I sign a release you ordered him out of your shop don't know. I Mr. Gee: You wanted to capitalise this -9500 for the stamp office which was lost by the bank. You went out of your way to villify the late Mr. Gwilym Evans, and in justice to him I aiii bore t.o stand up for him. In reply to the Registrar, debtor ultimately admitted making a claim against the execu- tors for £ 500. Mr. Gee: He has indulged in litigation at I our cost. and has defied the Court. The examination was provisionally closed. I FAILURE AFTER PROSECUTION. I Richard. Jones, who was described as a labourer, living at the Post Office, Five Roads, near Lifi-neliy, stated that, his gross liabilities were a2 18s., his deficiency being £ 72 18s. He said that his failure was brcnight about through a police prosecution, and it appeared that he was charged at the Carmarthenshire Quarter Sessions last October with maliciously- wounding a neighbour, and. was fined £10. The complainant afterwards brought a High Court action against him for damages for as- sault, which the bankrupt did not defend, and damages were assessed against him for £ 60. The examination was closed. ¡




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