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I'. I Girl Attacked at Llwynhendy.





Llanelly Royal Choir.I

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[ MUSTARD AND CRESS. It is said that the black gnat is a most de. structive bait at Cwmlliedi nowadays. The Llanelly Male Voice Choir will leave to-day for London where they have entered for competition.- We wish them every success. John Fraser, Pontardulais, who has been a postman for thirty-three years, was presented at the Post Office on Tuesday with the Im- perial long-service medal. The following is an incident which occurred at a meeting held in South Wales recently:— "Do you know what. Socialism is?" Speaker: "Yes. Robbing Peter to pay Pad" (loud laughter). Messrs William David and Ifor W. Watkins were the delegates of the Education Commit- tee at the annual meeting of the Federation of Education Committees at Llandrindod on Friday. The Belgian tour, as per our advertisement, is very much talked about, and many have already booked. All intending trippers should apply to Mr. A. T. Jones. Mer.-nrv OflW. for particulars. u. A correspondent informs us that he has three brothers, one of whom is knock-kneed, and the other two are blessed with bandy- v? .t l i 'k,)andy- legs, and that they have been engaged as a living example of OXO. The. Carmarthenshire Baptist Association, at their annual meeting at Felinfoel on Tues- day, decided not to admit into membership henceforth any person holding a licence to sell intoxicating drinks. At the quarterly meeting of the Glamorgan- shire County Council, to be held at Neath to- day, the propriety of opposing the Llanelly i Urban District Council Water Bill in the Lords will be considered. It was said last week by some of our friends that rain would surely fall on the first four days, of this week, as the Baptists held their annual Gymanfa at Felinfoel. Probably, the wish was father to the thought. Messrs. Staples and Griffiths, two fitters employed at the South Wales Steel Works, who recently invented a patent for a non- puneturable spare motor wheel, are negotia- ting with a Belgian firm for the pur^'hise of the patent rights. Gipsy Smith, who some time ago conducted a mission in Llanelly, is evidently an ad- mirer of the Welsh singing. At n DnJ-Hn re- vival meeting, after a. hymn had been finely rendered, he remarked, "Ah! but I think there's a touch of Welsh in ye." In order to apprehend the fathers of deser- led children, the Board of Guardians are (,-tT'.e.iiiig zEl reward to any person who will detect the fugitives. The Library Committee are also offering £ 5 reward for the person who will give information that will lead to the conviction of persons stealing cuttings from the Welsh periodicals. With regard to the book known as Welsh Prayers," Mr. Martin R. Richards suggested putting up a notice with the words, "This prayer is not to be removed, see Genesis so and so." We would suggest a better one, viz." He that turneth away his ear from hearing the law, even his prayer shall be abomination," Prov. xxviii. 9. Two young butchers from Burry Port. who are so deeply infatuated with one of the- fair sex, who is, by the way, a young lady of v a young I prepossessing appearance, are in keen rivalry to establish themselves in her good graces. Although their animus is very bitter, it does not prevent them being the best of friends at times—not when lending up-to-date traps, at all events. A defendant who was charged with drunken- ness pleaded in extenuation of his guilt that as the publican contemplated advancing the price of beer he took a rare "fill up," ii-hidh would probably be his last libation of the alluring nectaT. "If they will advance the price of my liquor," he said, I shall not drink any more." So much for the use- of the Budget. At the Public Library Committee it was stated that the book known as "Welsh Prayers" was being continually missed. One of the members thought that the culprit was one who desired to learn how to pray. If this is so he must be a peculiar specimen of a Christian, if he thinks that the Lord will answer the prayers lie. has learnt, to repeat from a stolen book. The Llanelly Town Band will play in the Town Hall Ground on Saturday and Tuesday next, at 7 p.m. Programme :Mareh; descrip- tive, "Band Passes" (Bergen); overture, "Stradella" (Flotüw); selectioii, "Songs o' London" (Karl Kaps); valse, "Venus on Earth" (Lincke): selection, "Our Empire" (C. Godfrey): "God savei the King." Conductor- Mr. J. Samuel. There will an alteration in the programme for Tuesday. It is always expedient to avoid equivocal statement.s, and an incident in support of this old saying occurred in one of the local offices' t'bis-week. A young clerk had been in- structed by his master to index certain ac- counts, and the impatient master one day asked, "How far have you readied now, D—'?" L, sir," was the young lad's prompt reply. Well, you may stay there, and not go further," rejoined the master. The adjourned hearing of the case against the parents of the rural children, which was supposed, to have been heard on Tuesday last, lufS been adjourned until Tuesday next,

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