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EUROPEAN POLITICS. u TWO VIEWS. YOUNG LIONS. While the Scriptures speak of the mer- chants of Tarshish," it also associates with these traders another class, designated as the "young lions thereof." This shows to us that there is allied to Britain certain com- munities who will have a separate evistence. It needs no demonstration to any fairly well- informed Bi-itou to-day to prove that the young lions of Britain are her colonies. Their importance has been clearly seen by the statesmen of the British Empire, and at last there has been compiled an offidal census, published in 1906, of "the British Empire which extends to every continent and climate, and includes representative:-) of practically every race, creed, language, and caste." The Union Jack floats over more than a fifth of the land surface of the globe, and, it. is alleged by jealous rivals, claims a freehold of about four-fifths of the water. There are four hun- dred million subjects to King Edward; of these there are only fifty-four millions whites ,and only fifty-eight millions Christians. The following tables, taken from the census, may interest and prove how important are the .merchants of Tarshish, with all the young lions thereof." AREA AND POPULATION. Square miles. Population. BRITISH EMPIRE 11,908,378 5)98 401,704 United Kingdom 121,089 41,458,721 Isle of Man & Channel Islands 303 150,370 Colonies. Deoendencie?, Protector;! fees, &c. 11,786,986 356,792,613 COLONIES, &o. In Europe 3,703 472,502 In Asia— India-Empire 1,766.597 291.361,056 Other Possessi- ns 118,030 6,208,808 In Afr;ca- West Africa 557.164 28.992,166 SUlh Africa 1 .(>26,602 6,674,527 Othfer Possessions 460,513 7,362,995 In America— N rth Arieri,-ta 3,908,327 5,613,260 West Indies and Central America 19,578 1.614,406 South Aœpric:L.. 111,500 298,119 In Australasia— Australian Com- » monwealth 2,972,918 3,836,154 New Zeland 104,471 s\6.2.14 Other Possesions 107,493 512,376 In 1861 the Empire comprised S, million square) miles of territory. The total is now nearly 12 millions: thus, in the short space of forty years, the aggregate area of our Colonies, Dependencies, and Protectorate has increased by about 40 per cent. Of this huge territory, somewhat more than four millions of square miles are situated in North, Cen- tral, and South America: three millions in Australasia; two and a half millions in Africa; and nearly two millions in the Indian Empire and other parte of Asia; while the portion that lies in Europe constitutes a very inconsiderable1 fraction of the Whole, amount- ing to only 125,095 square miles, of which 121,089 constitute the area of the United Kingdom. It is one of the beauties of the Bible that these stupendous items ate condensed in a couple of phrases—" merchants of Tarshish, with all the young lions thereof." SIRAXGE BELIEFS. There is place for reflection when we think of how very few of all these vast communities-' know the truth that is revealed in the Bible. Christ once asked the question: "When the Son of man cmneth, shall he find the faith on the eanh 1" (Luke xviii. 8). Superstition will abound, as the following tables will show:— In the matter of religion, the Registrar- General points out that uo figures are avail- able in the L'nited Kingdom, as the question of faith is not raised, in the census returns. He, however, counts the majority of the people of the British Isles as Christians, and gives the following tables of actual and esti- mated figures:— XON-f'HT!rSTTAV> HN I'MI R \TFii Jewish 7S.2H Hindu 208.842,278 Mahometan 62,881.>11 Zoroastrian (Par-ii) g:\2 Sikh 2.195,114 Jain liuddbist 15,043.432 j Confucian 14,180 P, imitive Ani- mistif. Pagan 8,910,828 Agnostic 5,521 t. 370 | Other C:i,itj;.¡n U:.>- iiyions 4,678 ESTIMATED TOTALS. j ^unions. Hindi;" 2C8 Mahometans 94 Christians 53 Buddhists 12 rrividtive Anjn, lH ¡, Pagans, and other Non-Chris* i an Kelighnus 23 Total 395 Over a million persons, chiefly heatli«u, 1\'flll(" ,i? PO religion in tho Cape 1)1tf!)F,?- 1, Gold Coast Co?n'.y?'ie mass of the people still obseivc fetish wor- ship. The difficulties of the classifiers may I be imagined from the fact that the religions, returned included such curious faiths as:— Alexandrian. Ambwsia!), Antinomian. Astronomioa). dalathuropian. Canopist. Cosmosophist. Ethicist. j Faithist, j Christian Freethinker. Christian Israelite. Conditional Immortalist. Dipper. E-oteric Christian. Hoke. Hv1ozoi"t. ilillenial Dawnitc. Ue-IncarDationVst. Sung Quong. Tipon. t: I o ,t n. Uiopian. I Tunker. ABJU HATJO, ) As a further proof of superstition, even I amongst- the so called Christians, we quote t,lie following form of oath taken by the Prin- cess Ena, drawn specially for her by the Roman Catholic Bishop of Nottingham, when she left Protestanism to join Catholicism in I 1906. (And yet, strange t?) T)?eciple will still believe that there is good, and bad every- where !):— I, having before my eyes ,ihe Holy Gos- pel, which I touch vith my hand, and, knowing that no other can be saved without that faith which the Holy Catholic Apostolic Roman Church holds, believes, and teaches, against which. 1 grieve that I have greatly erred, inasmuch as I have believed doctrines opposed-to her teaching, I now, by the help of ("rod's grace, profess that I believe the Holy Catholic Apostolic Roman Church to be the only and true Church established on earth by .testis Christ, to which I submit myself. with toy whole heart. I firmly believe all the ar- ticles that she propounds to my belief, and I reject and condemn all that she rejects and condemn, and I am ready to observe all that she commands rnc. And especially I profess that I believe One cnly God in Three Divine Persons distinct from and equal to each other that is to say, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost; the Catholic doctrine of the In- carnation, Passion. Death, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ: and the personal union of rhe two Natures, the Divine and the Human; the Divine Maternity of the most holy Mary, together with her most, spotless Virginity: and also her Immaculate Conception; The True Real and Substantial Presence "f the Both" of Our Lord .1 PSUS Christ, ingdhm with H' Sou! .;nd bivtrdry in the most Holy Sacrament of the Eucharist: "The Seveyi Sacraments instituted by Jesus Christ for the salvation of mankind; .that is 'Of.jy. BaI,tu'i::1. I fir!dandn. Ilnly "Ericha- j ¡[;st, Penance. Ex!r,?!(e I'nciion. HVdv Order?,j Matrimony; "i J7!)'" bc-ioo' o: I;rg tt or\\  I>"  !m?i of' the D e .i d Ever: risKnc i. J The primacy not only of honour but of jurisdiction. of the Roman Pontiff, successor of St Peter, Prince of Apostles, Vicar of Jesus I Christ; The Veneration of the saints and of their 1 images; The authority of Apostolic and Ecclesias- 'I tical traditions and of the Holy Scriptures, which we must interpret and understand only in the sense which our Holy Mother the Catholic Church has held and does hold, to whom alone it belongs to judge of their meaning and interpretation: I "And everything else that has been (lefined and declared by the Sacred Canons and by the General Councils, especially the Holy Council of Trent and by the (Ecumenical Council of the Vatican. With a sincere heart, therefore, and with unfeigned faith, I detest and abjure every I error, heresy, and sect opposed to the said Catholic Apostolic and Roman Church. So Ii help me GOD and these Holy Gospels which I touch with my hand. I (To be continued, God willing.)

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