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I'. I Girl Attacked at Llwynhendy.





IBAPTIST ASSOCIATION I ANNUAL CONFERENCE. I The annual meeting of the Carmarthen- I shire and Cardiganshire Baptist Association was held at Adulam Chapel, Felinfoel, on I Tuesday, the Rev. Enoe George presiding. I HOME MISSION FUND. I I Mr. Thomas Job, Llanelly, treasurer of the I Home Mission Fund, reported that the re- eeipts for nine months towards this' fund I amounted to e39 2s. 7d., and the expenditure was £92 15s. He strongly appealed that the various chapels would show their sympathy and increase their subscriptions towards this fund. On the proposition of the Rev. E. Ungoed Thomas, Carmarthen, it was decided to re- commend that eivery chapel connected with j the Association should endeavour to sub- scribe ten shillings in respect of every fifty members towards the fund. ASSOCIATION PRIZE. Mr. J. Lewis, Ammanford, submitted the report of the Sunday School Committee, in which it was pointed out that six of the prizes offered by the Baptist Association had come to this district. The report was adopted, and the best thanks of the Association were accorded to Mr. Lewis for his arduous labours in con- nection with the work. I I CHAPEL DEEDS. I Arising out of the report of the Trustees Committee, a prolonged discussion took place with regard to the deeds of the various chapels. A delegate proposed that the deeds of the chapels be sent. to Carmarthen, so that they could be kept in the safe of the Association. Mr. W. B. JonEs said that if the various chapels thought the deeds were in proper hands was it right for the conference to pass a resolution that they should be sent to Car- marthen? He would like to know what guarantee they had that the keys of the safe were in responsible hands. If there was a feeling that the deacons of the various chapels were not fit to keep the deeds, why should they allow three men at Carmarthen to keep them without a bond? Councillor John Thomas, Llanelly, said he thought the safe at Carmarthen was for the chapels that did not possess safes themselves. The Rev Ungoed Thomas regretted the tone of the speaking that day. He was speaking as one affected in this matter. He also re- gretted the flippant reflection that had been made on certain persons. He thought such speaking should be set aside if the Baptist reputation was to be upheld. The three dele- gates from Carmarthen who were responsible for the keys of the safe had come to the con- ference to have disparaging words cast upon them-- Mr. W. B. Jones rose to a point of order. He said he did not think any slur had been cast upon the custodians of the keys, and Mr. Thomas had no right to say it. (cries of "No.')' There was some further argument, and it was ultimately decided that the chapels which possessed safes .should retain the deeds, and that those which did not have one should send the deeds to Carmarthen. Rev. J. Williams, Cardigan, proposed that the Association recommend the various churches not to receive henceforth into mem- bership any persons who held licences to sell intoxicating drinks. The Secretary said that the original resolu- tion had been submitted to the various chapels, and only thirteen of them had re- plied—seven in favour, and six against for various reasons. Several of the delegates protested against. voting that day, because some of the chapels might be in favour, and had not sent in their notice of approval. A delegate said it was a burning question in all the chapels, although it was a wet one (laughter). Mr. T. C-onwil Evans, Carmarthen, said t'here niiist. be something wrong that a mem- ber of the Church of God should be allowed to sell beer, and many holding shares in a brewery. Rev. J. Williams, Cardigan, observed that they. were not condemning the people, but saving them from sin, and the time was ripe that the churches should take the matter in hand. -I,fr; W. B. Jones said that the husband was in most cases the licence holder, and as such was the case- hei would like to know what they jwere going to do with the wife. He did not believe they had a right, to enact such a thing. It was a matter between the man himself and God. He was the Judge, and not them. A delegate replied that the resolution would apply to both husband and wife. The proposition was ultimately adopted. It was decided to hold the next Gymanfa at Drefach. I ELECTION OF OFFICERS. I The following ofSMTS were electedPresi- dent, Rev. George Hughes; '?ce-president, ? Ro 4 B. Huiiipliroys-, 3ohn L?ovd, Pcnyhank, Carmarthen, was re-elcted treasurer, and the Rev. H. Evans secretary. I AN EXCELLENT ADDRESS. The retiring president, Rev. Enos George. Llanelly" delivered an instructive and in- spiringaddress on 'The Spiritual Life. A vote of thanks was unanimously accorded to the ex-president for his splendid work during his term of office, and it was also de- cided that a copy of his, address be sent as a letter from the Association to the various I uwpvm. BAPTIST UNION SCHEME. Rev. H. Abraham, Newport, representative of the Baptist Union of Great Britain and Ireland, delivered an address on the Baptist Union Scheme of Ministerial Training. He hoped the scheme would receive the most careful consideration of all the churches, so that they should take no false steps. What- ever decision they arrived at, he hoped it would be for the common good of the deno- mination which they were so deeply interested in, and the solidarity of which they hoped to strengthen.


Llanelly Royal Choir.I

-__! Mr. Ben Tiilett at Llanelly



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